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Devon punished by the Dean

Hello, I’m featuring some more spanking images and GIFs from one of my favorite no nonsense school/student punishment sites from Michael Masterson’s extensive RS Network of sites.


I was fortunate to briefly meet and play with Devon who came to last month’s awesome
Lone Star Spanking Party that I had helped co host… I briefly had time to film her in an upcoming huge cheergirl film for Cheerleader Spankings – so check out these images etc and see the site description, I have been learning about the awkward and embarrassing positions that Mr M likes to place girls in before, during and after their punishment! (If anyone here had attended his class at the party then you would fully understand why he makes this so effective!)

Devon is Punished by The Dean – The recent full film addition to Real Spankings Institute


“Devon has been sent to see The Dean for her general lackadaisical attitude in gym class. Cornertime is excruciating, making her muscles work before he has even met her. The Dean puts her through a series of positions, incluisng “The Plank” and uses two different straps on her bare bottom which gets the point across quickly!”

13521_009 13521_024 panties down spanking devon1 13521_037 13521_050 13521_053 13521_065 13521_070 SPANKING AND STRAPPING 13521_080 13521_089 13521_095

“The Dean then returns with another strap to apply to Devon’s sore bottom. She is bent over and strapped, leaving her with a stinging, red bottom that ensures she knows she has been thoroughly punished that day!”

schoolgirl spanking 13522_016 13522_027 devon313522_036 13522_047 13522_054 13522_058 devon4 13522_067 13522_078 exposed and embarrassing spanking punishments


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