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Joelle’s tearful Spanking

Hi There! Here is another chance to see gorgeous Joelle Barros given a tearful spanking in a hot series of films she made with Dallas… Joelle is one of my favorite spankees with a fabulous body, long legs and a very VERY spankable naughty bottom that craves attention!

Images below taken from DallasSpanksHard.com

belting and strapping



spanked hard by Dallas

OTK spanking

Joelle Barros


Weekend Spankings pt2

I started Part 1 on my other blog HERE – so check out the remainder of what I have been watching and viewing from my own memberships and stuff today 🙂

I’m excited about seeing Joelle Barros next week! I don’t mind saying that I am filming with her AGAIN – and when she produces stuff like this for Punishedbrats.com – you can understand why I am so excited!

introduction1-1 introduction1-2 introduction1-5 introduction1-4

Joelle thought she had the family vacation house to herself for the holidays; partying and picking up her boy toys. She was outraged when a Stranger walked into the house with suitcase in hand. It turns out that this was her father’s new fiancé. Joelle learned quickly that her soon to be step-mother was a very formidable woman. Not ten seconds after Joelle told her to get the fuck out, the stylish brat found herself over Veronica’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.

introduction1-6 introduction2-3introduction1-3 introduction2-4 introduction2-5 introduction2-6 introduction2-7 introduction2-8introduction2-10 introduction2-9 introduction2-11

 As the pain in her bottom increased, Joelle came to the realization that her father’s new fiancé was not a woman to trifle with. After her punishment was over she was placed in the corner with her bottom on display. As Veronica turned to walk away Joelle had a lapse in judgment and called her soon to be step-mother a bitch. This resulted in having her mouth washed out with soap.


Click HERE to see all of Joelle’s film


Schoolgirls in trouble now at Spanked-in-Uniform.com as Zoe Page carries out her first double detention punishment of Julie & Scarlett!

ep79_3 ep79_1 ep79_5 ep79_6 ep79_7 ep79_8 ep79_11

Scarlett and Julie had detention with Miss Page. Miss Page is one of the strictest teachers at St. Catherines and the girls were well behaved until she had to step out. When she returned, the girls were giggling, doing their nails and Julie had even thrown away the assignment they had to do. Miss Page was not amused so after soundly smacking Julie’s legs and knickers a few times, she bent Scarlett over the desk and gave her a long, sound paddling!

ep80_1 ep80_2 ep80_3 ep80_6 ep80_7 ep80_9  ep80_11

In part two with Scarlett in the corner, it’s Julie’s turn to be punished. She is bent over the desk and Miss Zoe spanks her knicker covered bottom soundly. Then her knickers are lowered and her bare bottom feels the sting of MIss Zoe’s leather paddle. Then both girls have to hand Miss Zoe their knickers as they are not regulation and because Julie had thrown her assignment away, Miss Zoe made her eat it.



Finally, in this latest film of Satine Spark – she is a strippogram for Sarah Stern – and that all goes horribly wrong for her, as you will discover!


 Sarah the headmistress was not best pleased when, whilst trying to relax at home her peace was shattered by the appearance of a rather attractive young lady called Satine Spark. It turned out she was a stripogram who had been hired by some of the 6th form lads to try and shock Sarah. It did not work of course and the young lady in question found herself bent over the sofa having her bare bottom beaten with a slipper.

npp7128012 npp7128021 npp7128025 npp7128026 npp7128027 npp7128031 npp7128034 npp7128036 npp7128037 npp7128038 npp7128044

CLICK HERE to see the full film of Satine’s punishment


Watch out for a whirlwind of more spankings coming soon!


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What’s out at Punishedbrats this week!

Well, I had promised you I’d get round to updating my other blogs including this one so I thought I’d kick off the return to my blogging ways after my American trip with a special homage to one of my fave sites – Punishedbrats.com – showing you exactly what the guys have been up to since I had last written about them anywhere. I know the quality of the girls they use as I have been fortunate to work with a couple featured here today!

Starting with the delightful Joelle Barros… here she is taking on a new challenge as a top… spanking new girl Cadence as the elder sister who dishes out some discipline at home, and “boy” do they look hot in this very latest scene just released called “Disrespectful Schoolgirl”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

disrespectful1-21 disrespectful1-31 disrespectful1-61


disrespectful1-51 disrespectful1-71

disrespectful1-82 disrespectful1-91


Another girl who I have worked with recently, so recently in fact that I haven’t posted any pics yet (I will try to change this tomorrow) and let you all know what I had been up to in America on my main blog SpankingBlogg but to let you know now… I did a few films with Adrianna Evans, she was real fun to work with and play at the recent event in Vegas… in one film I gave her one of my hardest punishments ever… and she graciously thanked me for her tears! Here in this film she is punished by both Audrey and David in her pyjamas!

Adrianna strapped before Bed


4 11

6 12 2

4 (2)

6 (2) 10

11 (2)

After she was strapped by her mother, Adriana had a few choice words to say about her experience. Unfortunately, her father was walking by as she hurled epithets towards her mother. Her father felt that she needed a few more whacks with the strap. When Adriana refused to roll onto her belly for her punishment, her father folds her backwards and she is strapped in the humiliating diaper position.

You can see both these film in full at Punishedbrats.com