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My Special Focus on all things OTK!

My, another weekend approaches and as I seem to be freed of the fun of some website promotion elsewhere (thankfully) I’ve had a load of family issues to attend to yet again which need my attention so this has helped me no end… (thank God for someone like me for the others to depend on, I say!) Please bear/(bare?) with me as I’m having all sorts of niggling time consuming issues outside of my control recently but I aim to get this and my other blogs updated as often as I can. This is why today you will see this post written at Teen-Spankings blog as well as SpankingBlogg as it still appears some of you don’t want to check out both blogs so this is the sort of content you can expect at either today (in fact, it’s identical this time and hosted from the teen spankings network!) However, I do add extras at both these blogs and many others I write for as you know…including special free previews that no other blog network ever shows.


OK, onto OTK spanking and as I waffled on about the offer above, why not choose a brand new unseen movie from OTKspank.com with a very sexy slinky wife getting a spanking from her pervo husband who enjoys having his wife over his lap! When you see the images and a short clip which is not shown anywhere else, then you’ll understand just why this husband insists on spanking his beautiful missus! Check out her pert bottom, long “lonnnnnnng” legs and I know this girl is very popular and caters to fans of those who love seeing ladies wearing glasses getting a good hard honest thrashing at home! Enjoy – I know you will!

See some video images from the longer full length movie of delicious Pattie’s bared buns getting a home roasting this Yuletide!






Another of my favorite OTK spanking sites has to be PunishedBrats.com – I’d say about 70% of their films feature the poor beauties having their bared butts tanned over someone’s lucky lap (that’s probably a poor conservative guess as it’s probably more like 90% as these girls all end up over someone’s lap usually!) and, like the above site OTKspank, I find these spanking scenes very exciting to watch!

I have got you a very special instant viewing long play video clip of possibly one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen getting a spanking, Miss Juliet Valentina – if you haven’t seen Clare Fonda (who guest starred as Mom in this 2007 classic) with Juliet, then you are in for a treat! See below and some of the HQ images that I have from my hard drive!




Beautiful images and a fantastic film, eh? There’s a ton more films like this with Juliet from the past with her blonde look and of course she made a re appearance earlier this year and is currently being spanked in one of the latest new movies at Punishedbrats right now with her equally ravishing brunette look! I’ve got a few images of this below so you can see for yourselves!



It’s also nice to see Beverly Bacci back again and shows why she is not to be trusted if you go over her knee (as Juliet discovers) in this movie “Home schooling”
Here is the storyline >> Beverly is trying to teach her sister Juliet at home, but the brat is showing her nothing but attitude and disrespect. Pushed to her limits, Beverly takes Juliet over her lap for a thorough hard spanking. Juliet is sure to be a lot more attentive and properly addressed when reporting for homeschool lessons with Beverly after this painful punishment! & you can see more FREE samples from the HOME PAGE HERE as well as all the latest movie release updates in detail! This site is available from just $17 a month! Stunning value from the vast archives!


OK, to end today’s update I got a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!



Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com

Have a good weekend everyone, I have Christmas trees and other such nonsense “er indoors” wants us to search for tomorrow – oh Festive joy! Regards, Chief

Latest Updates at PunishedBrats

It’s been a while since I last got you some of the latest and hot updates coming out of the Eastern side of the USA and as you’ll see David, Pixie and co have been very busy!

It’s good to see Pixie looking so much better and here she ensures that the delicious uber-brat babe Juliet Valentina gets a  good old fashioned spanking across her knee (she’s getting good at spanking girls, isn’t she?)

This film is called: “Sick Day” and the storyline of this is explained below and I have images taken from this full movie too! 
Juliet thought she could get her visiting nurse friend Pixie to write her a note excusing her from work, but she is going to get a firm lesson in employee responsibility instead! Pixie agrees to give Juliet a note excusing her from work for the rest of the day since there is no way she’ll be able to sit at her desk (nice one Pixie!)






Also from Punishedbrats.com – I thought you’d like to see the latest update with David Pierson, I assume he is wearing his vitally important protective cast iron underpants for protection against the very lovely wriggling in that Cheer Girl skirt over his lap!

The gorgeous girl over lucky David’s lap is Carissa, and doesn’t she look awesome in her outfit?
The title of this movie (now out in full) is called “Joyride”.
Carissa took the team van out for a beer run while away at a competition. Having been caught, she is spanked with a paddle by David and she is then made to stand in the corner with her red bottom on display until the start of the competition!





Finally, in case you haven’t checked out the HOME PAGE of this great site then check out my fave named model, Ten (was she the 10th child or is it short for something like Tenessee?) Anyhow, this girl can wriggle and squirm and brat with the best of them and she’s a fit little thing. I think you’ll get the idea of what to expect as she is spanked over a very stern no nonsense Cassandra Park (see below)

Ok, that’s enough for me from PunishedBrats as I’m getting damned uncomfortable “wood” recounting these updates… damn you PB people!!! LOL

See why I rate this site HERE and check out all the girls and the most recent updates! There’s plenty more coming as they regularly update with fresh content and new girls (can’t wait!!!) Mmm!

Punishedbrats Lorraine & Juliet

These are possibly 2 of the naughtiest, horniest brunette brats that wriggle and squirm over David’s lap, I’m not sure if he is wearing cast iron pants protection, as I surely would need such stern apparell unless of course these girls wanted me to explode in other areas and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

So here we have a long play movie now out IN FULL from the wonderful Punishedbrats.com where Mom & Dad, David and Beverly can’t even leave these brats alone for a few moments before they have plans to  trash the house with a party!!!

David gets down to business with Lorraine whilst tearful Juliet & mom look on…

The below images are taken from the film “Family Matters” and the description of this movie is provided by David:
“When we left them on their own for the weekend, how were we to know that Lorraine and Juliet would cause so much trouble we had to  return home to deal with them at once. I made sure Lorraine quickly regretted even contemplating throwing a party that could get them in so much trouble. Juliet hoped she wouldn’t get spanked nearly as hard as her sister, but I ensured she was all out of luck!”






The FULL Gorgeous spanking movie can be viewed HERE 😀