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Get your spank on to start the week!

*spank spank spank* – don’t you love those slappity slap noises? For you voyeurs out there… I have some veritable treats for you all to peruse over. Why not pay these fine sites a visit too… they have more than enough content to keep you busy and a membership from them (via any helpful link here) will help them continue to make MORE great content for you all!

*spank spank spank spank*

First-ever spanking turns Helen’s creamy smooth cheeks bouncing red
Now showing at Firm Hand Spanking

A hot-bottomed welcome for doe-eyed beauty Helen Stephens as her creamy white bare bottom is spanked for the very first time! “I was nervous about getting spanked,” she confesses, “but the production team were great!” Sent to Reform Academy by her government department, her bouncing bottom is swiftly educated.



You spank harder – featuring Tindra Frost at English Spankers

This is the beginning of what we hope will be a continuing career in spanking for Tindra. Having just taken her first spanking she is now ready to go further. She is given a paddle and starts to paddle her own bottom, Mrs. Stern is not happy with the result and takes over and after making this young lovely strip naked the resulting paddling is much harder.



HOW BAD CAN IT BE? NEW at Northern Spanking
Featuring Alex reynolds & Christy Cutie

Schoolgirls Alex and Christy have been told to expect a severe and exemplary punishment at school for bullying a younger girl to the point of injury. The night before the punishment, they decide to experiment to find out exactly how bad it will be. Having inserted the ginger root the girls firstly discover some, err, retention difficulties! Proceeding to spank and cane each other the combined effect of a double dose of heat bith on and in their bottoms, has a somewhat surprising effect…



Therapy – at Punished Brats
Featuring Mari & Dahlia

Dahlia had been sent to yet another in a long line of therapists. Her behavior has been of great concern to her parents. Dahlia thought that she would be dealing with another therapist who she could manipulate into having her parents giving her more things. She quickly learned that Mari is a different sort of therapist who specializes in the alteration of behavior in brats. Quickly, Dahlia found herself over her therapist’s lap for a hard spanking.

During her over-the-knee spanking therapy, Dahlia made the mistake of are referring to her clinician as a bitch and suddenly found herself face down on the therapy couch with a therapist spanking her bare bottom even harder and discovered just how strict her new therapist can be. After her spanking, Dahlia was placed in the corner to contemplate what had happened. All Dahlia could think of was how to be good until her next session.


Naval Officer Spanking

This is a rather good spanking update featuring long established British girl, Belinda Lawson (aka Chantal Fox). She is a rather alluring internet and late night TV station model/leather enthusiast in her other life away from getting her ass whupped on camera. This is rather a good series… you’ll notice just what a pasting poor Belinda gets in the latest installment from the Military Discipline series. It’s now available to download at Firmhandspanking.com

Naval officer Belinda Lawson challenges Col Grey to spank her harder!


“If the last exercise was anything to go by, you must do better,” mocked pretty naval officer Belinda Lawson. Colonel Grey told her he’d be doubling her spanking for such disrespect in “Military Discipline”. Hands on her head, her juicy bare cheeks were spanked a jiggling red with his hand and a stinging slipper. Cute out-take: Belinda admited that she hated the slipper!

military_cb002 military_cb003 hand spanking military_cb005 military_cb007 military_cb009 military_cb010 slippering military_cb017 bare bottom spanking spanked on the bare bottom



Firm Hand Spanking


In other news please do check out this NEW Spanking Site which is capturing the imagination of many. It has already had fantastic feedback about the latest new movies now showing there. there’s a perfect mix of very sexy to the genuinely severe spanking stories only featuring cheergirls in authentic uniforms! No cheap Halloween costume crap we’ve seen elsewhere.


Some images (in full) below…

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Ah… if only we could get Belinda Lawson in a dedicated cheerleader spanking series! *sigh*
(please do call Sarah Gregory, Chantal… you would be AWESOME!)

All prospective models can sign up to become a spanked cheer girl HERE
(We film in the UK & USA)

A Young Wife given a Humiliating Spanking

As you know, I love seeing Stacy Stockton in the current series of Truly Madly Deeply at FirmhandSpanking.com – so it’s even better when there’s a crossover from the series with the Au Pair (Kylee Anders) she & hubby, Jonny, employ…. however, this punishment you see here is about Stacy getting one from her hubby for trying to fire the Au Pair without telling him first! Personally, I think Jonny enjoys spanking his wife AND Kylee Anders (and who can blame him?) They are both gorgeous young ladies!

Stacy Stockton spanked long and hard for trying to fire their au pair, Kylee

stacy stockton

Bent over in the kitchen, breasts tumbling out of her top, pretty Stacy Stockton knows better than to protest when her husband Jonny decides to spank her bare bottom in Truly Madly Deeply. She tried to fire cute au pair Kylee, but Jonny is enjoying spanking Kylee too much to let her go. Enjoy butt-rippling slow-mo replays!

tmd_w002 hand spanking spanked quickly and hard on her butttmd_w005 tmd_w008 a man spanking tmd_w015 tmd_w017 Stacy Stockton spankedtmd_w020 tmd_w021 tmd_w022 tmd_w024 spanking


Firm Hand Spanking

Belinda’s Bare Bottom OTK Spanking

Belinda LawsonOne of the UK’s hottest young spanking stars is Belinda Lawson, the name given to her for her “spanking persona” – I remember once chatting to her on the phone and nearly arranged a small film shoot 3 or 4 years ago at one of the schoolroom studios she so often still films at but I seemed to think she was under some form of “contract” with Firm Hand… which was a pity – as whatever she was earning she would have had it matched and I would have just filmed her the once. Now, I gotta be honest, this can be the crappy side of when I used to scour “talent” in the UK and Europe… it was always like that, people trying to protect their “finds” in a few countries there… which is completely the opposite of what happens in the USA – which is why I love helping Sarah film her content in America! It is refreshing and unselfish! I now just post the girl’s name she wants to be known as and her Twitter account to help her get started, why bother trying so hard to hide girls and make them so exclusive? Especially those who start out and want to do lots of spanking/glamour work at the beginning!

Belinda Lawson aka Chantal FoxBelinda Lawson was often spanked & punished in the nude!

I think in the UK, it’s even worse now… and thank God that I don’t have that responsibility to hire girls in that area anymore since the introduction/amendment of the draconian laws just over a year ago which has decimated the online fetish industry in Britain and stopped companies from hiring girls so often. Sucks, I know.

Dani Daniels spanks Belinda LawsonBelinda Lawson & Dani Daniels

Anyway, I don’t bear grudges… that’s why I am promoting “Belinda” here as her work is always a winner. This is a great OTK spanking film with Earl Grey. Check it out – and of course this is just one of MANY series of films that you can see Belinda Lawson spanked by both male and females only from Firmhandspanking.com

Firm Hand Spanking

Panties off, bottom bared, Belinda’s work appraisal ends in a spanking!

removing her panties for a bare bottomspanking

A bare bottom spanking is Earl Grey’s solution to a poor work appraisal for young lawyer Belinda Lawson in Asking For It. Her cheeks bounce and quiver as he spanks her hard and fast to a deep and well-deserved red. No protests will stop this spanking!

spankings firm hand spanking OTK OTK spanking of Miss Lawson spanking OTK bouncing bottom hot spanking films belinda's spanking hot hand spankings spanked bubble butt


bubble butt


Firm Hand Spanking

Kylee Anders latest Spanking

Kylee Anders suggests a spanking then bares her bottom for a ping pong paddle!


“I really think I deserve a spanking,” says cute blonde Au Pair Kylee Anders, passing Jonny Stockton a ping pong paddle. Lying over a stool she decides to bare that gorgeous bottom, telling him “Go for it!” Her reactions show she regrets the offer to be spanked bare, after one of his kids grazed their knee on a bike ride.

au_pair_h003 panties down spanking paddled on her bare bottom au_pair_h008 au_pair_h010 au_pair_h012 au_pair_h016 au_pair_h017 otk spanking au_pair_h022 spanked ass au_pair_h024


Firm Hand Spanking

Dani Daniels 1st Man Spanking

Dani Daniels super-hot debut spanking:
a Firm Hand Spanking exclusive!

Dani Daniels

You’ve waited expectantly and now we’ve delivered! Top adult star Dani Daniels takes her first spanking from a male, exclusively at Firm Hand. And what a spanking! Dani is a successful, powerful young lawyer who craves just one thing: spanking discipline. Who better to deliver that desire than Richard Anderson? Dramatic Reaction Cam footage in the all-new series Legal Penalties!

legal_ba002 legal_ba005 spanking over her skirt legal_ba009 legal_ba010 legal_ba012 hand spanking legal_ba015 legal_ba017 otk spanking legal_ba020 legal_ba022 legal_ba024


Firm Hand Spanking

Hot Spanking & Strapping Punishment

“If you want to impress me, bend over, put your hands on your knees and wait for me.” Super hot Dani Daniels flirts with Belinda Lawson as she asks to be punished for taking another girl’s clothes. Dani lays on the tawse with cheek quivering authority, making her bare breasts bounce as much as Belinda’s red, sore ass! Epic.


Check out this HOT girl on girl epic as beautiful teacher, Dani Daniels, is asked by Stunning schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson, to punish her… check out the images, this film is as hot as it looks!

Hot! Topless Dani Daniels straps Belinda Lawson red raw before getting it on

conduct_d001 conduct_d002 lifting the skirt to see cute panties conduct_d006 conduct_d009 Dani straps Belinda spanking and strapping conduct_d013 conduct_d014 conduct_d016 conduct_d018 strapping belinda on the bare bottom hot spanking making out

Taken from the “Innopropriate Conduct series” – See the sexy erotic F/F spanking film HERE

Firm Hand Spanking