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Schoolgirl & Pajama Punishments

I couldn’t think of a better subject than this after my break away (I had been forced to just write at one of my blogs SpankingBlogg because of internet connectivity issues)

So here we are and I thought I’d start off today with an archived treat of Miss Kami Robertson when she filmed with SoundPunishment.com just a few years ago now – I particularly enjoyed this film as now knowing what Kami is like (having filmed her myself at AAAspanking of course) seeing her first spanked OTK in her school uniform then sent to bed in a right strop, then punished in her pajamas was a double bonus for fans of Kami, like myself! (I have of course made sure I filmed her in these outfits too… but I just loved the way she invited trouble on herself  in this movie until she got both the hairbrush AND the big nasty slipper on her already sore bare bottom! She never learns… fortunately! 🙂

I have selected a few smaller sized images taken directly from this movie so you can understand what fully goes on in this excellent schoolgirl punishment movie. Kami is 1st spanked in her uniform for her bad behavior and breaking the strict Dorm rules then sent to bed early without her supper – only she makes too much noise from her petulance which attracts the attention of her House Master again who is annoyed when he discovers she tried to hide the punishment hairbrush each girl MUST have in their room! He of course finds the hiding place and gives her a painful hairbrush spanking followed by an EXTRA slippering for daring to defy him yet again!

You can see MORE of Kami & plenty more cute girls in the full site previews HERE


I thought I had reviewed this film from AAAspanking but I don’t appear to have in any detail and it’s a “corker” of a movie as you’ll see & it’s a long play movie starring Leia-Ann Woods and Pandora Blake who are 2 senior schoolgirls accused by the Headmistress, Miss Bradley of scratching her car in the staff car park. However… it transpires that the girls hadn’t intended on vandalizing HER car but another member of staff’s – the pervy janitor, Mr Kennedy, who the girls claimed was always hanging around their changing rooms or where there might just be a “spillage” that he could mop up.

To add further humiliation, once Miss Bradley had spanked the truth out of them she called for Mr Kennedy who appeared with his trusty bucket in case of “spillages” and was invited to punish the girls on their bare bottoms. This upset them both, particularly pandora who again accused him of just wanting to look up girls skirts and leer… well, Mr kennedy was now doing a darn sight more than that as her knickers were pulled down and he persinally spanked both girls as Miss Bradley looked on with full approval! OK, I’ve waffled on enough about this, it’s a fantastic movie and I have some reduced size images and an unseen WMV clip of Mr Kennedy “in action” – I want to be janitor of this school!!!

“What about these knickers?” said Mr Kennedy, luridly…
“I can do that!” Pandora replied anxiously, removing them to not allow him to leer “down there!”

Check out many more specialist schoolgirl movies like this with Top “Triple A” rated girls HERE

There’s a NEW schoolgirl movie coming out tomorrow (you will be able to see this showcased at my other blog HERE in due course before anyone else!)


Finally for today I have some excellent image reviews of some cracking movies now out where you can currently download as a member of NorthernSpanking.com – they are busy filming again, but this week, this is the sort of excellent material that we’ve come to expect!

This is the story behind “Bunkmates” with Zille Defeu & Irelynn Logeen who eventually bring upon themselves the wrath of their teacher Stephen Lewis! I thought I’d tease you with some interesting “upskirt and panties” action… members can see much more, of course!

On a school field trip, Zille is distressed to find she has to share a bunkroom with her nemesis, school hard-girl Irelynn. The teasing and hair-pulling starts straight away but, in defending herself, Zille’s voice attracts the attention of the Geography master and, being away from base as it were, he is endowed with special powers to punish naughty, disruptive girls by application of a wooden ruler to their bottoms! He is also empowered to make them take their knickers down…

If schoolgirls, bedroom scenes & pajamas are your thing, then please check out NorthernSpanking!


You may have seen this movie shown on my Teen Spanking Tube – if not, then you are in for an “old school” treat as these 3 girls, Claire, Chloe and Jasmine were caught smoking outside by Mr Daniels and and they must report to his study for a seriously hard bare bottom paddling given to each of them in turn lined up next to each other! You’ll see these girls facial reactions and their poor bruised reddened bottoms stinging after they are paddled over their jeans and then with their panties pulled down! This classic movie was taken from my own original archives of BiSpanking.com

Those of you who know better will realize that this site is part of the excellent Real Spankings Pass

The BEST way to view an absolute ton of Mr Masterton’s very best spanking sites! (see below)


AAAspanking – Latest Updates & News

As promised, I have a real treat for you as I have been dying to share the news about our latest shoot we did at the weekend which brought back the wonderful Leia-Ann Woods and I finally managed to get the beautiful Irelynn Logeen and once again this combination worked on so many levels. Some of the stuff we filmed and photographed was (well, in my humble opinion) very VERY good and I can’t wait to see the results once the edits start coming to me! I have got a nice little “Behind the scenes” free gallery which helps explain some of what we got up to but there was so much more.

The location was excellent, the company great (thanks girls for making it a fun shoot!!!) and, thanks to my partners in crime for getting me absolutely hammered Saturday night after the girls went their way… “Hey, Kids! Don’t do copious amounts of Stella Artois…” my recovery was ridiculously slow with a hangover from hell on Sunday! All this after being insulted as “Cakeboy” by Leia (but more on that later) Click the main image below and it will take you to a free gallery, most images are raw and I’ve reduced them in size but you’ll get the idea of what’s going on!

OK, as you’ll see, my little purchases on eBay were a success, I got myself some genuine vintage Guide uniforms and we used this for some image sets and a great film that had the girls trying to sneak out dressed up in this cute gear to a fancy dress party… needless to say, I disapproved of the way they dressed so thrashed them both! I also upped the intensity of the spankings in many films and you’ll see some great OTK spankings and Leia got to “top” a few times too so F/F lovers are catered for and one film was particularly hot as Irelynn’s soft rump was turning a toasty shade of red to match her hair! I also managed to break my favorite hairbrush in a pyjama film with Irelynn, so she got to keep it as a trophy! There were the usual schoolgirl scenes – and you can never have enough excuses to spank a girl looking incredibly sexy in various uniforms and outfits! We decided to try out some interesting cam angles too but we took advantage of the location’s great views to do some spankings and punishments against the windows (after it stopped raining… sigh) for all the world to see, I don’t know if anyone did, but they would have seen the moon rising early!!!

One quick short sharp shock type scenario I filmed with Leia came from one of her tweets as she made a derogatory remark about me helping myself to some cake at the restaurant that Leia, Irelynn and myself were at the night before. The place was starting to close (so I just thought I’d get my share, that’s all!) see the cheeky tweet below… “cakeboy” indeed!

Ok, so you get the idea, there are so many more films including a great bathroom finale that has a soapy sud spanking of both girls, so lots of goodness to come!!!


& if you check out the very latest update today, as promised, it’s the film of Kami in her Flamenco dress, I have got you some preview images taken directly from the film and I also have important news about all future films as we are upping the quality of the playback as an additional option for those that want to watch HD films in larger, crisper 1280 x 720 size – it will be in MP4 format and there are now dozens of media players that can easily view this, it beats our Wmv versions but that will also be available in clip and full file format as standard and won;t change as we fully understand it’s still the most popular playback format from our previous poll but to increase the size of the films in Wmv isn’t as good as MP4 so we’re going to try that as an added option and will add both files when the full updates are due (so we won’t cheat you with “remasters” or other cheap nonsense!) However, to change it into another format , like say, Real Media would also mean resolution loss so that’s why we stuck with MP4 – we hope when you see this full file and all future movie files – that you will be suitably impressed!

Some Wmv Images from the film “Flamenco failure”




You can see a FREE PREVIEW CLIP from this latest movie HERE
(Full description of the movie is on the page too!)

Remember that we update the site at least 3 times a week, we sometime add bonuses (I did today) and updated the full video image set and half the film already with some great spanking scenes, we will always aim to get at least 1 new film out every week without fail! I’m hoping to get out a film with Irelynn next once the edit is complete and it’s a good OTK spanking film for those that are into that sort of thing (yes, I love OTK spankings!)

Take advantage of our low prices and even better 3 and 6 month memberships which just make sennse when you work it out! Enjoy! We enjoyed making these films, I hope this shows!

NEW Site AAAspanking.com

It’s a new year and a chance to check up on another new spanking site called AAAspanking.com (pronounced “Triple A Spanking”) which I think may interest a few of you as, according to the producers, they have “Triple A” rated spanking stars. I like the name, it’s kind of catchy and a clever take on the old AAA … AAAA … AAAAA listings we used to see in the Yellow Pages Phone Books for various trades eg) need a plumber? “Oh look… AAA Plumbing Services! They’ll do!” & they might just have got the job rather than going down the page to “Uncle Paulie’s Plumbing Solutions” and so on…

Site banner for AAAspanking – click below & it leads to an extensive 3 page tour

Or is AAA Spanking rather like the recent banking debacle of scumbag traders and bankers touting their infamous Triple AAA rated Gilts & Bonds before they all went tits up through sheer greed and deceit? Well, before I could rant on all day about those fellows, I don’t think our newbie friends at AAAspanking had this in mind but you’ll soon be able to see when I take a little closer look at what seems a really half decent site start up. Now this isn’t a full review as such, but since I was given access to check out the site I thought I’d show you as much as I can for now that gives you a good idea of what to expect! (& the site has barely been open a few days by all accounts) So… what girls are there, what are the stories and what sort of punishments are shown? l will just go through a few for now and if you haven’t already I do suggest you check out their tour pages HERE – as I see they currently have 2 full pages of free clips and an extensive storyline explanation to each with images which I also like.

In no particular order (so I’ll start from page 1 of the site at present)

This film caught my eye, it’s called “Spanking Twister” and stars Leia Ann Woods & Pandora Blake alongside Jean Bradley & Paul Kennedy (from Northern Spanking!) Now there’s a line up for starters! I won’t waffle on about the story as the description and clip does it very adequately, but lucky Paul gets a decent birthday present, Twister… but with a spanko twist and as the girls play out his moves (part of his present), the tension slowly builds in the film but I actually felt sorry for Pandora (without giving too much away) as she had perform all the more difficult manoeuvres – seemed Leia had the luck of the devil on her side, but of course, the girls do fail finally and are spanked over Paul’s knee and then whilst in various compromising positions on the gameboard!



So a colorful start and a nice idea, the movie is also around 20 minutes long which is pretty decent, as are many films here (I’d say the average from what I’ve downloaded is about 15-20 mins each , there’s a few shorter but there are also a few much longer films, I counted 2 so far that are 30 minutes each! & there are 20 odd films (all with extensive image galleries and there are also additional photo stories and HQ images which makes this an impressive start for a new site!) Oh God, this is becoming a review… LOL!

Above is a sample HQ Photo taken from the film “Red Bottoms at Breakfast”

I just wanted to point out that Leia and Pandora also starred in some films wearing pyjamas which I absolutely love seeing on girls! It’s that idea of having to either be woken up, or seeing a girl chastised in her nightwear whilst perhaps still a little bleary eyed and feeling a little more vulnerable to a spanking that I enjoy… usually pyjama bottoms offer little resistance to those administering the spanking and normally the naughty girls in question are not wearing underwear so spankings can be fast and effective!


2 examples I’ve seen (there are many more): Pandora and Leia are having breakfast and try to fob off to Miss Bradley that there is no more school but she knows they’re lying and soon has both girls over her knee, jammie bottoms down getting an early morning spanking before being told to get ready for school!

Another HQ Image (click to enlarge) taken from the movie “Wakey Wakey, Pandora!”

This film I really liked with Pandora dragged out of bed for refusing to get up and attend her dental appointment! It’s one of the shorter films I saw at around 7 minutes long (remember all these films are in HD quality and should playback on our nice flash 42″ screens no problem!) but with very little intro… this was rather a short sharp shock or reminder – the spanking scenes are fast and furious and there are some fantastic facial reactions as well as Pandora sporting a very real sore red bottom afterwards! (Oh and she still had to get up!) Video images from the movie are below:


OK, who else? I am sure you will all be aware of Jasmine Lau! She has always featured prominently in my blogs, mainly because she is adorable and has a very spankable bottom, of course! A very versatile girl, she really is into “The Scene” too, which I think this website brings across!

Jasmine introduces us to her spanko side!

It’s a site that wants to cater to those who like to see real spankings, believable girls, real spanking situations and of course some excellent banter with storylines that make many of the films very enjoyable to watch as well as fulfill our… ahem… spanking needs (I’m a simple man, they are fullfilling my voyeuristic needs!) as I fear there be a few “Trouser Arousal” ratings with some of these movies! Check out some images of Jasmine from the following movies I’ve seen so far!



& finally for now, Kami Robertson. (She was co-bottom with Jasmine in a couple above so it kind of seemed natural to stop with her before I prattle on and on…

HQ image of Kami having a pillow fight with Jasmine

As I said I am not favoring any model here today as there are plenty more along with the movies and I will feature these, you can be sure… but for now, the reason I chose Kami was because she hasn’t been seen online in anything new for over a year, maybe more! So it is great, really nice to see her back online and looking as amazing as when I have seen her at every other site I’ve shown her featured on! Kami takes an almighty belting in the film below which she got for breaking a priceless family heirloom whilst doing her chores dressed in her fetching maid’s outfit (which she looked great in)…


You’ll also see her give her partner in this domestic discipline movie a lot of stick for him being a geek wanting to watch his precious Sci-Fi DVDs (what she actually did in the storyline was sell the discs on eBay and leave the covers thinking he wouldn’t notice… hmmm! Cue a nice OTK spanking for Kami and a visual treat for us! bet she could have been “beamed up” instead… heh heh!


Wow! Kami’s face is priceless, eh? There’s plenty more including many other favorites from the UK spanking scene as well as future castings and new girls – the films are divided up into sub sections for easy reference too, like Domestic & workplace Discipline, Schoolgirl, Girl?Girl and Castings/1st Timers (though castings are light at the moment, I guess being a new site). If they keep to their promise of updating 3 times a week and also the low pricing (rebills are less than the initial sign up to under $20/month which is pretty fair considering they are European and pretty much screwed by the Dollar’s abysmal exchange rate (their longer term memberships are excellent value too!)

So all in all, I counted 21 movies, all with video image sets and many have HQ photo sets and stories too – there’s a new film update coming out this week in the member area news, it says: (a casting one with Emma Brown, another new model to this site) and I also liked the model profile they have in there which shows every film and image set the girls are located at as well as a brief description of each one which is a nice touch. If you’re still just looking at the images at the blog only, please do check out the site at the link HERE as you can download and view many preview clips which highlight the movies quite well and better explain what the site is about than I can prattling on! OK, it’s late here, so I’m off to beddy-byes… I just heard the missus grumbling, wondering what I’m doing up so late on my laptop… oops! Goodnight! Chief

Weekend Spanking Treats!

This quick but action packed spanking-fest is courtesy of Clare Fonda’s group of sites which can be all viewed with her convenient and top rated Clare Fonda Pass (my preferred choice of viewing her sites!) and I have some excellent new clips and images from all her latest offering at just some of her sites… but I hope that what you see gives you a great idea of what is currently available – and I can’t post anymore today otherwise I’ll be giving away too much of her stuff and she’ll be coming round to give me a damned good spanking (probably one of the few women I’d let spank me… lol!) However, as I have been out on a boring trip today doing some Christmas shopping with the missus, she has left me alone with my laptop in my warm study… the door is closed, I’ve lowered the lighting and fired up my laptop, fine wine and cigar at my side – as I bring you this weekend’s fine classic spankings of Miss Alanah Rae (long overdue!) by one of my all time fave spanker/spankees, the fearsome Snow Mercy *swoon* – if that isn’t hot enough, I have a link to one of Clare’s earliest online spankings from the same site (do NOT miss this!!!) – then there is a chance for me to show you both Clare and one of my new fave girls Lindsay Meyers, she with the dental brace (which I find pervingly cute – and who I so wanted to see MORE of in her recent role from EE5) and if that wasn’t enough, I have some first show images taken from another of Clare’s sites starring Britain’s very own most adorable Leia-Ann Woods – good job the door is shut…no interruptions… I hope you guys are settled and for my male readership out there…please, for the love of god…LOOSEN your trouser undergarments, I’d hate for any arousing images to cause severe discomfort in your trouser regions whilst viewing these updates today!!! Please blame Clare Fonda for such spanking lewdness!


I’ve missed Alanah Rae, I’ve missed her heaving bosoms (surely one of the most bosomly proportioned spanking models?) and her delicious whining & snivelling from her pretty face… & of course that ever so spankable bottom that requires any fortunate spanker to punish it more and more (a bit like an addiction, I know I’d be finding more and more excuses to thrash that heiny) so when Snow Mercy recently returned in her “Aunt Bella” role… & she had both Alanah AND Alicia Panetierre to deal with, well, oh my… we are in for a Grade A visual treat!!!

Alicia is welcomed by her Aunt then to show her what happens to naughty girls she bares Alanah’s bottom and gives her a hard spanking in front of a subdued and sombre Alicia, just so she knows what to expect if she misbehaves like Alanah! Check out this short clip, it’s the exact quality of the full length wmv movie, and I have also got some HQ images of this spanking too!

Isn’t Alanah a welcome return? Bouncing heaving bosoms, and a bouncing spanked bottom… my my, I was spluttering over my glass of fine red vino watching this full movie!!! The 2nd featured below has an added dimension where Alicia sneaks a peek at the punishment where Miss Mercy uses the hairbrush across a pleading, sobbing Alanah’s bare bottom, and you get to see her view of the spanking… and also a different angle… what’s more… Alicia gets caught peeking which is highly embarrassing and of course… this will lead to her own humiliating punishment afterwards!!!

… and if you want to see what is going to happen to Alicia! Check out the few images below… members will be able to see this movie unfold as she gets her spanking & hairbrush punishments across her bared backside! Seriously Alicia has an amazing spankable bottom, as you can see!

See MORE of Summer Spankings series with Aunt Bella HERE

Before I move onto another of Clare’s sites, many of you will know that GirlSpanksGirl.com is sub divided into Erotic, Discipline and Sensual Punishments and this old retro punishment, as Clare descibes it, is one of her very first spankings seen online in the “Sensual section”, just check out Clare’s short hair… and I always love seeing Clare take a good punishment (as you’ll see later) but check the image below this leads to a long play instant streaming clip as she is spanked over Penny’s knee! Nice!

I think you get the idea of what is available currently in these new updates from GirlSpanksGirl.com


At SpankedSweeties.com – there is a brand new feature with Lindsay Meyers – she is interviewed by Clare, and then after the interview is given a spanking over Clare’s lap on the bed – and more interestingly, members will also get to see Clare spanked by Lindsay, who switches! Some of you will know that Clare has sourced some of her excellent girls from LA’s Dominion Club and Lindsay is one such popular girl there, I love the fact that she is currently wearing a dental brace, it just looks cute (you should watch the interview of her as she talks with that on…awww!) & she claims she was such a good girl that she was rarely spanked by her mom, in fact just the once, which she recalls in detail but it’s interesting to see how she developped late and ended up at Dominion! So enough of my waffle, check out some samples of what you can see inside the members area of Spankedsweeties.com

Now remember you may remember Lindsay from Exclusive Education 5?

Such a cutie, and of course seeing her spanked got me drinking yet more vino and puffing on my cigar so imagine what the next few samples of images did when I saw that they swapped places as Clare takes a spanking *drool*


Finally from the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com – the very latest episode (we are now at number 68!) is called “David’s New Girlfriend” and it stars one of my favorite Brit babes (despite me foolishly and rubbishly ribbing her about her advancing years and the now essential Cod Liver Oil supplements she needs to keep her poor aching joints so supple) – Leia-Ann Woods! Now of course I am kidding, and when you check out some of these first show images now out you’ll now I’m taking the piss as Leia is a stunner and looks amazing – & who wouldn’t want to have her as a girlfriend? (mm mmm!)

Well, hang on… it appears she’s a bit highly strung and high maintenance in this episode as David calls his ex girlfriend, Madison Martin (one of this site’s regular anchor girlies). He calls to ask for advice about Leia’s stroppy diva behavior and Madison suggests that he give Leia a proper spanking! Yay! & that is exactly what he does as you’ll see in some choice images below!!!


Bugger! I’ve been wasting so much time here the missus is banging on the door…LOL! If you want to get lost in these amazing new updates, as I have *ahem* appeared to… then check out the individual sites as I’ve highlighted, or you can check them out as part of the money saving multi site deal (one set of codes at whatever site options you choose on a monthly or longer term membership at vastly reduced prices!) c/o THE CLARE FONDA PASS

Have a spanking good weekend!!!! Chief 😀

Hot Fuzz – Spankumentary

OK, I certainly haven’t been ignoring this wonderful long play series that is refreshing to view… far from it, I have been following the story unfold, but I thought I’d better get this update out unless I get lazy and realise that covering this epic will take too much of my time. OK, so I’m sure you’ll know that this is one of the latest long play movies from the mad folk of NORTHERNSPANKING and they really have surpassed themselves this time. Check out the intro clip, you don’t have to click on these if you may have seen these advertised elsewhere but if you haven’t seen these, then it’s a bit of fun and sets the tone for today’s fun update!

The intro of the girl band and expected worldwide adulation… (or not)

Hmm, you just know that this is going to end in tears, eh? 😀

So who are these girls plucked from obscurity? Who indeed!
“A fly-on-the-wall documentary, following the fate of three girls, plucked from obscurity, on their sometimes painful road to stardom, and becoming the biggest girl band on the planet! Former chav and graffiti artist Amy, Leia-Ann – a glamour model turned actress and Nicole – just out of school, are moulded into Hot Fuzz by their disciplinarian mentor, Andi Switch.

Publicity is what they need but it could also be their downfall – it will certainly be the cause of their most painful thrashing!!”

So, as I type this… their debut single “Shakey Ass” has ripped up through the spanking charts, pop pickers! I also have 5 conveniently cut short clips of this story so far in actual playback quality as the spankumentary follows the antics of the girls, Amy, Leia-Ann, Nicole and their band manager, Andi! (pictured with her back to us far left – no doubt ashamed of these wannabes antics and itching to thrash some sense into them!)

If you haven’t seen or heard the single (heh heh you’re in for a treat, um, I think) then click on the Flash vid below, they are better than cats screeching or the Spice Girls, I promise (kind of) 😉

OK, so now down to business, what the hell is this all about? NorthernSpanking have this “spankumentary” film following the girls around as they take on London and the world… as you’ll have seen from the promo blurb – what you will see you may find unbelievable, can these brats actually be moulded into a top girl band? Well, you’ll get to meet the girls, get to know them, especially Leia-Ann “I’m not a lesbian” Woods (hmm, what are you doing with fresh faced Nicole, eh?) and you’ll get to see Andi get a spanking and paddling too as well as Amy trying to take over the band, there’s always a gobby one… and as you’ll discover, she’s the one alright!… it’s simply a feast of the spanko senses as you’ll see from the free clips and images that I hope Paul & co don’t string me up for, but I think you’ll DEFINITELY get the idea of what this is all about! Check out the actual clips and images and enjoy the spanking ride courtesy of the good folk at NorthernSpanking.com


Yes, there be “Daisy Dukes” aplenty, and lots of girlband girlie wear as you’d expect, and my favouite – bare bottom thrashings you wouldn’t get on the BBC! *Yum!* Check out the 1st couple of clips below that show you what is going on with the girlband…



Leia senses an opportunity, Andi shows the girls the moves required in the latest choreographed session and the girls try to understand what the hell they are supposed to be doing! Clever minxes, aren’t they?


Amy discovers the joys of Jack on the Rocks! (shouldn’t you be practicing?)

Andi takes no nonsense off these girls when they bicker and are unable to do the simplest of dance routines together so it’s no surprise these 3 bright sparks are soon taking turns over Andi’s knee, much to our viewing entertainment, of course! (they should’ve read the small print in their contract that gives andi full and any use of discipline as she sees fit!!!) *note to self: must remember that little wheeze!


Just to keep you up to date check out the 2 other clips I’ve made available of the girls progress and some choice thrashing images, I wish the manager of the Spice Girls had the same idea when they hit the scene in 1997, imagine sorting out a few of those uppity girls eh? I hope you enjoyed a little trip into the mad bad world of this latest Spankumentary that is quite an epic. I particularly enjoyed Lucy’s voice overs (when the girls are “dancing” Andi asks Leia on the right to move off the rug – Lucy quips “We can’t believe she said that either!”) Ahem…anyhoo, members can view the full movie scenes, of course and not just the cliplets I had provided here – I highly recommend it, lots of girl spankings, bitching and plenty of comedy moments to make this a spanktacular!




Remember that there is a load more on offer with your membership from this fine site, check it out and see for yourself! Right, I’m off to practice my dance moves and hope that the girls have merchandise so I can blindly spend my hard earned pennies on these vacuous beauties, welcome to the world of POP! 😀

Little Darlings – movie review

It’s been a while since I did a proper review of a long play movie and this one starring Amy Hunter and Leia Ann Woods as 2 bratty sisters is a peach of a film from spanking specialists NORTHERN SPANKING! Why? Well, I loved the authentic settings, we even get an opening scene of both girls playing up in the car as Mum drives them home in difficult driving conditions… now I’m sure many of you will be aware of the distractions of annoying brats in the rear seats…play fighting, mucking about, saying they want to go “for a wee” or asking that infernal question “Are we there yet?” See the build up below and you’ll understand why these girls will soon be ending up pants down, crying and humiliated when they get home!!!

Below are some images and of course, you may have realised by now, this movie is one of their special HD spanking versions in MP4 format – all these movie formats are easily played on VIDEOLAN, the best multi platform media player – if you don’t have this, you can download it free HERE. Anyway, the images below show you that both girls are spanked and slippered across their panties, then with them removed as each girl at first is forced to watch the other. Amy takes a spanking whilst Leia pokes her tongue out, hmm, they aren’t taking this seriously, are they?….it’s around this point that both girls are given the slipper as mum is convinced these brats are NOT learning their lesson!



Now the twist happens to these “Little darlings” during their nasty slippering punishment as both bottoms are beginning to turn a shameful red, and both girls are snivelling and starting to feel sorry, so what happens? Stephen Lewis returns to find his “little darlings” being thrashed and having spoilt his girls (rather foolishly) the slippering stops and the arguments about the car journey, the bickering and these brats behaviour comes out but Stephen isn’t listening and ushers the girls away after even giving them pocket money!!! Check out the moment that he returns to find this terrible scene in front of his eyes!


Don’t you hate it when you can see precious little darlings like this wrap their fingers round their adoring dads? Mother here thinks so, she knows the true extent of their nature but he’s blind to it, and now as the girls are away he punishes his wife in the same room that only 5 minutes earlier was filled with the moans and sobbing of Amy and Leia-Ann! What follows is a great domestic discipline scene of a hard spanking followed by a quite severe caning – and I have to say, Andi Switch – who plays the wife is looking MILFtastic – who would have thought she was wearing such erotic lingerie underneath that boring plaid skirt? yet another surprise inthis great movie!!! The end of this film is a great finale as she is caned, stripped down to just her sexy underwear, and I’m always a sucker for women with great legs in dark stockings anyway…check out the caning scene below, you’ll get an idea of what happens at the end! (the full caning scene is fantastic btw!)


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