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Cheerleader Drama – New spanking Film

Today’s spanking update is a special cross feature with my other blog (link to that post is at the end of this one) but today I wanted to give you the full update on the latest hot all girl cheerleader spanking film released a couple of days ago. There are lots of images, GIFs and a link to a great free clip that I am sure you will enjoy provided at the bottom of this post!

It’s called Cheerleader Drama

cheerleaders need spanking

It co stars Harley Havik and Zooey Zara… Zooey had featured before in the same uniform and both Sarah and I thought she should keep this uniform for this shoot as she looked so hot in it. Likewise, when Harley knew that she was appearing at the site, she had custom ordered a costume in a beautiful baby blue color that she loves as she told me it matched her eyes. Harley knows best, of course, and looks absolutely stunning as the girl who gets spanked by a rather fearsome Zooey, who paced and towered over her looking every bit as intimidating as she appeared in the film. Thsi was also the 1st time that harley’s blue uniform had been worn by her and she couldn’t wait to show us how gorgeous she looked in it!

Harley Havik (left) and Zooey Zara (right)

Sarah and I love both Harley and Zooey, we were lucky enough to get them both together in what will most probably be a very rare hook up. Zooey has many other commitments and an active life away fromfilming or appearing at any website… so she graciously filmed for us… we were lucky enough to stay in DTLA (downtown LA) with Zooey and her partner, Damon Pierce, who were perfect hosts. I hope we get to meet up with them both again soon… but until then, we have some memories of filming… even if, behind the scenes in virtually all our films we had to contend with construction noises or, of all f*cking days, people moving in above us. they were unscrewing and refixing every fixture and fitting, dragging heavy furniture across stone floors – oh man… that was so loud. Or worse – the drilling and banging! Oy! I had to include the construction noise as part of one film (I think that was with Harley which will come out at AAA at some point… LOL). I gave up after about the 10th “cut!” and ad libbed in the background noise as intentional. All I know is it will be a bitch to edit… however, this film wasn’t so bad… Sarah edited this and only had to cut a few scenes… but this is an energetic film, as you will see.

This is sure to be a well downloaded film which you can do so HERE at the Clips Store if you do not wish to take a membership at Cheerleader Spankings and download all the HD quality videos and images.

Screen grabs and more… from Cheerleader Drama

spanking action cheerleader_drama_002 cheerleader_drama_007 cheerleader_drama_013 cheerleader_drama_032 cheerleader_drama_040 ch2 CLS-62-002 CLS-62-004 hot cheergirl spanking CLS-62-006 CLS-62-007diaper position spanking cheerleader_drama_066 cheerleader_drama_083 cheerleader_drama_084 cheerleader_drama_088 spanking ch3CLS-62-014 CLS-62-018

Zooey Zara was so furious that a rival cheerleader had been making out with her boyfriend that she confronted the guilty party, Harley Havik, in the home team’s changing room. Harley didn’t care and laughed at Zooey as she demanded an explanation. However, her mistake was to cross a rival like Zooey who decided to humiliate and punish harley in a most demeaning way by giving her a nasty, embarrassing spanking. She was more powerful and stronger… poor Harley submitted to a variety of awkward, intimate and revealing spanking positions and with some severity as the backs of her legs and bare bottom were mercilessly smacked hard! This was a short, sharp shock punishment that helped vent Zooey’s obvious pent up anger and frustration!



cheerleader spankings




In this joint post today… if you’d like to see another HOT spanking update starring a very contrite and very naked Amelia Jane Rutherford – then CLICK HERE!

amelia_sunbathing_009 amelia_sunbathing_027 amelia_sunbathing_030

Amelia will be appearing at the Lone Star Spanking Party in Houston, TX – as a “Guest of Honor”

You can meet her in person, attend her Bondage/Spanking Rope Class for beginners or say “Hi!” to her as she will be there for the entire event (May 19th to 23rd) – This includes a special Road Trip by Spanking Bus (numbers and weather permitting on the Monday). Book your hotel room and Registration fees to be done ONLINE by may 15th for the best rates. be aware this party has been so well booked that all suites and double rooms have already been booked out at teh entire hotel… we still have King Rooms on the recognized “Spanking Floors” so ensure you get yours NOW – if you dither and procrastinate – you’ll miss out!

lonestar spanking party

For locals in the Houston area, you can turn up on the day and pay AT THE DOOR – all details of that are on the website. Thanks y’all and “Good day” 🙂

Lone Star Spanking Party 2016

It’s coming! Last year’s inaugural Lone star Spanking Party attracted over 300 fellow spankos to Houston proving that America’s 4th largest city deserves to host such an event! This year’s party will be bigger and better with a new VERY KINK friendly quality hotel conveniently located to George Bush Intl. Airport. the rooms are bigger and better and this is going to be quite a big deal! Book now to avoid disappointment!

The website comes out of hibernation but we are taking bookings already and lots more updates to this site will start to take place… Go check it out! 

Lone Star Spanking Party


Spanking Girls in Trouble

wankerIt’s the start of the May Bank Holiday weekend… if I have the misfortune to be in the UK at this time of year (I am usually not anymore) then the weather is nearly always terrible. Like “God” him (or her) self is laughing at me for daring to hope I could enjoy this holiday period outdoors! “Yeah… right back at you, oh mighty deity!” *as I use an offensive masturbating hand gesture we Brits are so fond of making *

No waffling like I did yesterday on my other blog about the wanker situation of the British elections in less than a week… you can read it here if you want a laugh… there’s also some really good spanking stuff on there too!

Some people I have heard might consider this guy a “W” word… (LOL!) I don’t, I rather like him although I do hate seeing him placed against Amelia Jane in so many films (she’s 6′ 2″ and he’s about 5′ 6″!!!) I hate standing up against her and I’m only 5′ 9″ (and to be honest he looked like he had just got out of bed in the latest series which I didn’t like) … so I shall instead show him in much better form with their new girl, her second film is now showing in full at FirmHandSpanking.com – and both Earl Grey AND gymnast, Anna Grant, with an amazing tight booty are what I watched first when I logged back into their members area! I’m glad I did… This is HOT! I have a preview clip and some enticing images for you all.

Anna Grant over Earl Grey’s knee for a long attitude adjustment spanking

gymnast_b003 gymnast_b007 gymnast_b008 gymnast_b009 gymnast_b011 gymnast_b012 gymnast_b015 gymnast_b018 gymnast_b023 gymnast_b024

“I’m not sure what this is teaching me,” says college gymnast Anna Grant in Gymnast Hell, as her tight bare bottom is spanked long and hard over 300 times for poor attitude.



A brand new sweetie called “Kitten” joins SpankedSweeties.com

*** SCHWING! *** 


All I can say is just look at her magnificent “Bubble butt!” – I couldn’t even cut a clip, I’d have been impeded with my unfortunate “Trouser arousal” – I think these images will show you what I mean, though! *wow!!!*

01-Kitten-gets-a-spanking 02-OTK 03-bubblebutt 04paddling-ass 05-booty-paddling 06-spanked-otk 07-beautiful-bare-bottom 08-red-butt-paddling 09-cute-spanking 10-spanked-over-his-lap 11-otkspanking 12-otk-wooden-paddle 13-cute-girl-punished 14-attitide-adjustment

Kitten was not spanked growing up, but she sure gets spanked a lot now! In a true re-enacted story, she participates in a spanking challenge to see who can take it the hardest at a dungeon. Bettie Bondage plays the lady who tests her with a wooden paddle. A client visit is also re-enacted.




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