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Spanked Sorority Girl Karina Kay

Hello everyone, I have decided to make this blog feature a particular site or girl when I update with a post from now on, making it a little more interesting for you and a bit more specialized, so do check in from time to time… I haven’t abandoned this blog, far from it… I just didn’t want it to become just another update site or something like that so I hope this new direction makes you think what a worthwhile eff0rt this is! I admit, it’s not been updated as often as I’d like but I hope to get at least a quality weekly update schedule going (after my Vegas trip) and might also have some interesting images that I find on t’interwebz for your viewing pleasure… OK, so to my first post and it features a porn starlet who has shown up elsewhere in the spanking world… but at first (predictably) not by her stage name but by an infuriating false name this company tends to use for all their girls unless the spanking model has become so well known already that naming them anything else would look foolhardy. Who am I on about? Well, Karina was 1st known as “Carina Thompson, as part of a Thompson sister double act shown not too log ago at Firm Hand Spanking and I have to say her spankings and storylines there were enjoyable to watch as I had featured at such posts HERE – HERE or HERE for example!!! However, it was refreshing to see that Karina Kay, as she is known… ended up at The Cameraman’s sites and has done some of her sexiest girl/girl spanking videos with and alongside Veronica Ricci… the main star of Spanking Sorority Girls and this is the focus of today’s post. a quick update reminder of Karina’s work at this great site!

At the time of writing, Karina has appeared in 8 full length films and accompanying image sets… so here they are in order with at least 7 choice images from each film for your perusal!

Kat spanks & paddles Karina


New pledge Karina arrives to the sorority where new pledge Kat greets her. Kat explains that she has been left in charge of the sorority house while the senior girls are out. When Karina doubts her, then gives her lip, Kat spanks and paddles the curvy bottomed Karina, teaching her quickly who is in charge.

ssg-p2-004 ssg-p2-014

ssg-p2-023 ssg-p2-029

ssg-p2-041 ssg-p2-047


Karina Spanks Kat With Hand & Wooden Spoon


New pledge Karina arrives to the sorority where new pledge Kat greets her. Kat explains that she has been left in charge of the sorority house while the senior girls are out. When Karina doubts her, then gives her lip, Kat spanks and paddles the curvy bottomed Karina, teaching her quickly who is in charge.

ssg-p4-006 ssg-p4-017

ssg-p4-021 ssg-p4-022

ssg-p4-030 ssg-p4-044


Kat and Karina Spank Riley and Amaya


When Riley and Amaya arrive at the sorority house, they are greeted by Kat and Karina. Kat claims that Roxy left them in charge and they need to show the new pledges what they can expect. They put them over their knees and give them sound spankings at the same time, leaving Amaya and Riley with red, sore bottoms.

ssg-p6-014 ssg-p6-018

ssg-p6-025 ssg-p6-027

ssg-p6-039 ssg-p6-040


Roxy lays down the Rules


Roxy explains just how rushing will work The pledges will get spanked and/or paddled for every infraction of the sorority rules. When Kat asks for a volunteer, Kat pinches Karina, who jumps up, essentially “volunteering.” Roxy uses a laser pointer to demonstrate how big Karina’s bottom is and where she will be getting spanked. Then Roxy spanks and paddles Karina. But when Veronica is caught laughing, she finds herself over Roxy’s knee for a spanking, too, followed by another hard paddling.

ssg-p7-006 ssg-p7-016

ssg-p7-027 ssg-p7-029

ssg-p7-036 ssg-p7-046


Kat & Karina spank each other


After Roxy spanked her because she “volunteered” (thanks to Kat pinching her bottom in the previous episode), Karina is looking for revenge. She corners cheerleader Katherine St. James and puts her over her knee and spanks her. Then she bends her over and paddles her with the big pledge paddle. Kat is not okay with this so she bends Karina over and gives her some spanks and paddles of her own.

ssg-p8-010 ssg-p8-014

ssg-p8-017 ssg-p8-020

ssg-p8-023 ssg-p8-038

ssg-p8-041 ssg-p8-042

ssg-p8-049 ssg-p8-052


Riley & Amaya Spank Karina & Kat


Kat and Karina had spanked Amaya and Riley when they first arrived to the sorority house because Kat said it was authorized by the sorority leaders. Only it wasn’t. So now it is time for some payback. Riley and Amaya put each girl over the knee for a sound spanking, then take turns on the other girl. They spank with hand, and with hairbrush until Kat and Karina are left with red, sore bottoms.

ssg-p16-005 ssg-p16-016

ssg-p16-028 ssg-p16-037

ssg-p16-038 ssg-p16-048


Halloween Spanktacular


Halloween in the sorority house takes a turn for the scary as all the girls there begin spanking each other, including Sarah Gregory, Christy Cutie, Kat St. James, Karina, Riley and Amaya. Veronica went home to have her own party. But she failed to tell her mom, who catches her and of course has no choice but to spank her. Lots of over-the-knee spankings in sexy costumes results in plenty of red bottoms in this Halloween treat. Lots of Sorority Girl Spankings!

ssg-p17-003 ssg-p17-014

ssg-p17-022 ssg-p17-024

ssg-p17-028 ssg-p17-029


Veronica spanked for peeping


Veronica peeps on Karina while she is changing. Karina is not happy about this and she calls Veronica into her room and puts her over her knee for a long, sound spanking on Veronica’s already sore bottom, while both girls are naked. Veronica’s bottom turns bright red. Afterwards, the girls make out for a while before Veronica decides for a little payback. She yanks Karina over her knee and spanks her long and hard on the girl’s curvy bottom.

ssg-p30-007 ssg-p30-015

ssg-p30-020 ssg-p30-032


ssg-p30-039 ssg-p30-045

ssg-p30-050 ssg-p30-052


So there you have it, the very sexy Karina Kay as featured at Spanking Sorority Girls

see Karina spanked HERE

You can of course see her at the other sites within this network and the best way (and most cost effective) is to view via the CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you access to 5 sites for a fraction of the combined cost… this option will quickly fill up your hard drive with all manner of mainly F/F spanking materials… NOT to be missed!!!

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

This is a recent collection of some of my work from other blogs that I now no longer write for so with some recent server changes I already noticed some of my hard work was unfortunately wiped from a previous back up, which is annoying, of course, but these things happen. But such is life. So in case any more of my hard work and old posts get accidentally deleted, or the blogs stopped, I felt it only fair to back up and showcase my own work on my own sites that I like at my own dedicated blogs and network which won’t get removed on my watch. So if you recognize this, sorry, it was me, but it is where it should be now and I will be adding many more here and my other sites I own 🙂 This blog is 100% mine along with the ever increasingly popular Teen Spanking Tube and I have news of a new projects I am working on coming soon, so stay tuned! It’s been a subject I have been interested in for an age but never got round to writing about it! Some of you will love it, others, maybe not… but hey, you can still read my stuff HERE or at the SpankingBlogg as usual, right? 😀


So today treat yourself to some amazing updates featuring Sarah Gregory and friends, along with a girl I rate very highly and who is quite a sensation from the East coast of USA, one Miss Sarah Gregory, who I’m sure you all know by now has had her own site for around 9-10 months at the time of writing and it’s coming along nicely, I have featured her on my other blogs but here you will see a collection with some excellent images from recent movies of Sarah in trouble over the knee of Pastor’s wife, Alicia Panettiere and naughty spankings in the shower!

The story and my own excluisve free images are below: Miss Panettiere is the minister’s wife at Sarah’s church. On the weekend retreat that they are on, Sarah is acting up in all sorts of ways. At the dance she is being inappropriate with her moves and clothes she wears. Her cursing is out of control and her behavior lately is not to be desired. Miss Panettiere has told her she has needed to be spanked for a long time. Well, now it is time. She will give Sarah the long overdue spanking to turn this disrespectful brat into a proper lady. Even as a nurturing mother figure to Sarah, she can still deliver a sound spanking that will make quite an impression!




Check out more of this movie and all her most recent updates HERE and see for yourself the sort of scrapes she gets up to, there are some interesting stories and spanking punishments written and directed by herself that a real spanko enjoys making! For example, I have also include the below as it is something I love seeing – wet slippery girls spanked in bathrooms! I love these type of scenes, and I love them more when 2 naked wet girls are grappling and spanking each other in a warm steamy bathroom – it’s highly erotic and of course the glistening wet flesh of the girls get a good hard soaking wet slapping… and of course, the dreaded bathbrush is never too far away if needed! Well, one such site has embraced this and what’s more it stars 2 gorgeous girls Sarah Gregory and  Kat St James, these 2 lovelies compliment each other perfectly… Sarah’s big heaving bosoms and Kat’s petite frame make this a proper visual feast for us connoisseurs of all things spanking and girl fun!

To remind you of their previous encounter in the shower, check out this clip and some images where sarah gives Kat a good hard spanking in the tub, then with the brush and finally Kat’s slippery body is placed over Sarah’s lap for a beautiful girl/girl spanking!

Click image below to play the Free Shower scene clip

– Right click and save the movie file –
This movie file in Quicktime .mov format can be played with Quicktime Player, Realplayer or VLAN Player!






Well, the reason I’m showing yout he above punishment, which members of SpankingSarahGregory have watched and rated very highly, well, these girls are BACK in the bathroom and this time they get a little playful in the bubbles in the tub only this time Kat gets her revenge and manages to spank Sarah as her heavenly heaving bosoms sawy as her soaped slippery bottom is given a proper reddening! But in this fun filled spanking, Sarah also shows us why kat is so popular and once again has her wicked way over her knee! Spanktastic!  This is a real treat for lovers of these girls and F/F punishments in particular!





Sarah Gregory and Kat St James are really good friends. They both love to get spanked. So, they decided to film a fun and sensual spanking video in a warm bubble bath. This video is more realistic in that they are just casually talking and spanking each other and having fun, much like they would do off camera. & for what it’s worth, I hope that when sarah invited kat back again, they spend some MORE time in the bathroom, I can tell you if they do, you will be the FIRST to know here!

See more of the latest movie action exclusive to SpankingSarahGregory.com

Kat St James “Brat Kat”

Beautiful Kat St James is a very well known spanking model nowadays, and I have always rather wondered what she’d be like properly and utterly man spanked! Well, I need not worry, I know that she and her partner are very much into their spankings but I wondered what would it be like to see her spanked hard over, say… the lap of Dallas?

Well, I need not have wondered if I had looked sooner at the excellent Dallas Spanks Hard (DSH) as Kat had finally turned up for a full day’s shoot at his place and, boy, did she get it! What was amusing, in the interviews before her 1st spanking was the fact she was wearing a derogatory tee shirt with “Dallas Spanks Soft” – well, way to go girl, wind the fella up, why don’t you? I was also rather intrigued as to Kat’s tolerance for certain wooden objects across her bared buttocks, as she was not best keen on that – well, as Dallas had said, she had taken his hospitality, enjoyed the pool, now it was time to bend over and take her thrashing! So enough of my waffle too, see the results of one of her first punishments below! Ouch… ouch, ouch, ouch!




I have got you a free long play clip of Dallas spanking bratty Kat over his knee from the image above, this is courtesy of DallasSpanksHard – see below!

If you like the above you’ll maybe also like to see how she got in later on after this with yet more paddles brushes and of course Dallas’ shovel hands!



If you want to see more of Kat spanked by Dallas – Please click HERE