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Irelynn Logeen – Stunning Spankings

I have long been a BIG fan of Irelynn, it’s not just the red hair (I love redheads as you know!) or the fact she has an incredibly cute bottom that just cries “Spank me!” … Oh no, she really is a lifestyler and a fun loving girl that is not just easy on the eye but also, I would suspect, a lot of fun to be around and to the lucky spanking producers who have had the pleasure of working with her, well, I am a little envious as she makes such sweet spanking material like this amazing set below which is now complete at NorthernSpanking.com

Gosh! What would you do with a naughty girl like Irelynn? This is the question that paul at Northern Spanking is asking – well, as you’ll discover below from the very small sample of these images, I think we can all guess full well… lucky sod!



My goodness! Seeing Irelynn slowly but surely undressed and spanked, slippered and now strapped is an amazing sight, eh? Time to concentrate on her punishment!  *sigh*



There are some hot and original spanking films with Irelynn, mainly because she is such a versatile actress making the storylines so believable, as well as being able to take a damned hard punishment with a gorgeous red bottom as evidence… you can more of her excellent work at NorthernSpanking HERE

P.S. If you also want to see some of Irelynn’s earliest work you can view this at the severe & strict

Teenagers that need spanking!

Not only do these naughty girls below need a spanking, it’s the manner of the style of their spanking I like, placing girls in various embarrassing positions, like the “Diaper Position” or being punished at home over the sofa when everyone else can hear your cries of pain is a powerful reminder that not just teh actual spanking punishment, but the way in which it is given adds to the utter shame and humiliation that some of these girls deserve nowadays!

Girls Boarding School resident Elin is one such example, legs are at first held up as her bare exposed bottom and teenage privates are fully exposed and she is then given a horrendous paddling across her sore buttocks! Check out the latest images below from this latest movie update OUT NOW for download!



These images above were actually taken from the tour pages, so it shows if you’ve not been there recently that there is some interesting free preview content! Now what we have below is from INSIDE the member area, an old classic of one very well known girl, Kailee Robinson, who did an awful lot of work for GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL.

Now that it’s summertime, we all enjoy seeing a beautiful girl sunbathing, but you’ll also enjoy watching this lovely brat called in for her basement punishment, stripped and humiliated!!!



Beautiful Kailee and all the other unfortunate girls punished by Headmaster Tom can be viewed here – and remember that if you sign up now, the price is in Euros, so this site has become (unwittingly for them) about 30% cheaper over the last few months for all those that have US Dollar accounts!!! AND….they still update DAILY!!! Cool!


Now I have also included a family spanking update below from SPANKING EXPERIENCE where you’ll see cory the babtsitter  (below) given a good hard spanking and slippering across her pert teenage cheeks! Come on, who hasn’t all dreamt of giving your baby sitter a damned good slippering, especially one as sexy as Cory!!!

The images below are screen grans taken from this movie! That is one delicious spankable teen ass!



Oh, did I mention there’s a SPECIAL OFFER to join at HALF PRICE??? Check it out HERE

As an added bonus I have got you a gorgeous filly that is spanked at home, she’s called Lily, and she’s no wothering flower…these teenage girls from Eastern Europe have tight butts, don’t they?



There is no hiding Lily’s modesty, she tries often to cover up her trim pussy and exposed bottom, but he’s having none of it and barks at her to lift her legs higher in that diaper position so her punishment is doubly humiliating! By the end she is suitably subdued and feeling her sore buttocks knows not to cross him again!!!

You can see approx 140 full length films that covers all manner of punishments, teens, schoolgirls, older ladies and some excellent storylines and intimate movies for just $12.95 (over half the usual price!)

Irelynn Logeen at Girls Boarding School

This gorgeous Irish redhead is the latest HOT spanking update from Girls Boarding School and her poor bottom takes a severe thrashing as we all know and love and expect from this site! I promise you this film, a premium production, is worth the membership alone, let alone then have full access to one of Europe’s largest teen and schoolgirl dedicated severe spanking and punishment website! See more below and decide for yourself!

I love Irish girls, I love redheads too…oh and if they’re intelligent then I’m in heaven (there’s only so many times you can thrash an airhead bimbo’s arse, be nice to talk to them too every now and then, eh?) Miss Logeen ticks every box and what’s more, she can take quite a punishment as you’ll have seen from these images below!


You can see more of Irelynn’s films exclusively produced for this site HERE

 If you haven’t already viewed this, I have another Irelynn update at SpankingBlogg – enjoy!

Teenage Punishments

I got some varied stuff today including some nice ass pics that are damn sexy that I found hunting around on t’internet (as you do!!!)

Sp without waffling, here’s the first update of the day from GirlsBoardingSchool A Super sexy schoolgirl is reduced to a snivelling wreck by Headmaster Tom in this classic carpet bun beating movie….

Scared and sniffing already, she removed her jeans when ordered to as he wielded that ferocious stinging carpet beater that was soonto taste her plump teen cheeks! This is a totally exclkusive classic not found anywhere else and features some cracking European girls taking some damned hard and painful punishments across their bare buttocks! “I haz wood!”

You can see all the very latest updates with more free galleries HERE

Now Justine is a firm fave of mine and I thought I had informed my spankingblogg readership of her last movie, which I have just seen in full from Spanked-at-Home and it is up to the usual excellent quality! Watching Justine take a hard thrashing at home off her (always angry) partner Arnold is like a drug, I need to see more. I can’t wait for the next redheaded “girl next door” punishment! Doesn’t she just cry beautifully? 😀

Images below taken from Spanked-at-Home.com


There are some more galleries and clips that I have found of Justine, one of the growing number of girls/victims who are punished at home by their loved ones and these are REAL girls next door thrashed for our viewing pleasure in HQ wmv playback!!!
Justine was 19/20 years old when these films were taken, you think she’d have known better by then!

Images below lead to special galleries of Justine at Spanked at Home

and finally, as promised, a few pics of some gorgeous looking ass, provocatively covered and begging for the underwear to be peeled off and spanked…see for yourself!!! WARNING: Highly erotic and WILL cause trouser arousal if viewed for too long!

Phew! Hope you didn’t mind me including a few cameltoe pics, just that shape (uh oh, need to go grab a cold shower!!!!)

Special Teen Spanking & Canings

I have some very special Images and Gallery Links which might just interest you this weekend. Some really hot teenage ass getting thrashed here, so be prepared to see these galleries, links and more in a darkened room, lock the door, don’t tell the missus, unzip and enjoy these girls getting a good thrashing across their oh so sweet delicous soft flesh! mm mmm

Teenage “Cream Horn” Punishments!
Courtesy of specialist site GIRLS BOARDING SCHOOL
(click on images below for the specialist galleries etc)


I came across some of these images below, heavy petting and lewd rude spankings (incl hidden cam footage) and  consequences of bad behaviour are all focussed and shown at the award winning 4 Site SpankPass multi spanking site (see below)

& also one of my teen faves, Ellie Maye (heavily featured at this multi site) opens up after a good hard spanking!!!!

See MORE Teenager punishments at school and in the home HERE

Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing these very special galleries of the HOTTEST TEEN website on the planet MET-ART.com

Now via these galleries you can grab yourself a TRIAL OFFER and seriously damage any remaining space on your hard drives as this is the LARGEST TEEN SPANKABLES depository anywhere!!!! If you don’t get hard looking at these girls I’ve selected below then you must be dead from the waist down 😉

Beautiful!!!! Check out the extensive MET-ART Tour pages HERE