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My Special Focus on all things OTK!

My, another weekend approaches and as I seem to be freed of the fun of some website promotion elsewhere (thankfully) I’ve had a load of family issues to attend to yet again which need my attention so this has helped me no end… (thank God for someone like me for the others to depend on, I say!) Please bear/(bare?) with me as I’m having all sorts of niggling time consuming issues outside of my control recently but I aim to get this and my other blogs updated as often as I can. This is why today you will see this post written at Teen-Spankings blog as well as SpankingBlogg as it still appears some of you don’t want to check out both blogs so this is the sort of content you can expect at either today (in fact, it’s identical this time and hosted from the teen spankings network!) However, I do add extras at both these blogs and many others I write for as you know…including special free previews that no other blog network ever shows.


OK, onto OTK spanking and as I waffled on about the offer above, why not choose a brand new unseen movie from OTKspank.com with a very sexy slinky wife getting a spanking from her pervo husband who enjoys having his wife over his lap! When you see the images and a short clip which is not shown anywhere else, then you’ll understand just why this husband insists on spanking his beautiful missus! Check out her pert bottom, long “lonnnnnnng” legs and I know this girl is very popular and caters to fans of those who love seeing ladies wearing glasses getting a good hard honest thrashing at home! Enjoy – I know you will!

See some video images from the longer full length movie of delicious Pattie’s bared buns getting a home roasting this Yuletide!






Another of my favorite OTK spanking sites has to be PunishedBrats.com – I’d say about 70% of their films feature the poor beauties having their bared butts tanned over someone’s lucky lap (that’s probably a poor conservative guess as it’s probably more like 90% as these girls all end up over someone’s lap usually!) and, like the above site OTKspank, I find these spanking scenes very exciting to watch!

I have got you a very special instant viewing long play video clip of possibly one of the sexiest girls I have ever seen getting a spanking, Miss Juliet Valentina – if you haven’t seen Clare Fonda (who guest starred as Mom in this 2007 classic) with Juliet, then you are in for a treat! See below and some of the HQ images that I have from my hard drive!




Beautiful images and a fantastic film, eh? There’s a ton more films like this with Juliet from the past with her blonde look and of course she made a re appearance earlier this year and is currently being spanked in one of the latest new movies at Punishedbrats right now with her equally ravishing brunette look! I’ve got a few images of this below so you can see for yourselves!



It’s also nice to see Beverly Bacci back again and shows why she is not to be trusted if you go over her knee (as Juliet discovers) in this movie “Home schooling”
Here is the storyline >> Beverly is trying to teach her sister Juliet at home, but the brat is showing her nothing but attitude and disrespect. Pushed to her limits, Beverly takes Juliet over her lap for a thorough hard spanking. Juliet is sure to be a lot more attentive and properly addressed when reporting for homeschool lessons with Beverly after this painful punishment! & you can see more FREE samples from the HOME PAGE HERE as well as all the latest movie release updates in detail! This site is available from just $17 a month! Stunning value from the vast archives!


OK, to end today’s update I got a really clever festive spanking movie as the “Spanking Fairy” visits Paul in his twisted spanko mind as he daydreams whilst bored at work looking at various jazz mags (that’ll happen, or you’ll go blind, as my ol’ mum used to say!) However, the fairy is the gorgeous Jadie Reece and this hopeless lass is supposed to grant Paul his wishes only she’s a rubbish fairy with a defective wand! (that’ll happen if you look at too many jazz mags too, as my ol’ mum used to say yet again!) However, see Paul spank her (OTK first) then get his way in the free clip below as he makes the wish work and he produces another wand better used for whacking silly girlies bottoms… Nice!!!



Right click image below & save file (Media format is MP4 – playable with VLAN or RealPlayer)

Hope you enjoyed this HD clip, there’s plenty more OTK and amusing but hard spanking films from the unique NorthernSpanking.com

Have a good weekend everyone, I have Christmas trees and other such nonsense “er indoors” wants us to search for tomorrow – oh Festive joy! Regards, Chief

So! What have I been watching lately?

Hello everyone, I’ve been a busy bee flitting about but in between all this I have found time to watch, catch up and play back some old, brand new and classic stuff now stored on my PC and I thought I’d let you all in on what I’ve been watching a lot of lately, I’m going to make this as varied as possible so hopefully that will make up for any absence. You can also check out this update which I am doubling up at SpankingBlogg too, you might want to check out what I have been updating there over the past few months if you haven’t already!!!

So I hope you are all fine and dandy, please do sit down, relax and take a good look into my world of spanking today 😀

here is something I haven’t covered in a while, and I should be as this is one of the most overlooked spanking sites of the moment, I reckon, and that is the original Bars-and-Stripes.com – the female punishment site that covers the correctional institute for wayward madams, whether it’s in their cells, in the Warden or Govenor’s Office, hell, even in their speiclist punishment dungeon for the naughtiest brats there and of course just about every well known gorgeous UK spanking star has “Done Time” there witht he officers and Matron… like Amelia Jane Rutherford, for example. The clip I have for you below is a little different, as she struggles to get to sleep in her punishment cage after her latest thrashing, we see her dream… or is it a nightmare unfold? I love the dream sequence in this film, it gives the editor something to get arty about and of course it doesn’t detract from the fact that we are seeing one very toned and lithe butt naked Ms Rutherford spanked too! Click image below for the free clip and I have also cut you some image grabs throughout the full movie!

The FULL movie of Amelia in her dream along with her many other unique punishment films at this website can be seen HERE and I highly recommend it, but if you are still not convinced just how good this site actually is, then you might want to check out something a little more traditional from Bars-and-Stripes.com – Hmmm, how about a verbal lashing from Prison Officer Lewis for a very uppity sascha harvey who thought being assigned Laundry Duty was too demaning for her! Oh dear! Click on image below which leads to a long play streaming clip of her OTK spanking!

More movies of naughty girls at this prison reformatory can be seen HERE


Anyone for a couple of teenager’s wobbling bottoms? OTKspank.com has a NEW movie update out now! These 2 girls got a rather humiliating OTK spanking then were made to stand up next to each other during their walltime so they could properly reflect on their punishment! It’s an old movie now available in superb playback format and I of course got to download it and enjoy the spanking as intended! There is also a free clip available from the home page so you will be able to see the quality of the playback as well as the other excellent OTK spankings that feature at this specialist site (you might also want to check out their prices, I hadn’t realized that this site is now available for UNDER $15!!!) and their longer term memberships work out even cheaper – OK, enough of my hard sell etc, check out the latest update and some images I have for you!

Soft wobblesome buttocks given a proper pasting, mm mmm!


The following film is one I’ve always liked but before I continue I must say that this film, for some reason… does NOT contain any caning despite being on the website CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS.com – something of a minor quibble but if you’re a stickler for seeing girls caned then you’d have to settle for a severe strapping instead – anyway, from what I’m aware there are still oodles of caning films but this one seemed to be a non caning film (odd, eh?) that notwithstanding, when you check out the screen grabs from this movie you’ll appreciate that this movie is still worth a peek as 3 girls in their Blue Gingham Dresses are spanked and strapped by Miss Smith. Images below will give red blooded gentlemen “wood” – so please be warned! 😀

See the screen grabs from the movie and the final large pic is a sample HQ Stills image which members will also be able to download too!

As you can see this movie has the girls showing no shame which is why Miss Smith had to thrash them all that much harder! I can tell you viewing this wasn’t the only thing that ended up “hard” so be warned, it may not contain caning scenes, but I forgot all about that when I watched it again… there were many other naughty distractions!!!

If you’re interested you can see the FULL Movie HERE

Click image below for actual size HQ image still


Following some positive mails (thanks guys) I received regarding my recent “Sex and Spanking” feature with Sarah and pals from SpankingSarah.com – I have again checked out many more movies there and you can see some more wonderful previews of the full length movies that I can highly recommend: Even the really naughty ones where teachers are getting spanked and fucked by the school gardiner… mmm, such a naughty twist and it’s quite refreshing to see some good old fashioned cock sucking as the naughty ladies greedily gobble that lucky bastard’s cock (sorry just jealous, heh heh) before and after being given a proper spanking as well which makes this damned site another growing addiction of mine, damn them – LOL!

Click images below for the FREE previews
Warning: WILL cause severe arousal!



Still in the UK, one of my fave sites NorthernSpanking.com have been busy with some movies going up, like the ongoing spankumentary “Hot Fuzz” which I recently featured, but there are also new HD movies added since then and some excellent stories which you can see part of below starring “snotty Lottie”! 😀

When Lottie’s dinner arrives in her lap she begins to realise that her attitude towards Lucy the waitress may have serious consequences! The customer, it seems, is in fact not always right as a disappointed Lucy is transformed into a very, very irate Lucy with a hard hand to spank Lottie’s bottom and, when that becomes too sore, there is always her footwear!!! Yikes!


and finally in this update today, from Punishedbrats, I have just watched the full red bottom spanking and hairbrush punishment movie of Amber Pixie Wells! OMG!!! Pixie only from Punishedbrats who gets a proper thrashing for daring to show off her new tiny tattoo!

Hmmm, indeed, young lady, perhaps if ye readeth Leviticus 19:28 it says “Defileth ye not thine body with tattoos lest ye bringeth the wrath of the Lord God upon ye!”

Check out part of the cracking set of images that accompany the full movie that I and loads of other happy members of Punishedbrats.com have downloaded!!!

Even though Veronica has a tattoo of her own, she forbid her daughter Pixie to ever get one. Pixie disobeyed and things really heat up when she tries to point out Veronica’s hypocrisy. Now Veronica can’t make Pixie remove the tattoo, not even using sandpaper will get rid of it and laser treatment is an expense she can ill afford – but she can sure make her regret ever getting one!!! I think I am getting to be a dirty old man (hmmm) as I really enjoyed seeing Pixie back to her bratty best in this movie, thanks guys (ahem).

Check out tons more content from the brattiest brats from Bratsville, Spankingham County. PA
Click HERE for all the latest updates & news direct from Pixie’s Previews!


Models & Wannabes in need of a spanking!

I have 2 excellent movie reviews for you to take a look at from 2 very different websites! First today is from OTKspank and stars Ashleigh McKenzie, a broke very pretty 19 year old who hears there’s money to be made at her local lap dancing club! What she doesn’t know is there’s a hidden agenda with any girl working at this joint…as it’s a Mecca for spankos who enjoy getting more from their lapdances and pay extra to spank the girls…now that’s my sort of club!!!

There are some images of the pretty Ashleigh taken from the movie where she undergoes an audition on the pole then when she is stripped she is ordered over his knee to see if she has what it takes! Remember, there’s big money she can make from this, so Asheligh stoically takes an ever harder spanking! Check out her jiggling bottom as it is turned a gorgeous shade of red over the club owner’s knee! I would, of course, be wearing cast iron underpants to protect me and poor Ashleigh from any further embarrassing “trouser bumpage” that would naturally occur from spanking and groping this fine piece of ass!

There is an awesome exclusive spanking clip you can view below of Ashleigh as she takes the plunge over his knee and she starts to feel the burn of his hands across her bare pert backside! A most satisfying movie for those who prefer to see the more traditional OTK spankings of girls unsure as to how behave! What I particularly liked about this film is it was one of Ashleigh’s earliest, the poor girl really did look as naive as she was, apparently!



I promised you another review and as  was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this bitch, and I got to see her properly punished! Along with Ashleigh’s punishment at OTKspank (featured above) this movie is a MUST SEE and of course it compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

I hope these 2 movies have whetted your appetites for good old fashioned OTK – when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like it!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of teens and the most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!!

Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!

Jeez, I got severe “wood” now *sigh* Back soon…Chief

Anger Shame & Blind Ignorance

Sometimes, I feel like having a rant and letting off steam on here is the only way I can cope with living in the same country as some of my fellow retarded Brits! I am getting sick to death of living in this country, working my ass off for pennies, trying to make my way whilst the stupid and the ignorant oxygen thieves trample over decent honest hard working folk like myself: I shall give you 2 examples!

ahem…Chief gets onto his “soapbox”

Number 1: Please listen to this radio interview held last night on Britain’s TalkSport (at 10pm, it’s a regular chat show) To be brief: It concerns the disgusting Facebook Tribute page set up of killer Raoul Moat who shot himself last week when confronted by the police after a week long manhunt – to those outside of the UK, this chap, freshly released from prison, went into hiding after shooting his ex partner in the stomach (so she could never wear a bikini, apparently). Then he callously killed her new lover with 3 execution shots to the head and the attempted murder of a policeman (who is now blinded in both eyes for life). Not to mention the huge cost to the Taxpayer and a small isolated town gripped in fear by this maniac on the loose….anyway, Siobahn O’Dowd, clearly a retard, decided it would be a “bit of a laugh” to set up the tribute page calling him a legend! The image in the Youtube clip below is not of this woman, however, it made me smile as she probably looks like that! Seriously, well done to Ian Collins, an excellent radio interviewer who has a cult listening audience, of which I am one! Well done, Sir! (the woman has an uneducated, I’d say, North Yorkshire accent, so it may be difficult for those outside the UK to understand her, God knows I had difficulty listening to her inane replies but it is frighteningly addictive – please give it a go…this is what we have to put up with the dregs of our society in this country!

Give me strength! & my 2nd point is the way our immigration and our ridiculous asylum system is milked dry….excuse me, why should a Somali family who have 6 or 7 kids be allowed to move into a £2M house in one of London’s swankiest locations, Notting Hill? Who the hell authorised this for the hard pressed local taxpayers to foot the bill of £2000 per week rent (incidentally the rent was doubled up to the max £2K that can be charged when the owning company realised the council were going to pay, this is disgraceful racketeering!) This Somali chap moaned that the previous place his family stayed at was in a poorer area with less amenities!!! Well, it’s hardly Mogadishu, sir…I’m sure the residents of Brent in north London are glad a smirking “snob” like yourself has now gone and they don’t have to fork out keeping him in that property which was costing their council £900 a week! What has he given to the local taxpayers of these boroughs of London, let alone the UK since he lost his Bus Conductor’s job 18 month’s ago? Stories like this, though sensationalist, make my blood boil. (I guess that’s the point, eh?)

You can see the news link here and decide for yourself.

Whoever approved this lunacy should be fired! Anyway…my rant over, I’m off the soapbox and now it’s time to vent it out on some soft fleshy female buttocks which is why we’re all really here!


First up, I do love ridiculous storylines from time to time and this is an unashamed excuse to watch 2 girls lezz it up and also get some good hard spanking and caning action in, I have nothing against that at all, pure fantasy and this is available to OTK members who are probably watching this with their pants down at their desks as I have been discovered by my missus, but that’s another story… (LOL)

Please click on the filthy image below for more information:

In addition – click here for the free suckling clip HERE


2 Girls I absolutely adore seeing getting their punishments are Kay Richards and Madison Martin and when these 2 are together, the urge to view in my darkened room is overpowering! Why? These girls bicker and chat back when they are getting disciplined making things worse, and I also adore Kay’s cute accent, as well as her amazing ass when it starts to turn red and sore it speckles angrily!!! Now you may have seen this latest movie update advertised elsewhere, but if you are not a member of MySpankingRoomMate.com (why the hell not? It’s an awesome site) then you will NOT have seen these clips of both girls before with the full explanation and additional images! Don’t all thank me at once, eh?

You can see ALL of the episode listings, now standing at 55 full length movies of this continuing spanking soap opera HERE

This site is part of the excellent CLARE FONDA PASS Network (choose your options)


Now here’s a dilemma, what would YOU do if you got a call from school that your niece had just got expelled? (now she’s had a history of this but you have been forking out a fortune in schooling fees to keep her in the best education possible at great expense!) … so she’s dust in the wind…and there’s no refund of your fees…you’d be pretty upset, eh? Well, this following story is based on a true story and now this movie is available as a special one off download for those that choose the odd film that grabs their attention, well this is the latest addition and it’s a total cracker! Check out some exclusive images I have below – and the link that leads to the tour page that contains a decent preview clip! Go get the brat, Uncle!!! 😀

Images below are taken from this special low price schoolgirl punishment movie!


All the current movies & their previews can be viewed on the home page banner below


Finally today from Real Spankings Institute – here’s a place that KNOWS how to sort out their brats and troublesome girls! A few years back I wasn’t a fan of the paddle, god knows why, I have always been a slipper man myself, but over the last couple of years i’ve grown to appreciate seeing a good hard paddling of young madams and the resulting red bottoms and sheer pain it causes! Now that has cheered me up, I was rooting around inside the member area earlier and some of their archives are superb, luckily I managed to find some of this promotional content below that highlights just what I was revisiting again…makes my life easier, anyway!!! 😀

Some of these images contain severe paddling spanking and canings of teenagers that thoroughly deserve their thrashings, if offended by such material, please do not view the galleries below!
*sigh* Now that I’ve made the warning to the prudish Mrs W. of Okehampton, Devon (who wrote to me to complain about my spanking blog and the filth on here that it contains, well, she writes in regularly advising me of the thrashings and tearful girls telling me this is all wrong and she thinks she knows better on how to chastise foolish madams – she asked me to place a warning when she might be offended by more severe spanking porn I’m uploading recently such as very red bottoms or sex and spanking which she is disgusted with) … well, I hope you’re satisfied, Mrs W. – you are obviously in need of a damned hard thrashing yourself – so if you want to meet up, I promise to fully humiliate and tame you with a hard spanking across your arrogant fleshy buttocks! How about it??? BRING IT ON!!!

For everyone else, get stuck in and admire some damned fine photography from these movies!

Seriously, if you’ve never viewed this site in any deatil, you’ll get immersed in their archives as well as the newer content which is in Higher Res playback…a perfect way to unwind seeing these girls get some very hard punishments! You can view all the most recent updates and recent movie additions HERE

This site is also part of a wider network (which is how I view these sites as it contains some excellent group of unique spanking content not found elsewhere so it saves me signing up to several sites and spending more money that I need to save towards paying my damned taxes, unlike some that sponge off our over generous Welfare State that rewards NOT working if you start to spawn silly amounts of offspring!)
Bitterly, Chief.

Real Spankings Pass – see the banner below for more info!