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Very Hot Sexy Spankings

Who wouldn’t adore a hot Aussie accent and stunning good looks that Gigi Allens is blessed with? Team that up with the amazing and curvacious big boobied Allison Tyler spanking, making out with and getting up to no manner of naughtiness, then there is the next hit film from GirlSpanksGirl.com which you mustn’t miss!


 SEXUAL HARASSMENT DAY FOUR: with Gigi Allens & Allison Tyler

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In this final installment of the series, Gigi Allens and Allison Tyler have become girlfriends. They kiss and make out a bit before Gigi declares that since she is the boss at work, she must be the dominant one in the relationship. So she puts Allison over her knee and teaches her who’s boss. But this isn’t the work place, it’s the bedroom, where they are equals. So Allison spanks Gigi with her hand and a hairbrush. Totally nude spanking with two gorgeous ladies who get very red and sore bottoms.


Check out all parts of this hot series from the “Erotic Spanking” section HERE of this fantastic girl on  girl spanking site!

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Beautiful F/F Spankings to start off the year!

Sorry I haven’t updated this blog, this is one of my new years’s resolutions to spend MORE time here as well as at my main blog I am sure you all know very well – SpankingBlogg.com – my site has been taking up a lot of time recently and January is always a stressful month for me, I also have to file my tax returns by the end of the month so that isn’t helping!!!

So let’s kick off this new year with a few outstanding recent updates from the Clare Fonda Network of sites run by Denn, the cameraman… or “The Big C” as he is also known… and here’s a newbie called Poppy (I love that name) who shows us what it was like growing up as Spanked Sweeties always has the interviews of the new girls first and the spankings or fantasies enacted out afterwards… here Poppy recalls a moment from when she was younger… it involves lots of spankings and the humiliation of being told to go outside and pick a switch to be used against her bare bottom!


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Poppy was spanked often when growing up, and scenes are re-enacted with Dad and a friend (Star Nine) who stayed over with her and played Truth or Dare the same day Poppy got a spanking from her mom. Poppy also has worked at dungeons, which she discusses in detail… CLICK HERE to see more.



A very sexy series of Kissing Cousins is concluding at GirlSpanksGirl.com with 2 stunning young ladies, one who is from a trailor park, and the other who has a rich daddy and lives in a mansion… can’t help but kiss, make out, play some more and spank each other naked until both their bottoms are a beautiful shade of red!


Sunny Marie and Mary Jane Mayhem are cousins. Sunny lives in this mansion and Mary Jane is from a trailer. Mary Jane tries kissing her cousin, who resists. So Mary Jane wants to show Sunny how things are done in her trailer, so she spanks her, kisses her, then has her cousin spank her in this playful scene…

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Then the girls carry on upstairs as the spankings and kissing become more sexual and naughty!


Sunny Marie and Mary Jane Mayhem go upstairs to Sunny’s room to continue their kissing and spanking fun. This time Mary Jane convinces Sunny to spank her harder, something this naughty lady enjoys

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See the results of this naughty spankfest HERE

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Have a great start to the New Year, even if it seems a little belated, I will be back here FAR MORE OFTEN so check out this place as well as my usual haunts! & remember…


It’s here! Exclusive Education 6 – inside news and gossip

Clare Fonda’s much awaited series – Exclusive Education which is always shown at her GirlSpanksGirl.com website is now out and available for download! So what’s it about? This is the 6th year, it’s an annual event that members in August and September have the amazing bonus of seeing a series of films, all classroom and schoolgirl punishment based of some of Clare’s favorite models of the current crop! Remember you’ll also be able to download the previous 5 “EE” series if you’ve not seen them too!

You will see the girls punished in their uniforms in the classroom by Clare and Principal lane Miller as well as a welcome return for Miss Snow mercy punishing the girls in her own unique style! Check out the cast of this year’s awesome event!

Exclusive Education 6 presents some of the best bottoms in the business of spanking modeling submitting to hard corporal punishment. This annual saga of spanked schoolgirls stars a cast of 12 with Veronica Ricci, Ten Amorette, Mary Jane, Sophia Locke, Bliss Evermore, Julie Night, Nena, Lilia Spinoza and introducing Mandee Miller, Lana’s real-life niece. The strict staff of Lana, Snow Mercy and Clare Fonda discipline with hand, hairbrush and… a very large paddle!

A naughty class full of schoolgirls knows what happens when they act up. They are taken over the knee of the teacher and principal and given old fashioned spankings. First the girls get very warm bottoms while they are spanked over their plaid skirts, then- to their embarrassment- the skirts are raised but the girls are too busy wailing and moaning to protest. By the time panties come down and sore bottoms exposed, some girls are sobbing from how much a hard thrashing hurts and how humiliating it is to have you wiggling and jiggling bare bottom spanked panties down- in front of the whole class!

Check out the special galleries that further show you what to expect in the classroom and in private as Clare gets to thrash sassy cheerleader Lilia Spinoza!

Lilia is a very pretty cheerleader who thinks it is okay to come to class late. This particular day her class has been very naughty and Lilia thinks she should not have to be punished just because she is a cheerleader. Unfortunately for her Miss Fonda is particularly hard on cheerleaders and has Lilia pulled over her knee on the desk with her cheer skirt pushed up, panties down and her curvy bottom very red as she counts her spankings one by one. There will be no special treatment for cheerleaders! See this free gallery below for yourself

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