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Spanking on the Naughty Chairs

There’s a great film currently on a remastered release – in fact, it is like new as the original version was in a far lower spec and available in 2 clips. I saw this and decided that this great film deserved better so it has now been made available in full, at the highest spec – as intended… and removed the original uploads. At the time, we adhered to the stingy guidelines that the C4S network were supposed to limit clips to (which was 10Mb/minute resolution – which is pretty paltry and a real test and our editor did an amazing job to make the 960×540 films look stunning in playback with variable bitrates and such). That’s now been lifted a long time ago… so this film deserved a proper upgrade! It looks great now!

It is now in the usual 3 formats of your choice (WMV, MOV or MP4) and at the highest quality I could remaster it to which is 1280×720 without re editing the raw data files. It looks really good at this screen resolution anyhow and well worth a mention!

aaa spanking clip store

It was one of my favorite pajama punishment films I had made during the 1st year AAA was open and working alongside the legendary Jean Bradley we both gave poor Donna Davenport & Wynter Sky a good old fashioned “bare bottom hand and brush spanking” which we all enjoyed making! Lots of fun, and not much driveling and talking from Jean or I as the spankings took hold there was no need other than to tell the girls to change position etc… Yes, I very much enjoyed making this and might just do another naughty chairs style spanking when I am in America next month! Until then, feast your eyes on this and if you just like to download the odd movie, may I suggest this one?

If you click on this promotional image below, it leads directly to the store page and the chance to view a quick hair brush spanking scene.

Donna Davenport & Wynter Sky get a hairbrush spanking

I remembered I had a few exclusive images from my other blog so here they are below!

nchairs2 (1) spanked bottoms after the spanking spanking

These images were taken by me at the end of the film, the girls were larking about so I hope this caught the spirit of the moment! Yes, their poor bottoms did look very red afterwards, didn’t they? I think, from memory, this might have been the last film we shot that day… so that could also explain the smiles as the girls thought “yay!” no more spanking and excessive bottom rubbing from that old geezer over there!

“What?” It was a fun shoot… actually, and we made some good films if I say so myself (these were all filmed over 4 years ago!). So it’s another chance for me to say “thanks” to everyone concerned who helped make this a great shoot and just so you can see. View via the Clips Store or upload via the members Site HERE (where I have upgraded both MP4 and WMV versions).


or visit AAA Spanking & view this film as part of 235+ to download

Good hard man-spankings

Yes, I’m sure you are all aware from my post on SpankingBlogg about my horrific traffic accident recently, I’m getting over it and trying to move on so here’s a little something I found solace in when checking out some stuff on my own site looking for real curvy women that indeed need and get a good hard spanking to satisfy my yearning to see a fully frown woman punished! Firstly, here’s a focus is on a girl named Krystal Delight… & indeed, delightful she is! A happy buxom girl hailing from the rural countryside of South Gloucestershire, to those that don’t know this is the westcountry of England… this area is not renowned for producing an excess of spanking and fetish models online but the producers, some of who are based in that region are looking to change all that so any girls who come from the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset… take note! There’s a new spanking website on your doorstep! Of course, Triple A aren’t confining themselves to westcountry milk maids… 1st timers are welcomed and more have already been filmed all over the UKalongside some of the best known spanking models in keeping with their AAA Rated tradition of providing high quality HD spanking films! I’ll provide a mail address later if any of you fine ladies are interested – but once again I am already waffling… “so where was I? Ah, delightful Krystal!”

Krystal played this role rather too well, loafing about whilst thinking she could flutter her eyelids and get herself out of trouble when confronted. However, her choice of seeking older worldly wise men to keep her on the straight and narrow means that thsi rarely works and in this case her older man is none other than renowned English cane and fetish implement maker, Chopper! It’s nice to see him back on film and looking as mean as ever! Triple A Spanking hope to take you behind the scenes of how your canes are made and will provide excellent advice and an opportunity for those who want to purchase equipment, but this is a project in the making… So back to Krystal, she’s dragged out of her slumber by a pretty pissed off Chopper who berates her for the state of the place and proceeds to spank her in a variety of positions, quickly reddening her big spankable bum that you can tell he couldn’t keep his hands off (edit: I know I wouldn’t be able to either and would hope I could find such an easy excuse to spank her!) Needless to say, Chopper’s heavy hands leave suitable chastising red marks on Krystal’s cheeks as she is taught a sore lesson! Expect intimate positons of spanking and Krystal’s complete submission by the end! HQ images are below from the members area of AAAspanking.com

For those that like to see aggressive woman humbled or real women given the spanking they deserve this next one is for you! Part of a series of special films at AAAspanking, this movie starred the legendary Jean Bradley getting a proper “man spanking” in this role reversal of fortune at the hands of Paul Kennedy. They were keen to point out that you don’t get much of seeing Jean getting her come uppance nowadays, she usually puts the fear of God into unsuspecting foolish girls or will happily thrash naughty boys so at Triple A we felt honored to get some long play (and this movie is around half an hour at least) – It’s called the P.E. Mistress (P.E. is Physical Education in case you didn’t know) and Jean is thoroughly humiliated and properly spanked and caned as you’ll see in these images below,

THE STORY IN BRIEF: Headmaster questions why the school has done so badly in sports competitions and why the girls have lost respect for Miss Bradley! He knows just what she needs and it’s a humiliating shocking spanking and caning punishment and she is later made to wear the P.E. uniform and feel what it’s like to be a silly girl! Miss Bradley really does get it good in this long play movie of a proper grown up spanking story! See her shocking chastisement clip below and more free images:

Ouch! That spanking was quite severe (even Paul Kennedy had to take a break!)

More movies like this with more exclusive grown up punishments at AAAspanking.com

Superb Spanking Updates & Images

Forgive me if you’ve seen this superb posting elsewhere, I was told I could guest write again at a certain blog only to be told I may now not (ho hum) so rather than waste this fantastic post that I spent an age researching and sourcing images and suchlike (any blogger will tell you that if you place some thought into your posts they take time, even a l’il ol’ promo piece like what you’re about to see!) Anyway, I decided to back it up here so you can see it as intended and I’ve added a couple of extra links to the Hi Res images!!! I won’t say anymore on the matter, so just enjoy this fabulous update I did a couple of days ago elsewhere.

FirmhandSpanking have the 2nd film of the newcomer Carey Brooks and I have immediately been smitten by her beautiful bubble butt that looks just so scrummy in those tight sexy panties… check out her 2nd Office Punishment at the well trained hands of Eric Strickman!

I did warn you that Carey has an amazing bubble butt, didn’t I? You can much much more of her and the ever present and popular girls that makes this site a “must see” at FirmHandSpanking such as Samantha Woodley, Alison Miller and Michaela McGowen alongside the fantastic new spanking talent like Adrienne Black and Annabelle Vanderwood (oh, Annabelle has a hot new film out this week too so check it out on the tour pages!)


Since I am a little behind on catching up with the latest spankings and others have done this for me so I hope you don’t mind me bringing you a classic from around this time last year which makes visiting this blog more worthwhile!

It’s timeless anyway with the beautiful pouting bratty princess that is Amber “Pixie” Wells from Punishedbrats in what was probably one of my most memorable films I viewed from her last year! Absolutely stunning and sporting a tiny tattoo that Aunt Veronica spotted… well, Pixie sure got it… and got it good! If you’re not a member of this fine site you may not have seen some of these images as I’ve decided to show you some non promotional shots so all good things come to those that wait…

Pixie shows us why she is just so “more-ish” with that delighful tight firm bum given a good hard hairbrush punishment, she squela brats and squirms like no other and you can of course see this movie, along with 100′s more only from PunishedBrats.com


Finally today from Triple A Spanking – AAAspanking.com I think I have brought you something no one else has shown which shows both Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake in a really good long play schoolgirl movie that had these girls thrashed and thoroughly humiliated for an act of vandalism… something I’m all too aware of with blogging… and this felt apt in this 30+ minute film the girls are 1st questioned by an irate Headmistress, Miss Bradley, about how keyed the side of her Jag in the staff car park… the girls did it but keep lying until they are spanked and then under the threat of humiliating knickers down punishments, Pandora relents and admits it was her then explains they thought it was the pervy janitor’s car as he was always hanging around the girls changing rooms, catching a glimpse of their underwear… with his mop and bucket under the guise of various ”spillages”.

The janitor is none other than Paul Kennedy from Northern Spanking infamy making a guest appearance and this film has an amusing side and a great twist as the girls are placed on the chair by Miss Bradley and tharshed with a nasty hard wooden ruler then they suffer the ignomy of facing their “victim” the lecherous Mr Kennedy… who suspects there may be a spillage near the girls right now!

Pandora feels doubly humiliated when Miss Bradley invited the girls to apologize to Mr Kennedy, who then allows him to spank them… oh the shame of it, how their day had gone so badly!!! Below are a couple more images this time taken from the movie itself and there is a free clip I’ve found on the tour pages which shows a little of what I have described here as “Spillage” Kennedy has that particular honor in spanking the girls too! All in all, this is an excellent long play movie from the ever growing archives and schoolgirl section of AAAspanking!

Another superb HQ Image (below) taken from the film “Car Scratch” out now in full HD to download!