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Very Humiliating Examinations

Ok, it’s not exactly spanking related, but this does go in for the theme of humiliation and shame… and this site is one which I often peruse outside of actual punishment and spanking websites. Why? Because it covers a great niche of medical and examination fetish that I like to indulge myself in every now and then and of course the girls are all beautiful and they are made to go through these exams for potential employers and such… well, one can imagine they had to, my God, the utter embarrassment of it all! Each image below represents a comprehensive image and video gallery. There is enough conent here to keep you busy and get a good feel as to what this site is all about!


If the idea of seeing girls go through rectal, gyno and other humiliating and needless examinations… naked, appeals to you, please click on the images below:

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doctor gets intimate embarrassing medical exams of a gorgeous naked girl

click here to see her strip off gyno exam of a young girl here

greased up vagina examined 

doctor examines his young naked patient doctor prises open her tight vagina painful humiliating exams

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Reasonable Examination – Film Review

It’s been a while but I felt that I needed to review a film and let you in on a production from the “Lupus Dreams” section of the infamous Lupus Spanking Network. The “Dreams” section usually covers naughtier and more explicit materials and as you’ll see from the title of this 20 minute film, I would rather say it’s an “UNreasonable Examination…” as the poor schoolgirl is very awkward and shy which of course adds to the whole humiliating feel of this movie since she is about to undergo a through gyno examination!

& of course there WILL be a punishment too! I also wanted to show you that not all Lupus films are severe “blood guts and gore” (OK, that’s an unfair analogy as many of their films are so well made and just show good hard honest canings or strapping that do mark the girls bottoms severely!) However, this film contains no canings, but it will cater for those who yearn to see strict embarrassing punishments carried out by Female Authority figures on schoolgirls in and out of uniform!


The (un named) schoolgirl trembles and is obviously embarrassed at what is to come, waiting in the Examination Room – but she has been sent there for continually playing with herself and found to be inserting objects where young girls like her shouldn’t be! This sets the mood for the 20 minute film and it’s not long before she is ordered to strip and place herself in the examination chair so the Nurse can take a much better intimate look at the nervous thing!



Not happy with what she discovers… the Nurse decides to punish the girl over her lap with a hard wooden hairbrush that thuds down hard on the wretched things bare quivering cheeks and as she cries out loudly, the nurse knows that no one else will hear her punishment as they are well away from the main teaching annexe! This room was stuff of legends for the girls and now this poor victim had a sorry tale to share with her Dorm mates! More images of the punishment are below:



There’s a nice added twist at the end of this movie as well, as the nurse hasn’t finished withthe snivelling wreck… a final humiliating greasing of her anus leads to an insertion of another kind… a suppository! The girl is sent packing once she dresses herself with a burning reminder of her visit to the Examination Room!


As an added bonus – click on the link below and you can view the Trailer Clip of this movie


So will any of you be disappoointed? I guess those that like to see girls severely thrashed to within an inch of their lives might be… but this film is far more clever than that… and of course it adds to the authentic severe sessions most of the girls receive at Lupus anyway! This covers the shame and humiliation aspect of a school girl’s examination, one of those fabled accounts you’d hear about that happened in private girls schools 40 or 50 years ago! Well, imagine no more… along with the authentic settings and costumes, this is an excellent film that compliments the growing library of movies downloadable with one membership at Lupus Spanking




Intimate & Embarrassing Teen Examinations

I thought I’d quickly let you guys know I have uploaded a massive archive of materials from Special Examinations which only covers one subject, the total humiliation of females on an examination couch, or a Customs Check, at schools and the workplace  – there are DOZENS of galleries and some amazing freeview clips at the following link!


Of course it’s not spanking as such, though some of the girls are spanked lightly, but they are usually more concerned with having their privates examined intimately, they are genuinely embarrassed, and to add to the humiliation, those examining the girls make funs of them, take pictures and interfere with them as they don’t know where to look!…so ladies, if you go to Russia, be careful, these doctors, army medics and customs officials are waiting!

WARNING: Viewing WILL cause severe trouser arousal!