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Maja – stunning spankable

Every now and then, I go a little stir crazy when I check out the amazing archives to one of my few vanilla sites I am a recurring member of… a sure good sign the site is good, has updated content all the time and a seemingly never ending supply of the best female talent on the planet stripping in front of my very tired red eyes! I am of course talking about MET-Art.com – and here is one example of one girl I just have the spanking (and lustful) thoughts for. Don’t ask, she’s never been spanked (to my knowledge) but this 21 year old sure has a most spankable bottom and a gorgeous girl next door look that unashamedly gets me hot every time I view her images (and there is an absolute load of them at this site… fortunately! Ladies and Gents, I give you Maja A

This is Maja A – comes with a severe Trouser Arousal warning for gentlemen everywhere ūüôā

These first few images are lower quality but they are still of a size you can fully appreciate her stunning natural beauty!



Not convinced yet? Take a look at another great set, a few choice images of Maja for your viewing pleasure



Maja is such a natural beauty that posing naked and close up is no problem, they also used little air brushing on such a beautiful girl next door look which would be ruined by excessive over refining! More fantastic erotic shots of Maja below!




As promised a few images that are actual members area size from the following set, you’ll get the idea and of course there is a ton of other image sets and movie clips of beautiful Maja inside the main site HERE




Spankables & Teen Spankings

Sorry I haven’t been here, I was busy elsewhere but I aim to update this part of the blog far more often and have some plans for expanding this site very soon so don’t go far!

As a treat, I have got you some extremely sexy spankable teens from the best teenager Model site on ther planet (MET-Art of course) and each of the galleries below, if you click on their sign up options will give you a special discount $10 off the regular monthly price of $29.99 so that makes it just $19.99 to check out the entire site over a month – amazing! Enough of my waffle, here’s the beautiful pieces of teen ass we all crave for! Please loosen your trousers around the groinal regions, fellas…these girls are HOT!





& now for some delicious spanking punishment with blonde schoolgirl Wynter Sky from Northern Spanking¬†that has an added bonus of her first being caned in her school uniform and then later on her own bed, she is slippered with her PJ’s removed! This is a hell of a film and comes complete with an amazing set of HQ images, some of which I have got for you below so you have an idea of this update I wanted to highlight for you which is just so typical of Northern Spanking¬†– There are 2 clips, the first is a caning scene and the second is later when she’s in bed! Sit back and take in the awesome sight of Wynter’s punishment!

Wynter is taken home by Headmaster to Paul’s and he is shocked to learn that Wynter is totally drunk! What follows is a punishment to sober up any disgraceful teenager!

This is from the movie “In Loco Parentis”¬†

Wynter is brought home from school in a drunken state by her Headmaster. Furious and at his wits end with the girl, Paul asks the Headmaster for some suggestions and guidance in very severely disciplining her. Even in her inebriated state, Wynter most certainly feels the hard and prolonged caning she receives, both with and without the protection of her PE knickers as you’ll see below!



With the departure of her Headmaster, Wynter’s ordeal is still not complete. Sent to bed without supper to sober up and rub her smarting bottom, she is in for a spanking and a visit from the slipper to her pyjama clad¬†bare bottom¬†ensuring her shameful behaviour is fully punished! After a day like this I don’t think Wynter would dare come home drunk again after school! I have to say the PJ scenes of Wynter are fantastic as you’ll see below, there’s something about a girl being spanked over her cotton PJ bottoms then being told to remove them with her bare arse stuck there – it almost seems wrong, but that’s the point of it, right? Her shame and humiliation is complete when this added slippering reminds her of what she had done earlier – and in the sanctity¬†of her bedroom too!



You can see loads more specialist pyjama down punishments and plenty of spanking slippering and caning punishments from NorthernSpanking HERE

Latest Teen Spankables!

I have the very latest beautiful teens from around the world that MET-Art have collected.

There is also a chance to view the entire site for just $19.95 instead of the regular price of $29.95 if you check out the galleries below and click on the “sign up” on those pages, you can take the tour and pay less via this method which i have managed to negotiate for less!

Imagine having these beauties over your knee, stunning photography of beautiful girls as always, showing us what they’re made of, please view in a darkened room in private and enjoy the latest additions!




Hope you enjoyed these and remember these galleries lead to a SPECIAL DEAL ūüôā

Latest Teen Spankables from MET Art

OMG! Check out these special galleries I have for you today! These girls are stunning, and imagine having these things over your knee, naked, squirming, as they plead and beg you not to grope caress and spank their vared soft bottoms!!!

What’s more, these galleries below ALL have links to a SPECIAL PRICE REDUCTION!!!

Click on the SIGN UP Option on the chosen galleries below (click on images of the girls below to access thier gallery page) and you’re in for a (much cheaper) Surprise!!! Enjoy these teenage temptresses¬†on me! have a good end of weekend!!!






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Latest Teen Spankables from MET-Art

I have a selection of scrummy teenage spankables from MET-Art this weekend that I’m sure you’ll adore! These are girls from all over the world photographed in a variety of outstanding settings, and of course, just look at them, stunning and so pert, just begging for you to see more, (and they show it all) we can all dream, imagine if they were in YOUR house, alone, no one to hear their cries….

Would you want to spank and fuck them? ‘Course you would!!!






The above link ONLY gives you a chance to view MET art from just $9.95!!!
Enjoy! It’s impossible NOT to

Teenage Bottoms

On the subject of teenge beauty, there is only one site that I look to for my fix of the world’s most stunning girls, beautifully photographed and filmed with the largest archive of stunning materials on all things focussing on the most beautiful naked 18 and 19 years old on the planet…of course, I’m referring to MET-Art.com

Here are some of the latest additions featured and these lead to stunning galleries…enjoy!




Click image below for access to the DISCOUNTED access ($10 off per month!!!)

Beautiful Naked Teens I wish I could spank!

Teen spankables and the joy of real teen beauty can only really be appreciated at one site, it’s not a fetish site, but my favourite vanilla site on the planet and with good reason. MET-ART has been going for as long as I can remember and have amassed probably the BEST collection of stunning teen beauty from all around the world, and I have a massibe personal library of erotic images and stunning photography of the most beautiful girls in the world that just make you ache hard…it doesn’t help when I see their pert rears splayed and their pussies exposed and imagine them spanked over my knee, but that’s the joy of viewing such unattainable beauty, right?

Take a look at a few examples and these are from fairly recent updates.

WARNING: Viewing images will cause SEVERE Arousa l!

Click below for the full galleries incl that of Yana

Tell me you couldn’t find an excuse to spank this young filly. Yana is from a most recent update and her entire series and movies are exquisite, imagine feeling her soft warmed flesh after she tearfully sobs after a spanking over your knee….I know I can imagine it!


You will know I adore girls with red hair so am biased but of course this site has every type of girl imaginable, taking a look at their tour pages will confirm this! In the meantime, check out Lidiya, another beauty from South Russia!



Don’t be fooled by the look of sheer innocence as these young ladies like Lidiya are filmed and photgraphed from every angle as they open up and show us what they’re made of…a popular place to shoot for these girls is the Black Sea and below enjoy Lidiya taking in some sun!


If you have already checked out the tour pages you’ll see all manner of wonderful female form and breathtaking beauty. I guess if you read my blog then you’re into teens in some way, this is THE site I always refer to and implore you to check it out if you have never been a member, these girls are highly addictive viewing, so be careful!