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Introducing Ashley Lane at Spanked Sweeties

I’ve been busy behind the scenes so have had less time to write blog posts on here, so to make up for that, here’s a special update featuring a beautiful girl called Ashley Lane that I had missed and I will be getting more blog posts from other sites on my other blog HERE later too!

Say hello to Ashley Lane – this is her TWITTER account and she is better known as a beautiful rope slut. If you check out her webpage HERE you can see the various bondage scenarios that she has been in… she can also take and give a spanking as you’ll see below.

This is what Ashley has to say about the films she has made away from spankings:

“I’ve been busy learning and pushing my capabilities like crazy this year, and here are all the videos to prove it. It’s hard to believe how much I’ve been able to do, but obviously bondage and pain are my specialty. I hope all my screaming doesn’t bother the neighbors, but hey, when I’m enjoying myself, I get loud!”

So without any further delay, here are some images that accompany the opening films of Ashley featured in Mommy and Daughter daughter style discipline spankings! She is adorable!

Ashley Lane – at Spanked Sweeties

Ashley Lane is a beautiful blonde sweetie who was spanked by her mom and dad growing up. Her mom is played by Clare Fonda and a dad spanking is also re-enacted. Ashley gives an outstanding interview (and Clare coaches her how to spank) as she really gets into the nuts and bolts of spanking.

spanked spanking


spanked sweeties

Spanked Sweeties is massive in its own right… containing interviews, first timers, model fantasies and more to do with spanking! It is also part of the Clare Fonda Pass network giving you up to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost! For more information on this awesome deal CLICK HERE

Spanking Wedgies for 2 Schoolgirl Daughters

Spanking wedgie punishments are becoming quite popular, in part because there are a few dedicated customers that request specific customs. I know many producers have done this, including ourselves (do see Sarah’s Custom Page on how to order any of your exacting requirements!)
I kind of recognize the style of this one and it’s familiar (LOL). However, the best thing is that this particular person has taste in fine spankable bottoms that have been wedgied before. Also asking Clare Fonda to carry out the punishments on Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik is a masterstroke. Look at the results of this fine film now available at for yourself at
GirlSpanksGirl.com (see below!)

Mom Spanks & Wedgies Schoolgirl Daughters

Clare Fonda spanking her naughty daughters

When mom (Clare Fonda) discovers that her 2 daughters (Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik) were misbehaving at school and wore the incorrect panties, she teaches them a lesson by first giving them wedgies, then giving each girl a hard spanking. After she leaves, Veronica does that same to her younger sister, who was the instigator, giving her wedgies and a hard spanking. Bottoms turn very red on this day.

spanking at home spanked in her uniform wedgies and spanking spanking her daughters momma spanks daughters picking out her wedgies OTK hairbrush spankings hairbrush spanking spanking wedgies

Super cute girls receiving big wedgies and hard spankings on their bare bottoms.
What is there not to like with 2 of the hottest most spankable bottoms on display?

See the full length movie (it’s a long one) out now to download

Visit GirlSpanksGirl.com for all your F/F Spanking needs!

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Welcome teeny-weeny Persephone Adams

Oh my… I just had to get this in before my night of watching football on the TV really begins… I won’t bore you “too much” with that, as I do on my other blog – where there is an awesome multi site update released an hour ago at the time of writing – Nope, so I just wanted to let you in on a brand new Sweetie just released… she is being billed as the tiniest girl ever to have been seen at SpankedSweeties.com – and I have just seen a clip, of her with the ever awesome Clare Fonda in the role as her strict mom… OMG! She is itsy-bitsy… you’d think sje’d break in two she is that tiny… let the images below do the talking, as they say, and judge for yourselves.


She is perhaps the tiniest Sweeties ever – checking in at just under 5 ft tall and under 90 lbs in weight (that is slight!) – Persephone was spanked nearly every day growing up so don’t be fooled by her angelic looks, her tight delicious bottom can take some punishment as you will have seen. She was spanked by mom, mostly, with hand and a switch that she was made to pick from the yard. She also got mouth soapings – which will all be depicted at Spanked Sweeties – with Clare Fonda as her mom! A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!


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Have a great weekend… I am both excited and nervous as the game of England and Italy approaches!