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What’s out at Punishedbrats this week!

Well, I had promised you I’d get round to updating my other blogs including this one so I thought I’d kick off the return to my blogging ways after my American trip with a special homage to one of my fave sites – Punishedbrats.com – showing you exactly what the guys have been up to since I had last written about them anywhere. I know the quality of the girls they use as I have been fortunate to work with a couple featured here today!

Starting with the delightful Joelle Barros… here she is taking on a new challenge as a top… spanking new girl Cadence as the elder sister who dishes out some discipline at home, and “boy” do they look hot in this very latest scene just released called “Disrespectful Schoolgirl”


Joelle arranged to have her little sister attend a prestigious prep school in an effort to repair her academic situation so that she can return to college the following September. When Cadence misbehaves at school by calling her instructor a name, Joelle realizes that little sis needs a lesson in manners. Cadence finds herself over her big sister’s lap and having her bare bottom spanked with a hairbrush.

disrespectful1-21 disrespectful1-31 disrespectful1-61


disrespectful1-51 disrespectful1-71

disrespectful1-82 disrespectful1-91


Another girl who I have worked with recently, so recently in fact that I haven’t posted any pics yet (I will try to change this tomorrow) and let you all know what I had been up to in America on my main blog SpankingBlogg but to let you know now… I did a few films with Adrianna Evans, she was real fun to work with and play at the recent event in Vegas… in one film I gave her one of my hardest punishments ever… and she graciously thanked me for her tears! Here in this film she is punished by both Audrey and David in her pyjamas!

Adrianna strapped before Bed


4 11

6 12 2

4 (2)

6 (2) 10

11 (2)

After she was strapped by her mother, Adriana had a few choice words to say about her experience. Unfortunately, her father was walking by as she hurled epithets towards her mother. Her father felt that she needed a few more whacks with the strap. When Adriana refused to roll onto her belly for her punishment, her father folds her backwards and she is strapped in the humiliating diaper position.

You can see both these film in full at Punishedbrats.com

Beautiful Brats in need of a spanking!

Today’s update here is dedicated to one site and one site only that has been producing content on a consistently high basis for years… with a unique outlook on how to deal with girls that just won’t behave… the pouty, sulking and sometimes selfish girls – or BRATS – from the aptly named Punishedbrats.com website. Like my own site, other sites are also affected by piracy or password sharing/hacks and such and this really affects the motivation to continue producing new and interesting unique spanking material. So when I saw that recently, David was bemoaning the same issues as myself, I felt I had to support him the only way I know how, to blog about some of his most amazing recent updates. You can check out stuff from the past by entering “punished brats” or “punishedbrats” in the search box of this blog or any of my blogs and you’ll get a whole heap of previous updates from those tag words (hopefully!) So, let’s get up to speed with what has been recently showing and I have to say I am LOVING, yes… LOVING new top Julie Simone’s strict and stern, nasty authoritarian figure… she’s awesome, and of course it also has something to do with the girls she has placed precariously over her scary, ample lap too!


birthday1-2 birthday1-3 birthday1-4

birthday1-6 birthday1-7

birthday2-1 birthday2-2

birthday2-3 birthday2-5 birthday2-8

The full film “Birthday Party” is now out for members to download from the very latest update today: Tara is displeased with every detail of her birthday party and is whining about it loudly in front of her guests. Julie takes the spoiled girl in another room, pulls up her party dress, and spanks her well within earshot of her friends. A well spanked and very remorseful Tara must now return to her party to apologize to her guests knowing full well they have overheard her punishment.




A new film has also just been released with Julie Simone and Gianna (it’s another great spanking movie!!!) “Room Inspection”: Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her pyjamas, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking.

room1-2 room1-3

room1-4 room1-6

If you wanna see a free clip of this – CLICK HERE



David takes time off from punishing the girls (I also need to take a break from my own site too and employ more male/female tops as I’m sure members get fed up seeing the same guys like myself all the time!) So “Fitness instructor”, Perth, makes a very welcome return (I remember him working with Ten Amorette and they were AWESOME together) well this latest pairing with Audrey… who I love seeing spanked (fortunately she is in a lot of films as well as the talented and gorgeous model Joelle… more with her in a bit) sees her over the lap of the powerfully built Perth… his muscles ripple as she takes some hard swats off him, check out these images below, I may have shown them elsewhere, but if not.. please do take in this great spanking film and check out Audrey’s reactions!


seeking1-2 seeking1-3 seeking1-4

seeking1-5 seeking1-6 seeking1-7

seeking2-1 seeking2-2 (1)

seeking2-3 (1) seeking2-4 seeking2-5

Seeking Attention: Celebrity personal trainer, Perth, is at his wits end with his new PR rep Audrey. When she’s caught texting instead of completing the assignments he’s given her, he tosses her over his knee and gives her bottom a thorough spanking. Audrey definitely managed to get Perth’s attention and he’s focused it all on warming her full, rounded shameful crimson bottom!


Click HERE to see a free preview clip of this spanking film


& finally, as promised, the very talented and gorgeous Joelle Barros – she of the oh so long legs and tight spankable buns of steel… so, so addictive, I can remember them well… but I digress! Joelle films a lot with David at PB and here you will find what is coming up and also some of her most recent scenes from her last film published!


Coming soon will be this fan inspired film called “Health Kick’. Joelle plays an on overzealous college girl who is driving her father (David) crazy with her ideas on good living. ( Or could it be that dad did not let her go to Spring Break?) Either way, Joelle gets a typically hard spanking… since she can take a punishment… I remember her most hated implement was the hairbrush… can you guess what i used most on her at my own shoot that day (I am so cruel!) – You sometimes have to be cruel to be kind… this film looks fantastic and will be out very soon for members!

shoots5 shoots6

shoots7 shoots8

shoots4 shoots9

To see MORE of Joelle’s many films, just CLICK HERE for the tour pages and peruse at your own leisure!


This site is STILL kept to 2006 prices (before the terrible banking crisis of 2007 onwards ruined all our online efforts) – I still hate city fat cat bankers with a vengeance – so you can purchase a full membership spanning back to June 2006 of every film they have ever made for an amazing $17 a month (it’s a recurring deal which is easily cancelled) or if you are scared about recurring deals, then a $22 price tag shouldn’t phase most of you… or the best value $50 (3 month deal) which is non recurring, is also available.

Support sites like this (and mine or whoever you like, of course) as without your loyal support of membership sites then we can not continue to produce great material for you all, and that’s a FACT! I pump all my little profit I make straight back into production, David does too… and like myself, has also at times been funding it personally. Things like this can’t and should not continue, so please do help us (we are not charities ansd spend far more time on them than we really should!) and this will help feed YOUR spanking addiction by supporting the sites you like with a valid, non pirated membership.

Thank you.

Punishedbrats Lorraine & Juliet

These are possibly 2 of the naughtiest, horniest brunette brats that wriggle and squirm over David’s lap, I’m not sure if he is wearing cast iron pants protection, as I surely would need such stern apparell unless of course these girls wanted me to explode in other areas and that wouldn’t be a pretty sight!

So here we have a long play movie now out IN FULL from the wonderful Punishedbrats.com where Mom & Dad, David and Beverly can’t even leave these brats alone for a few moments before they have plans to  trash the house with a party!!!

David gets down to business with Lorraine whilst tearful Juliet & mom look on…

The below images are taken from the film “Family Matters” and the description of this movie is provided by David:
“When we left them on their own for the weekend, how were we to know that Lorraine and Juliet would cause so much trouble we had to  return home to deal with them at once. I made sure Lorraine quickly regretted even contemplating throwing a party that could get them in so much trouble. Juliet hoped she wouldn’t get spanked nearly as hard as her sister, but I ensured she was all out of luck!”






The FULL Gorgeous spanking movie can be viewed HERE 😀