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Clare’s Naughty & Sexy Diaper Girls

I love Clare Fonda’s work, I really do! She has one filthy mind, loves to party and has an imagination I’d kill for! She is able to draw upon a huge resource of talent and she has really gotten into the whole Adult Baby Play with her cute girls, dressing them up, treating and pampering them for a diaper change or taking their temperatures rectally… all part of the sexy consentual play and also the humiliation aspect of things too! All this mixed with spankings when needed makes my first site here a “Must See” for me nowadays! Granted it’s not for everyone… but this isn’t some horrible shit play site (Oh God no!) If you take time to check out the images just from the latest movies then you’ll maybe understand this is another naughty brand of Clare’s warped mind getting her beautiful girls to play baby, pamper their often freshly spanked bottoms (and Clare told me most of the girls love doing this) – I can see the attraction like beautiful Alexis below… caught short and takes a pee through her panties on Clare’s porch!

Oh, I have a fetish for the lolcats again at the moment, which is why one of my favorites “Ceiling Cat” is watching Alexis! Sorry! If you haven’t seen my other blog – check out my ceiling cat obsessed post HERE (heh heh)

okey-dokey… so you just know gorgeous Alexis is in deep trouble and Clare knows just how to treat a big girl like Alexis that doesn’t have the decency to wait and soil other people’s porches for goodness sake!

This movie (above) & the full image gallery is now out at Naughty Diaper Girls

A change of clothes and diapers and Alexis is good to go… feeling a little more awkward and quite rightly so! I’m surprised that Clare didn’t make Alexis use the potty or take her temperature to see if she was ill…. however, there are many other things like this that happen to girls like naughty Alexis above! below are a couple of free galleries I have found which help promote the site and gives you the option to see a little more of what it’s about!

The below galleries include Clare’s new redheaded girl, Lynn… the beautiful isobel Wren and 2 spanking stars that have shot a lot (like at Punishedbrats and such) Carissa and Ten! I can guarantee you won’t find these girls dressed up in diapers and spanked anywhere else ūüôā

Naughty Diaper Girls – Site Review

Well, here it is (finally) I had promised Clare I’d get this out sooner but got real busy with other shit (as you do) but it’s worth waiting for as this is one of those hidden sites that not many folk know a lot about and I think that’s so unfair (so this is being upped simultaneously on 2 of my top ranking blogs)

If you’re familiar with Clare Fonda’s many sites, and all around spanking, then you might be wondering “what the f*ck is he writing about girls in diapers for? Is he some malicious pervo scat mongerer?”

No, I am not, the thought of shitty “nappies” as we call them over here in England make me barf, but place a beautiful grown girl in one, and get her to play “baby” or become even more submissive, maybe enact out some wild fantasies and of course involve many humiliating inspections, rectal temp takings and of course some spankings (in, over and out of the diapers) then it is in fact an incredibly erotic spectacle! As Clare once told me, “I ask my girls if they will pose in the diapers and most have no problem with it”. So prospective spankees at Miss Fonda’s – beware, LOL! Actually, the girls love to play and you can see from that, perhaps the only girl who thought at first it was strange (filmed a while back, I must add) was the delicious Kailee Robinson…and for that I shall show this first though I’m sure this was what was played out….it’s an excuse to spank Kailee’s already thrashed and red speckled bottom further, as you’ll see!!!

Kailee was new to diapers and her embarrassment was genuine. Clare’s response to her obvious reluctance? “Too bad, beautiful, you signed up for the job!!” Actually this made for a great update and includes a lot of spanking too as you’ll see from a few selected images below!



Another hottie, Elise Graves, a very slinky little minx had attended a few spanking shoots and was a girl willing to try out being diapered and treated like a baby, just a pity the girls that day only had a large XXL adult size diaper which they both found amusing, you can see a FREE long play clip of this from my Teen Spanking Tube HERE

A couple of promo images¬†taken from this movie are below:¬†In this film you’ll see Elise get a spanking and bottom powdering as well as crying for the camera! Clare called her a “very pretty little diaper girl” Indeed, who am I to argue?


Ok, so in this review, you will notice that this site actually lives up to its name, the girls really are placed in diapers, often playing baby, becoming totally submissive, even allowing their bottoms to be talc powdered and the odd intrusive rectal thermometer rearing its ugly head too! Of course it’s a great chance for the girls to all play or appear confused…as the beautiful Kadence appeared below!

Some girls just look extra cute in a diaper. Kadence is one of them. She couldn‚Äôt stop laughing which is how she dealt with the embarrassment, but she was a new girl to modeling and very willing to please producers like Clare! She knew she would be spanked, but not diapered – although how could you resist? She is the kind of cute girl you want to get butt naked then have her on her back with her legs in the air and ease it onto her slowly. Then it would be so much fun to put her on your lap. Has anyone ever been pleasured through their diaper, with the hand rubbing over it but never going inside? These questions and more…are attempted to be answered¬†by the ¬†NaughtyDiaperGirls website! ūüėÄ

OK, it’s maybe not a site you’d automatically be aware of, but it’s a work in progress and Clare admitted to me that she loves exploring this fetish, and to be honest her spanking models, as many as she now has access to, are game too, you only got to check the updates on the tour pages HERE to see that, and the updates are regular! The members area is also very sizeable and has grown considerably since it was started (approx 18 months ago?) All new films are in HQ-WMV playback. Site pricing is very reasonable at $19.95 for a month and for that you will get¬†beautiful women in diapers. Some have a diaper punishment some are diaper lovers and the extras such as¬†spankings, rectal temperature taking, mouthsoaping, cornertimes, and buttplugs all make this well worth taking a look if you’re after something a little different!¬† I’ve¬†not really seen many specialist diaper/girlie/spanking and humiliation niche sites but there is definitely a demand for this and Clare seems to have got this niche, from a woman’s perspective, just right! Want to see real faves like Kay Richards, Lily Anna, Ariel X and tons more very well known spanking faves? Then see them here diapered with Clare! Even Miss Fonda gets in on the action and turns up diapered!¬†I won’t embarrass Clare here, but how Lily and Clare kept a straight face in their most recent film as Clare¬†exposed her trim bush to a thumb sucking diapered Lily is beyond me…”one day you’ll have a womanly bush like mine!” heh heh!

The fun of diapering as modeled by Holly Stevens!

Finally, a very hot scene from well known Fetish model Sarah Fay (here in brunette mode, you may remember her from Exclusive Education 4 last year) and this is a very naughty old movie that features a diapering, red hot spanking and an amazing finale where Sarah is given a butt plug and learns to hold it whilst she is spanked!



Click image below for the free butt plug scene of Sarah!

In conclusion, then, if you want to explore something a little different from a spanking network you all know and trust that makes great¬†movies then you can do no worse than to check out this site! I’d be here all day explaining more about¬†it but the tour pages HERE will give you a good idea as well as this small review which should give you more than enough to decide if this is something for you all! I would say the only people that might not like it are those who enjoy continual brutal spankings, severe discipline and use of implements such as canes, this would not be for you. I feel I have presented this site in as balanced a way as possible, showing you the spankings, diaper punishments, the fun, the fantasies that are acted out and the “Embarrassment” factor associated with this quirky fetish! Enjoy, it’s good viewing!! ūüėÄ