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Review of Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking Dia Zerva

Chelsea recalls the time she gave a glorious spanking to the beautiful and very talented young lady, Dia Zerva. This was in 2013 for her own site at that time: GoodSpanking.com


As you’ll see from her recounting how this happened, she met Dia after filming in a special shoot for Shadowlane.com and couldn’t wait to film her in LA not long after! Who would wait? Chelsea has learnt, like so many producers that if we procrastinate then opportunities may sometimes pass us by!


We met Dia through Shadow Lane. We did a video for them in which Larry and I double topped this gorgeous blonde. I knew from experience that Dia could take it hard and even liked it. She loved that spanking I gave her in the SL video and she thanked me after this half-hour reality spanking session. Yes, she THANKED me! Even with tears running down her face, she was thanking me. Okay, so how did we get there? I started traditionally. She was dressed in a nice black and white polka dot dress and was so pretty OTK with her sort of 50s style dress pulled up and her bottom revealed. But, I didn’t let her keep the dress on for long. Soon she was nude and back in the OTK position for the beginning of the parade of implements to begin their work upon her very firm bottom. Before her spanking was complete, Dia had taken my small leather paddle, a large wooden paddle, a crop, my strap and a VERY large wooden paddle. That’s the implement that brought her to tears. Sweetly, she said she enjoyed the release.

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Chelsea Pfeiffer Spanking Alex Reynolds

The very latest film to come out at MommaSpankings.com is exceptional – with 2 amazing spanko stars, one I knew well and the other (Chelsea) who I was very excited to meet for the first time) – Chelsea did not disappoint and helped to make some great spanking videos, this is the first of many I helped make and I know you will love this as much as I did!

All films at “Momma” have a great storyline – a definite intro, middle and end… and of course features mother/daughter style discipline spanking scenarios. Here is the latest film and info with many images not seen elsewhere so you are in no doubt what the film is about. This video is also in the usual exceptional HD-1080 quality MP4 & WMV playback that you have come to expect from the SG Group of sites!

Loving Discipline – starring Alex Reynolds & Chelsea Pfeiffer


Chelsea is sick and tired of Alex’s bad attitude about everything. She has done everything she can to give her a good home and she is still ungrateful. Chelsea does the last thing she feels she can do to help Alex be a better behaved young woman; to give her a good, hard spanking. Alex is spanked until she cries real tears of remorse.

momma-169-003 panties spanking momma-169-023 momma-169-024 otk spanking momma-169-035 momma-169-037 bare bottom spanking momma-169-053 momma-169-056 momma-169-058 momma-169-061 momma-169-068 spanking momma-169-077 momma-169-083 momma-169-089 momma-169-096 momma-169-098 bare bum spanked momma-169-111 momma-169-116

You can see this latest full film update HERE featuring 2 of THE most popular in their category!

alex reynolds spanked hard

Warning: This spanking is HAWT!

Momma Spankings

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Sarah Gregory Pass


momma spanks daughter

Naughty girls that need a spanking!

Well, it’s an unoriginal title, but I prefer to chastise girls that have been naughty, I like to see what the offense was and actually hope that it’s a sort of contrived excuse to spank the girls… like the very first clip and image set I’m showing you from the very latest full movie download from the one and only Chelsea Pfeiffer who disapproves of Lily Cade’s attire when she returned from a job interview! I’ll let you work out why she got upset with the title of the film being called “Your apples are hanging out!”

Images below show you some selected scenes including Chelsea’s shocked face… Lily’s “apples” and of course her delicious wobblesome bottom getting a sustained spanking for her own good… of course! This is why I love Chelsea’s stuff both past and present… she’s just so good at spanking her girls!






I rather enjoyed seeing Lily Cade’s “other rosy red apples” plopped out, didn’t you?
Maybe they were the “Pink Lady” variety 🙂

CLICK HERE for all of Chelsea’s latest spankings including her awesome Classics Site!

PS. Don’t you think Lily Cade bears a striking resemblance to Irelynn Logeen (with shorter hair, of course)

Classic Spankings from my hard drive :)

Schoolgirls and forgetful girls are the order of the start of this week’s updates… and I have gone the extra distance to bring you something you might not ordinarily have seen… as well as news of a brand new update where possible today and such… so I hope this mix today will get you interested in coming back for more spanking goodness!


From the archives of SoundPunishment.com – they really do like to dress up their girls in the most authentic uniforms possible for naughty schoolgirls, and seeing Kali Redmond giving a very harsh slippering first thing in the morning… with the smell of breakfast coffee and freshly toasted English buttered crumpets (mmm) wafting up from downstairs… this girl’s day and week was off to an horrendous start! Check out the clip and images from it and you’ll gather why!

You can see the slippering scene of poor Kali (below) – he is really keen to ensure that her bottom stings as she rushes off for the school bus, isn’t he?


Another unrelenting authoritarian figure is Mike from Holland! His girls all know full well that he takes no crap off them when they mess up and I have been rather pre-occupied recently watching girls with rather generous bottoms recently getting a proper hand smacking and more that leaves them very sore and I am just mesmerized by the sight of a very jigglesome pair of warm red globes!!! Well, Amy fits this bill perfectly… I can see why Mike has filmed her a lot at Real Life Spankings and in the scene below Amy is given a nasty caning … to which Mike humorously refers to as “A different kettle of fish” – Indeed it is, as poor Amy winces when her bare bottom is given a thorough caning, leaving us in no doubt at the end that she won’t forget to pay her bills on time! This is taken from the archives of Real Life Spankings

& look who is there right now! Possibly one of my favorite girls that Mike has been lucky enough to spank recently… Chervana! If cute brunette girls getting spanked are your thing, she will get you hooked in a flash! I’m a Chervana addict! I will post some images of her soon, but feel it’s only fair that members get to see the full glory that is this amazing young thing! (below)


From something deep in my archives, I promised to remind and show you more of Sinn Sage and Chelsea Pfeiffer across my blogs, well, so you remember this at all? Now that the weather is finally turning for the good here, I am looking outdoors to wonder how I can entice girls into the woods and spank them where no one can hear their cries!!! Fear not, I remembered this classic from a couple of years back and as it had beautiful Sinn caught peeing on Chelsea’s property… this was begging for a nude, rude spanking movie to be made… and it was… and it is still one of my faves to this day! See why below!

Sinn thought no one was watching when she took a much needed pee and emptied her full bladder, gushing it out with great relief outdoors in the woods whilst she was hiking alone. But she had missed a poorly posted “NO TRESPASSING” sign and the owner of the property and woods, Chelsea, had been furiously watching it all – so she punished Sinn for violating her property with this “outrage”! As you can imagine, sexy Sinn was embarrassed to be caught peeing with her jeans and panties around her ankles, taken abruptly across Chelsea’s lap to be spanked.. and worse was to come! Chelsea began to enjoy “punishing” Sinn… parting her bright red bubble butt cheeks for a better look at her bare open pussy, spanking her harder and faster making Sinn squirm and her buttocks wobble as they turned a dark shade of crimson shame! A typically HOT F/F movie collaboration between Sinn and Chelsea as always and this movie does not disappoint!