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Paddling when the chores are not done!

At the Real Spankings Institute – You better be prepared for a spanking & paddling punishment if you are a resident student and don’t do your chores on time – you can see precisely what happened to Jordyn when Miss Betty Blaze caught up with her recently at the Institute’s Laundry Room and Bathroom!

Schoolgirl OTK spanking

Betty confronted Jordyn about her laundry that was supposed to have been done earlier that morning. Jordyn had been dropping the ball on getting all of her chores done in the allotted time. So Betty took Jordyn OTK and spanked her bare bottom.

Jordyn is paddled hard on her bare sore ass

Later… Betty dragged Jordyn into the bathroom she was also supposed to have cleaned. Betty used the boudoir paddle on Jordyn’s bottom, leaving her bruised and sore, to remind her to complete her chores on time.

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Jordyn feels her sore red bottom

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