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Spanking Girls in Trouble

wankerIt’s the start of the May Bank Holiday weekend… if I have the misfortune to be in the UK at this time of year (I am usually not anymore) then the weather is nearly always terrible. Like “God” him (or her) self is laughing at me for daring to hope I could enjoy this holiday period outdoors! “Yeah… right back at you, oh mighty deity!” *as I use an offensive masturbating hand gesture we Brits are so fond of making *

No waffling like I did yesterday on my other blog about the wanker situation of the British elections in less than a week… you can read it here if you want a laugh… there’s also some really good spanking stuff on there too!

Some people I have heard might consider this guy a “W” word… (LOL!) I don’t, I rather like him although I do hate seeing him placed against Amelia Jane in so many films (she’s 6′ 2″ and he’s about 5′ 6″!!!) I hate standing up against her and I’m only 5′ 9″ (and to be honest he looked like he had just got out of bed in the latest series which I didn’t like) … so I shall instead show him in much better form with their new girl, her second film is now showing in full at FirmHandSpanking.com – and both Earl Grey AND gymnast, Anna Grant, with an amazing tight booty are what I watched first when I logged back into their members area! I’m glad I did… This is HOT! I have a preview clip and some enticing images for you all.

Anna Grant over Earl Grey’s knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking

gymnast_b003 gymnast_b007 gymnast_b008 gymnast_b009 gymnast_b011 gymnast_b012 gymnast_b015 gymnast_b018 gymnast_b023 gymnast_b024

“I’m not sure what this is teaching me,” says college gymnast Anna Grant in Gymnast Hell, as her tight bare bottom is spanked long and hard over 300 times for poor attitude.



A brand new sweetie called “Kitten” joins SpankedSweeties.com

*** SCHWING! *** 


All I can say is just look at her magnificent “Bubble butt!” – I couldn’t even cut a clip, I’d have been impeded with my unfortunate “Trouser arousal” – I think these images will show you what I mean, though! *wow!!!*

01-Kitten-gets-a-spanking 02-OTK 03-bubblebutt 04paddling-ass 05-booty-paddling 06-spanked-otk 07-beautiful-bare-bottom 08-red-butt-paddling 09-cute-spanking 10-spanked-over-his-lap 11-otkspanking 12-otk-wooden-paddle 13-cute-girl-punished 14-attitide-adjustment

Kitten was not spanked growing up, but she sure gets spanked a lot now! In a true re-enacted story, she participates in a spanking challenge to see who can take it the hardest at a dungeon. Bettie Bondage plays the lady who tests her with a wooden paddle. A client visit is also re-enacted.




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National Day Spankings


Happy St George’s day to all my fellow Englishmen and women wherever you are in the world!

I had an unexpected car bill to pay today which has really pissed me off, due mainly to the incompetence of other garage mechanics over the past few years when I have been pointing out a fault in my steering fluid/oil leaks etc (which I looked at online and asked them to investigate… only it was a dirty job and beyond my mechanical know how… and lack of tools of course) and I nearly lost the car as a write off but $1200 later it is repaired, cleaned, flushed and whatever else… oh and I had some discs and brakes that needed replacing. Joys of motoring, eh? Add that to the bill I paid last month for an ageing exhaust and I could have bought a cheap runaround. But enough of my woes, you’re here to see what spanking smut I have dug up for you today… so let’s get on with these couple of excellent recent videos offerings!


From FirmhandSpanking.com comes a new buxom debut for Karen Hughes and she is lovely. The real girl next door look with ample bosoms and a beautiful jiggly bottom that dances to the swats of the spankings … as I write this, I can see that there is a second update just released…. but as I was behind I will stick with this introduction (as it is sublime) but I will show you a special preview clip of her second film to emphasize just how beautifully jigglesome (sic) her bottom is. I think her butt should only ever be hand spanked… anything else would be such a waste 🙂

sitter_g001 sitter_g004 sitter_g005 sitter_g010 sitter_g014 sitter_g016 sitter_g017 sitter_g020 sitter_g022 sitter_g023

At her interview, pretty newbie House-Sitter Karen can’t believe that she may be spanked for infractions. But she is! 240 times bare and red, for parking on the street. New boss Jonny Stockton makes sure her curvy buns are hot and sore for her debut.

Check out the free clip below of her bubble butt getting a hand spanking
WARNING: watching her buttocks jiggle incessantly may cause severe Trouser Arousal!

Wow! What can I say??? Check her out is all!!!


How do I follow that? Well… SpankingSororityGirls.com has a brand new video released with gorgeous Veronica Ricci, one of the mainstays of this site getting up to all sorts of sexy spanko shenanigans with multiple girls in this almost dizzying array of bare spanked flesh on show… take a look at the images and you will understand what I mean… and there are many well known and much loved spanking stars here – this is an awesome offering from the Sorority site which has the feel of an Exclusive Education film (I did notice that this must have been filmed at the last EE filmshoot encounter as it has all the same cute girls in it, lol)


A massive spanking epic with 8 sorority girls who are ordered to be nice to new, rich girl Chanell Heart. But when Miss Snow leaves, the girls gang up on Chanell and spank her. Miss Snow catches them and all of the other girls are punished, with over-the-knee spankings with hand and hairbrush, then the 3 worst girls receive the large wooden pledge paddle. Lots and lots of sore, red, marked bottoms.
This is about as epic as it gets at this site with so much bare ass and blistered butts on display!

03 01 02 05 05a 07 08 09a 10 11 13 14 15 16

The girls are given the Sorority Paddle in front of the others for added shame & humiliation!
This punishment for Alex, Christy & Koko really hurt!


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Spankings to end your weekend

A round up of more spankings for your to check out which can be found as all recent updates at the sites below:

The “Truly Madly Deeply” series at FirmHandSpanking.com with Stacy and hubby Jonny Stockton takes a dark twist – and a broken cane in this latest ass busting film with beautiful Stacy hiding a secret!

Secrets with Jonny’s secretary gets Stacy an ass tanning she will remember!

Stacy Stockton caning tmd_j006 tmd_j009 bare ass caning Stacy broke the cane hand spanking Stacy Stockton spanked hard tmd_j019 rubbing cream into her sore bottom Stacy Stockton bare ass tmd_j024

What is going on with pretty Stacy Stockton and hubby Jonny’s hot secretary? Will their texts reveal all and earn her bottom a well-deserved whipping for deceit in Truly Madly Deeply? The cane breaks after 13 strokes, so it’s a bare bottom spanking finale!

Firm Hand Spanking - click here


Monica makes a return to a date with the dean, Micahel Masterson, at RealSpankingsInstitute.com in a hard wooden paddling she won’t forget!

12939_002 12939_016 12939_018 12939_019 12939_022 12939_032 12939_037 12939_039

The Dean receives reports that Monica is bullying the new students at The Institute. She is bent over and paddled hard over her gym shorts. She is then left with her bottom on display for everyone to see.


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From the other side of the political spectrum… in Russia, nothing is ever made easy for these young ladies at this institution… as Anna discovers when she faces a humiliating spanking ordeal, stripped naked, scolded and then made to perform embarrassing sexual acts in front of her Correctional Master… a true girl next door humiliation this week from SpankingThem.com

anna001 anna002 stripping off her clothes spanked and flogged naked butt anna006 anna007 ass cheeks spread wide anna009 made to self spank in front of him masturbating very sore red bum

See all the latest humiliating spankings & more sexual punishments at SpankingThem.com



Sarah Stern is back from her travels to New York and already caning her girls hard as you will discover in this week’s latest update featuring young Bemby – image are taken from the film exclusively from SpankingSarah.com

npp7149001 npp7149003 npp7149004 npp7149006 npp7149013 npp7149015 npp7149019 npp7149023 npp7149026 npp7149037

This is the continuation of my much needed punishment of young Bemby. She has been telling me lies and you will have noticed her complete lack of remorse whilst I was slippering her. It is time for me to cane her, now she has never been caned before, ever! This will not stop me as I administer a full strength caning to her bottom. I really think that she needed to be taught a hard lesson and once you see this amazing film, another in our Hand Made Films series, you will I am sure agree with me.


Oh, if you’re interested, I just had the AAA Clips Store updated with 2 classic spanking films this weekend – both fully remastered and available in 3 formats. One of the films had never been shown before… some reminder images and links are below.

Danielle Hunt“Bad Ironing” – HD1280x720

badironing bad01 bad02 bad03 bad03b bad03c bad04 bad04a bad04b bad05a

Danielle Hunt is a volunteer Girl Guide and this week she is helping to iron shirts for her domestic badge but she isn’t very fast and has hardly done any including the white shirt she had promised would be done 20 minutes ago for hotel owner, Mr Osborne. He’s in a hurry and thought he could trust her after receiving such promising reports about her being reliable for other badge assignments. Now he’s late and he wants his shirt and he’s seen enough so decides to give this lazy girl a reality wake up call with a brisk hard spanking there and then with her knickers quickly pulled down. She is still in shock at getting spanked and Mr Osborne gives her a hard follow up leather paddle and a round of strokes from the hated bath brush as a firm reminder that slackers under his roof get punished hard! Danielle really did get it with that brush as you will see if you download this clip! Danielle had begged us to punish her in this so who were we to resist such a request? She loved this cosplay punishment so much that she asked to film another…don’t miss the 1st of 2 videos she did in this cute blue uniform and we will be featuring her other film EXCLUSIVE and well in advance of the main AAA site for you, our Clips Store customers here NEXT WEEK! Get a taste of Danielle as a naughty Girl Guide (girl scout) and wait for the second installment coming soon!



Classic Sarah Gregory in – “Diva Spanking” – remastered at HD1280x720

DIVASPANKING diva2b diva1 diva2 diva2a diva2c diva3a diva3b diva3c diva4 diva4b diva4c

This was filmed 4 years ago and has never been made available in this quality until now! It features Classic Sarah Gregory at her brattiest and meanest… meaning payback is a bitch for this sassy madam! This is what happened: She was playing up in the middle of the film shoot and made all sorts of diva-esque demands that would make some highly strung reality singing “stars” look like easy work! John, the producer, patiently listened to all of her ridiculous demands until he knew just what would bring this brat back into line: After all, he was paying her so she should have had some respect! So without the main cams running he took it upon himself to spank that bratty attitude out of her and made her a little more compliant and submissive! This short sharp shock video features some excellent hard spankings with some fantastic banter and humor as well as severity with the composite paddle that got the message across Sarah’s beautiful bubble butt! See Sarah at her brattiest getting something we all know she should get for such poor behavior – a damn good thrashing! This is one of John’s favorite films, see why when you view it!



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Reform School Series remembered

Someone recently asked me in an email what was one of the best scenes i had viewed and remembered from FirmHandSpanking.com(and by the way, feel free to ask me about ANY site I like) view the blog here or at Spankingblogg.com and you’ll get an idea of what i like… anyway, this film from around 4 years ago stuck out in my mind: It was from the “Reform School” series starring Samantha Woodley and (at the time) a newcomer who was called Goldie Rosemont and is now retired but there is A LOT of her stuff stored and archived at this site if you like what you see here… and of course, Samantha Woodley’s archives are VAST!


So here it is… one of the most memorable scenes for me as it included 2 of my favorite fetishes, schoolgirl and cheergirl spankings… together with 2 awesomely cute girls and very strict punishments from Mr Strickman!

Samantha Woodley

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Samantha Woodley is only visiting her friend Goldie Rosemont at Reform School. She was not expecting to get a licking for smoking with Goldie – and what a licking it was! Spanked with Mr Strickman’s hand and strapped over a pool table! Then over his knee for a severe hairbrush bare bottom spanking. “It was a shock, I hate the hairbrush!” said Samantha! & Goldie’s butt is next!

Samantha’s cheek earns her the belt & a spanking as Goldie looks on she is told she will also receive this & the hairbrush afterwards too!

Goldie Rosemont’s turn for her Spanking

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

In the 2nd film, Samantha Woodley’s to blame, of course. Goldie Rosemont was tempted out
back for a cigarette, & the girls were caught by Mr Strickman. Known for his use of corporal punishment, we have already seen how he reddened Samantha’s butt. Now it’s Goldie’s turn
to bend over for her thrashing. Goldie reacts loudly crying out in pain as the strap & Hairbrush were used to full dramatic effect across the throbbing sore battered cheeks of her bottom!

After Goldie’s strapping she now faces the hairbrush like Samantha had to earlier, now Sam has to hold Goldie down while she is thrashed hard!


Firm Hand Spanking

Remembering Twins being Spanked

Here’s something a little different… I don’t think that I ever showed you this from a few years back but since I was just reminiscing and going over some of my fave sites archives that I have stored from my own various memberships I keep… this one stood out for me… it was the conclusion to the series starring black twins, Marissa and Clarissa Berkeley – This was taken from FirmHandSpanking.com and as is their policy, sometimes the girls work out… sometimes they don’t… I will take it from the one series of films these girls did (and highly popular it was too, as I recall) they only ever shot around 10 films, more than enough to satisfy my twin spanking fetish, I might add… and I really liked this punishment as it involved one of my fave implements, the dreaded bathbrush. Note the beautiful reverse markings of the white as it hits their dark flesh… oh my! Easily one of the highlights from this site in 2012 for me! I will let you decide with the images shown below:

TWINS TROUBLE – with Marissa & Clarissa Berkeley


twins_h005 twins_h006



twins_h009 twins_h012

 twins_h016 twins_h020


twins_h019  twins_h015



Remembering Annabelle Vanderwood

I was checking over some of my archived content from my memberships and came across this film I hadn’t watched in a while. It was filmed in Las Vegas (you get to see the distinctive skyline from the stunning shoot location from time to time in this series of films she starred in. Annabelle was a beautiful girl that played a spoilt rich brat given into care of Ralph Marvell (or Lifestyle coach Frank Reed in this series) in the absence of her parents.

I can assure you the photosets and films of Annabelle in all the series at FirmHandSpanking.com are amazing and she only worked with this website so take a look and if you like the look of Annabelle, then you know EXACTLY where to find more of her.





















Firm Hand Spanking

A Special Firm Hand Feature

I wanted to post something from one of my fave sites that I love being a member of… as you’ll see, the reason I like this site is because on a weekly basis, they post lots of small films with some of the most stunning girls around! The variety of girls (spankers and spankees) and also the most excellent images that always accompany the short films means there’s always a lot of things to catch up on… as this post will demonstrate when I show you what has been uploaded to the site within the past few weeks (there’s much more, so I just cherry picked my faves otherwise I’d be here all day). I will start with leggy stunner, Adrienne Black, in her latest “High Flier” series, this time punished by another stalwart of the site, flamed haired switch and possessor of one of the spankiest and most spankable bubble butts out there… Miss Alison “schwiiing” Miller!

Long-legged flight attendant Adrienne Black bends over for dishonesty


Stealing a security tape of a an earlier spanking wasn’t a wise move, as flight attendant Adrienne Black learns in High Fliers. Alison Miller has Adrienne stick out her bare bottom for 20 swats before ordering her to remove her thong for 15 more. This films also includes a “Hot Reaction Cam” for your continued viewing pleasure. View the freeview clip HERE

highfliers_m006 highfliers_m007

highfliers_m008 highfliers_m011

highfliers_m019 highfliers_m023


75 with a leather paddle for beautiful sports student Ashley Thomas


“A very stern lesson about time management and responsibility,” Patrick Bateman tells tardy Ashley Thomas in Life Coach. She nervously lies flat on a pool table for a 75-swat paddling on shorts, panties and red, bare bottom. Hot Reaction Cam, with some slow-mo replays of her jiggling thrashed butt! You can see the limited time freeview clip of this HERE

lifecoach_cd004 lifecoach_cd010

lifecoach_cd014 lifecoach_cd016

lifecoach_cd018 lifecoach_cd023


Sasha Harding’s 156 with a ping-pong bat for house party damage


Sasha Harding’s round, juicy globes jiggle and bounce as Patrick Bateman teaches her a lesson with a ping-pong paddle in Rich Brat. Having friends round to party hard earns her a red bottom after 156 swats, 120 of them on bare cheeks. That booty is sore and this rich little brat begins to learn her lesson… you can view a special freeview clip of Sasha’s punishment HERE

richbrat_d006 richbrat_d007

richbrat_d013 richbrat_d017

richbrat_d023 richbrat_d024


Finally, like Sasha featured above, there is yet another new girl and she is called Tiffany Bennett


Keeping neighbours awake with 3am parties means tears and emotion for pert Brat in the House Tiffany Bennett. Mr Reed straps her for it, but poor Tiffany is in tears before 10 licks are over. There’s another 12 to go on her panties, and she’s jumping already!










There is a brand new girl coming out this week… and my only minor bugbear with this site is the naming of the girls… do they do it to throw the competition off pace? God knows, of course it doesn’t work… but this latest girl is already very well known in the UK and has produced content for at least 3 companies that I can think of (I was going to use her myself) but as she is starting to get already over exposed in such a short time… I might well refrain from that for the moment… but she is great looking and can take a good hard spanking and I really look forward to her films coming out from Firm Hand Spanking – she is also known as Bow Jangles (but wanted to change her online name to Kissie) and of course Firm Hand have their own made up name for her (sigh, lol) which will be: “Camilla Scott”