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Schoolgirl Diaries

This is another review, this time of a DVD made by Dropseat Productions – This DVD can only be found at Bobbie Tawse’s site Bobbiesdrop-seats.com where you can purchase some great clothing, fetish items, Drop Seat pajamas (of course) and there’s a naughtier section where you can purchase their DVDs, there’s currently 22 or 23 to choose from and all run at around an hour each. Now the reason I’m reviewing this is because with a recent delivery of 2 wonderful drop seat jim-jams (which I intend to use for our next film shoot in just over a week) I was given a DVD… I didn’t ask for this and it was a nice thought. I actually liked it a lot so felt I’d give you a chance to see some larger images and my perspective of my bonus present… it had the added bonus of starring 3 very attractive women, one of whom I had only seen in many sites before, Beverly Bacci – & as she was subbing, then this meant that this movie was filmed in 2008, so it was another chance for me to see another unseen (for me) Beverly in a naughty schoolgirl brat role playing alongside striking blonde Brooke Scott! These girls were terrorized by their rather stern and nasty headmistress, a Miss Natali Demore.

* Note: I love Googling actresses names as I often feel I’ve seen them before in vanilla porn -world and Google came up trumps with both Brooke & Natali who have starred in many naughty skin flicks and extremely revealing image sets… thank you, Google!

So here we are with a 4 part schoolgirl diary account of what goes on in the strict and exclusive “Maple Tree Acedemy” a special school for girls of very wealthy parents who are fed up with their daughters behavior, a final place to correct them before they either disown their children or cut off their generous Trust Fund Allowances! This film is cut into 4 parts and I have got you a brief description of each section along with some larger images that you can enjoy (I’ve reduced them in size from the actual screen images of the movie, but you’ll get the idea!)

Part 1: The First Day

The girls have no idea what they have let themselves in for… chatting arrogantly on their phones whilst waiting to meet the Headmistress of the new school they’ve been sent to. However, Miss Demore soon sorts out both girls explaining the rules (no phones, curfews and the wearing of correct school uniforms etc) all this upsets th egirls but not as much as when they are both spanked in front of each other, made to put on their school uniforms and return for a wooden paddling with their regulation knickers removed.

Part 2: Brooke’s Diary

Beautiful Brooke recalls the time she faced Miss Demore in her office as she had been sent there by another teacher fed up with her behavior in class for not paying attention, talking, bothering other girls and so on… so Miss Demore gave Brooke a bare bottom OTK spanking then made her sit at a small punishment desk to take a test with her bottom on full display after the hem of her dress had been pinned up revealing Brooke’s wobbling red shameful bottom!

Part 3: Standing in the Hall

Beverly was made to meet the headmistress for more punishment! She thought she could handle it, what was she going to do? Spank her? Pffft! She’s had that! Well, in a rather sexy scene (for us viewers!) we see Miss Demore take Beverly over her leg, leant against the table and Beverly’s full round bottom is given a good spanking, then her knickers are slowly, tantalisingly pulled down over her full cheeks and spanked some more before the twist! Miss Demore takes great delight in hand spanking Beverly’s thighs… on the back of her legs as well as on the front when she is made to sit down, with her privates on display. What we see next is her inner thighs given a good slapping until they are visibly red! This scene was pretty hot, in my opinion… and I didn’t expect this at all so was pleasantly surprised, see images from the movie scene below:

Part 4: Double Trouble

The girls are hauled in from their Gym class to explain the reports that Miss Demore had just received that they had both broken curfew again, staying out until all hours and drinking, which of course was strictly forbidden! As this is the Finale to this DVD, we are treated to scenes of both girls having to watch each other receiving their punishment, and even counting out the swats they receive whilst the other “thanks Headmistress” for the variety of instruments including hairbrushes and wooden paddles that are used across each girls bottom! She reminds them they are close to losing their Trust Funds and they comply and take their full humiliating punishment including a stinging hand strapping which Brooke really didn’t like and was close to tears!

You can order this DVD direct from Bobbiesdrop-seats.com

For other download options, you can check out cheaper alternatives like the Spanking Theater which has a decent collection of Dropseat films, I have highlighted a few personal faves of mine and also listed the exact Film Studio link below that if you wish to know more!

2 Films to check at NaughtyBottom!

I know some of you just want to pick and choose the odd film to download so here are 2 classics from NaughtyBottom which I hope will either satisfy schoolgirl discipline lovers or domestic discipline lovers! Take your choice, there’s loads of films to choose from and I know there will be more producers showcasing their films for one off downloads very soon so exciting times for NaughtyBottom! The 1st film I’m showing today is a schoolgirl humiliation special which stars Joanna in her Dunce’s hat and not much else getting a verbal lashing off a very cruel Miss Hastings before she is given a damned hard thrashing with a heavy hairbrush and a severe caning that brings tears to Joanna’s eyes! not only that, with this Hi Res movie there is something like 200 bonus images from the film as well to download and keep, not bad at all!

Check out some images I have got from the site and a link to the actual Preview page that has a short severe discipline movie clip!







The 2nd movie today is the Domestic Strapping movie starring Carla who gets such a severe thrashing on her bare bottom and also a ferocious hand strapping scene which must not be missed, it’s a real tear jerking red bottom welting classic that is also available as one off downloads which I know has proved popular! See the images below and the storyline of this severe movie:




Click image below to view the special FREE Clip from this film

the complete list of all one off payment movie packages are available below

Weekend Spanking & Teen Goodness

Yet more teen and spanking smut for your kind perusal, enjoy….

Every now and then, I really like to take my time and enjoy some of the world’s best kept secrets like various teen networks (this is outside of spanking). Of course there are many, the market is saturated as we old pervs can never get enough of these slutty girls, and there are more and more sites set up, some absolute dross, others pretty exciting stuff like the one below. However, there are only a few networks I really enjoy and you’ll understand when I say one such network stars some of the hottest chicks like Kasia or Dawn Avril who are to die for…

Click any image below and it will take you to a fantastic teen portal of free movie and image galleries showcasing what is available from some of these sites. A very worthwhile distraction over your morning coffee, trust me…I’m a perv!

Oops! I have “severe wood” !!!


Another classic from Japan is this home domestic discipline film as old Mrs Kanda carefully explains to us how she disciplines her girls, and we are witness to the latest punishment, you’ll see this beautiful teenager snivelling and so ashamed that she even tries to defy Mrs Kanda’s attempts to remove her crisp white knickers! Another Classic Japanese submissive girl punishment from CUTIESPANKEE – the site I’m sure you’re well aware of by now! Enjoy this free clip and some amazing images from the film below, and I gotta say, I’m loving the white socks as well!!!






If you haven’t checked out the specialist movies on a one off cheap pay per downlaod and keep option at NAUGHTYBOTTOM then check out this typical cheap movie which is part of a really cheap series of films from as little as 5 Bucks! It makes this movie download site well worth checking out if you haven’t already. I like this format, it gives those on tighter budgets a chance to download movies only they want to see, only it’s not some crappy streaming option, oh no, you get to download this and the movie images to your PC to keep and playback as often as you want – and it’s in HQ WMV format!

Foolish secretary Sabrina dares to answer back to Miss Simpson with her “potty mouth” – please check out the latest movie offering from NaughtyBottom “Whatever!”

Click on image below to access the download page & FREE Clip!

Great movie preview…eh? Check out some bonus images from me which shows you some more of this film! Sabrina will bet she never answered back “Whatever!!!”



Sabrina has a very curvaceous body with some real perky tits that I could look at all day long and with a marvellous wobblesome bottom that jiggles just right when spanked over Simpson’s knee!


(This page contains tons of viewable content to help you decide!)


Ever wondered how Clare got her fresh new talent in? Well, as in many cases auditions and castings are the way to discover new spanking meat and here was a typical example of how Clare had been busy finding talent last year for her momentous EXCLUSIVE EDUCATION 5 multi girl punishment film (now out IN FULL at GirlSpanksGirl.com – if you hadn’t already known!). Auditions are a wonderful way of seeing if a girl can take a punishment. I love seeing these newbies put through their paces and I love their reactions, often many girls have that fresh faced innocent look but surprise us with their ability to take a hard spanking!

Here we have Mia and Brooke seeing if they can take enough punishment across Clare’s knee…see part of this audition which members at SpankedSweeties can see in FULL! I wonder if they’ll get through?

First up is Brooke, I quite like this girl which is why I’ve also got you a reaction clip…Clare spanks “too hard” but I still think Clare is impressed, oh…and she’s got a great spankable butt!!!



Check out Brooke’s movie clip by clicking on the image below to play

Cute, isn’t she? Brooke and Mia are 2 very attractive girls, and you can see if Clare wipes the smile of Mia’s face below…and a very pretty smile and bottom she has too!


As well as the castings and auditions which get shown exclusively at SpankedSweeties – this site specialises in spanking models reliving their past spankings or allowing Clare to help them explore their spanko fantasies (sometimes hard punishments from home or even some with a more sexual theme..hey, I don’t mind either way) Well, below is a very quirky but nonetheless delicious girl who the more I look at her and the spanking she got off Clare in this latest update, the more I am wishing she was over MY knee!!! ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, April O’Neal!

April was spanked a little bit growing up but her experiences were memorable and unusual and her bottom is very cute. This little lady can take quite a good spanking! In this first seriers here, where I have also cut a free preview clip, you can see Clare give her hell for coming home with failure all over her from school! Oh, and I love that short short skirt!!!



There’s also a few images I got for you which are a total tease from her next upcoming movie due anytime soon and that little red butt of hers gets another pasting off Clare, I gotta say, April has a very trim figure and some very nice natural large D+ breasts look to be growing there too!!!


Finally from SpankedSweeties I thought I’d delve into the vast archives and show you a real sweetie from the “never been spanked” section – this girl called Scarlet was a real beauty, and actually I’m sure she surprised even Clare at the time as she could take a good spanking as well, I have also got you an exclusive short preview clip so you can judge for yourselves!



You can view all the girls and so much more that I’ve briefly featured here today at SpankedSweeties! It really is a great and varied site covering interviews, fantasies and professional and never before spanked girls next door as well as having auditions and suchlike. Check out the tour pages if you haven’t already and see for yoruself!

This site is part of Clare Fonda’s award winning Multi Site Pass, by paying just a little extra you get access to ALL of Clare’s great sites!

OK, that’s me done for now, enjoy and have a good start to the weekend!

Samantha Woodley Special

I hardly needed to say “Special” when it refers to Miss Woodley, surely one of the most spankable girls EVER! & yes, if you want to see the majority of Samantha’s work, then by all means please visit FirmHandSpanking which have been showcasing her work for well over 5 years now! Imagine 5 years worth of Samantha Woodley? (OK, I’ll put the “Cream Horn” away… I can’t overdo this absurd but delicious pastry reference all the time!) I think she may have already been shown elsewhere in her very latest movie update which I consider one of her hottest in quite a while: The previous ones to that I have galleries and free previews which you can see afterwards, but for now, feast your eyes on Sam with her legs held up and made to keep them high in the air as this no nonsense film (there’s very little intro as it gets straight into the belting and leathering action) sees a very pitiful and pleading Samantha saying she’s learnt her lesson, only she keeps trying to delay this humiliating punishment by her trademark leg and hand covering movements which only angers Eric Strickman further! Check out the HQ images and the free clip taken from the Teen Spanking Tube below:




“I’ve never seen anything like it!” says Samantha Woodley, exclusive to Firm Hand. “Eric gave me over 200 licks with a long belt and was swinging it full length like a whip. Awesome to watch and it stung like hell. I said he looked like a lion tamer or Indiana Jones and he gave me extras!” See this stunning video including the special free clip I have for you below in Samantha’s “Learning Curve” series.



I also have a treat for you as Samantha often does films elsewhere and here is a stunning preview from Shadowlane, one of the best spanking producers out there and this co stars well known top Danny Crighton. Sam was at her brattiest best in this movie as an ex girlfriend of Danny’s who goes through some interesting punishments and it’s an excuse to see Sam dressed up then undressed and spanked, of course. The way I viewed this easily was via the Spanking Theater – more on that below:

Samantha Woodley has never been more engaging, more exasperating or more adorable than as the mischievous ex-fiancee of Danny Chrighton in “At Your Service!” Female submissives, get ready to swoon, as a leaner, meaner Danny Chrighton sternly tames The Scene’s most bewitching beauty with the highest energy spanking he’s ever given! Struggling, scolding, wheedling, whining and red hot spanks that cause lovely legs to kick (as is Samantha’s trademark!) with a most ravishing bottom to squirm – “At Your Service has it all!”



Act 1: When Danny’s spoiled brat of a girlfriend Samantha breaks up with him, he doesn’t take it sitting down, nor in fact, does she, after agreeing to serve as his housemaid for one solid week, in return for his paying off her father’s huge gambling debts, partially incurred by Samantha herself. Samantha isn’t used to performing even the simplest chores and commences slacking off and flaunting her ex boyfriend’s dubious authority over her at every turn. This defiance spurs Danny to take an action he had often considered but never resorted to until this historic moment in their tempestuos relationship, namely turning her over his knee and spanking her as she deserves. Samantha’s first spanking comes as a most unpleasant shock to the pampered brunette, but she braves it as well as she can, determined to ace the ordeal, if only to spite her smug ex lover.



Act 2: Although she looks utterly charming in her every day maid’s uniform, Samantha has no intention of actually doing any work around Danny’s house and taunts him with her feather duster to display her contempt for his (in the circumstances, quite reasonable) demands. Losing patience with her baiting immediately, Danny again pulls Samantha across his lap and spanks her briskly, not only over her white ribbons, but on her velvet laced panties and even more velvety bare bottom. Samantha is furious at this this treatment and resolves to continue to disobey his every command.



Act 3: Samantha’s final spanking is given at the conclusion of a dinner party, during which, instead of serving like a proper maid should, she has stolen off to a guest bedroom to pet with one of Danny’s good looking male friends. Unmoved by the exquisite vision of the fabulously shapely, angel faced brunette in her fancy maid’s uniform, Danny administers a stinging rebuke that reddens her bottom deeply and at last causes the naughty flirt to begin to feel some remorse for her selfish and irresponsible behavior. Will the wilfull Samantha reconsider the serious Danny’s proposal of marriage? Has her lover’s newfound forcefulness made him a more interesting challenge? You be the judge when you view Danny Chrigton take Samantha Woodley firmly in hand for the very first time in Shadow Lane’s thrilling spanking drama which I HIGHLY recommend – “At Your Service!”

Oh, there were some awesome out takes as well, I won’t hurt Danny’s pride too much but one scene with him missing the stool to sit down on is hilarious! 😉

(Sign up for free and get 10 mins to view ANY films of your choice)

1 of the 1000s of highly rated studios who submit their films at the Spanking Theater

!!! OMGZ Sarah Gregory !!!

Want something a little different for your spanking kicks? Well, I love seeing models who start up their own sites, they can either be very amateurish, or fulfill what we spankos are after, in either case, it all depends on what you’d want to see from the girls in question. To be honest, I think most people will associate Sarah as being such a cute hot thing who isn’t afraid to make out with her fellow spankees! So I’d be happy if she had an amateurish site with this content: but it certainly isn’t! It’s clearly laid out, I like the model profiles of who she has worked and filmed with on the site, so navigating to the most recent updates and archives are easy to find and the update schedules are amazing. For those (in America) who might wish to spank Sarah in person (do bears shit in woods?) she has a 1-2-1 schedule where you can contact her etc, the personal touch, of course. Perhaps my only minor gripe is that the movies are all in Quicktime media playback (.mov format) but that’s me being lazy and used to seeing WMV everywhere. Nowadays, most Media Players like REAL PLAYER or VIDEOLAN will easily play these files without any hassle at all! (I use both to play all non WMV files). I actually have a sneaky feeling that MP4 file formats too will be making more of an impact at various sites soon as their compression ratios, I hear, are better, but as I said, it’s a very minor quibble and to show you there is no problem viewing this I have cut a clip from the Lapdancer Punishment so you can judge for yourselves! (and I will also quit with the video format geek stuff before I bore you all to death).

OK, so 1st of all check out these images and the FREE movie clip from a fave movie I’ve seen at SpankingSarahGregory.com These include screens and reduced size photo shots (members will be able to view HQ images in full size, I can’t give away all her stuff!!)

OK, you might recognize, Tasha Lee with Sarah in this movie! Tasha is a professional actress in the mainstream and the spanking world. She is also a writer, director, and producer. She and her husband own “Bumrap Productions” a spanking video company. So Tasha is a spanking enthusiast who loves all aspects of spanking. She and her husband also participate often in the social spanking world by helping to run the Chicago Crimson Moon parties and run private spanking parties. Sarah explains on her site that she and Tasha share a strong chemistry when it comes to spanking! & it shows in this film “Lapdance Punishment”.

The storyline: When Sarah’s girlfriend catches her doing a lap-dance for a strange man in their hotel room, she makes Sarah strip then punishes her with a very hard bare bottom spanking. You will also see Sarah’s first topless spanking scene! (mmm) See the FREE Movie clip below.

So what else does Sarah’s relatively new site offer? Of course there’s EXCLUSIVE content of Miss Gregory, (like above) but she has control over her own storylines, plots and the various situations she finds herself in with some great co-actors, spankees and newbies working with her! I particularly enjoyed seeing Sarah’s “Summer Spanking Series” with the (in my opinion) pretty scary Dana Specht – a very well known Disciplinarian and I’ve cut a few images from the various movies and photosets that she and Dana have been in this entire summer (from memory there’s about 6 or 7 full length films in this partcular series!) Enjoy! As we here in the UK missed summer yet again *sigh*

I’ve featured mainly F/F spanking content, but Sarah is both spankee and spanker and also is topped by guys at her site as well so it covers everything we’d love to see of Miss Gregory. & I feel with ther current update schedule, being a new site, it’s still well worth every penny and I’d even highly recommend the longer term memberships as updates are coming thick and fast so it makes the long term deal highly prefitable and a decent reward for sticking with her! Check out what the site has to offer HERE – I shall be featuring much more of her in future from her own site, including Sarah being spanked by guys but as a member you’ll get to see ALL that now! Oh, and as I like the city of Boston (having spent some considerable time there in my mis spent youth and re visiting the place a few years back), this Massachusetts gal deserves all the success she can get! Thanks for a superb spanking afternoon’s viewing, Sarah! & “Happy Holidays” to all in the USA!

I need a cold shower now *groan*




Some choice films from Bumrap are featured below:


Religious Nutters

Oh wow….how good is this? I have long admired Pandora Blake’s work and of course have had nothing but praise for Catherine Corbet in the past, so when this movie was chosen to celebrate the 50th film and movie pack addition earlier today I was suitably impressed! Now I read Pandora’s blog on a regular basis and am aware that I guess she isn’t that keen on acting out, say, a religious themed spanking fantasty but this was a “delightfully crackers” movie that I don’t think it really mattered and I think this was also one of their first movies that they had starred in together. I’m going back now as this was filmed around early 2007…but in this special format it holds up well, and it’s a rare movie that not many people will be aware of. Hopefully, this will do it the justice that it so deserves as there’s some great chemistry between Catherine & Pandora that you MUST see as well as their “Pastor” Tom Cameron! Please, enough of my waffle, just check out the Movie Preview Page by clicking on the image below and decide for yourself. For those that only pick and choose the odd spanking movie, this 24 minute film should be one of those you might want to consider if you’ve not seen it before! The movie contains scenes of bi curious F?/ making out, F/F spankings… and withering put downs and punishment by their Pastor together and in front of each other: Contains scenes of hard strapping and caning of both girls! What more is there to say? HIGHLY Recommended! The film comes complete with a video stills set as standard.

The FULL list of Movies can be viewed with free previews etc HERE

Girls that should know better!

I love it when a foolish young girl fails to learn from her lesson or gives some stick back to her punisher, as this invariably means the piunishment is upped, as in the case of the giggling Alexandria (featured first below) or in the case on one miss abbie Whittaker, she is spanked for the hell of it as regular “maintenance” to keep her on her toes – naturally she’s pissed off. But First, Russian exchange student Alexandria stars in a great title which is self explanitory…

“Thank you for smacking my bare bottom!”

Bless her, she can hardly pronounce the word “bare” properly and is forced to repeat this phrase whilst stood up receiving the dreaded rubber soled plimsol for her slippering! Click on the image below and it takes you to the full explanation and a free clip as Alexandria is shown how girls in England are chastised & disciplined.

I have got you some video image grabs from this great movie (below) – this is a PPV movie, meaning that you choose to download just this film, no fussy memberships if that’s not your thing (which I know botheres some), so just pay (the films don’t cost much and start from about $4-5!) and download it, play it back, and keep it as long as you want to add to your own spanking library, simples!




Abbie Whittaker is one of the sexiest girls to bare her bottom for a spanking and one site where you can see her man-spanked on a regular basis is Firm Hand Spanking

Anyone not aware of this site by now will therefore be blown away by their fantastic stills photography, amazing girls (of which Abbie is just one beauty) and of course the movies are now all Hi-Res wmv format for clearer playback on large screens ensuring they hook you in and get you addicted to the beautiful girls, like I have been…dammit!!! 😀 Check out the flash movie promo of Abbie’s latest movie where she is spanked and paddled, in her opinion, rather unfairly!

Click image below for the free spanking & paddling clip

I have got you some samples from the full stills photo update and there are also more vid grabs from the movie, this should keep all you fans of Miss Whittaker very happy!




“You spank me for everything I do, and for everything I don’t do?” Abigail asks John Ryan, The Interventionist. Now she’s living under his guidance, she has to abide by his rules. That means a 40-swat OTK spanking with a stinging paddle, 10 on tight shorts and 30 bare bottom, before being instructed to stand in the corner, tight buns glowing red!