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Clare Fonda Updates

As promised I have finally got round to showing you what is currently available from some of Clare’s sites. I have been busy elsewhere so this update won’t be as detailed as it usually is but I hope you understand, time is precious but the quality of the spankings from Clare’s new girls are, as always, stunning & amazingly “Trouser-rousal-riffic!”

This combination of Amber Pixie Wells and Ariel X is a perfect start. I’m gonna guess that Clare filmed this last year or earlkier but has kept this back as I will bet a $1000 that she also filmed the beautiful movie presentaion with Pixie when she played the lesbian landlady! Remember that? Check out that HERE and you will remember Pixie paraded around the garden… I loved it ūüôā


If you are not familiar withhtis movie it is available in full from GIRL SPANKS GIRL¬†&¬†Amber Pixie Wells played naive Pixie who stumbled upon Clare’s “FOR RENT” sign. Clare was horny for the young hottie & let her stay for free, but she couldn’t keep her hands off Pixie. After spying on her in the shower and smacking her ass around the house, Clare got jealous that Pixie had a boy over and it erupted in a furious spanking. Hell hath no fury like the Lesbian Landlady scorned and Pixie was forced to crawl and fetch the hairbrush for more OTK punishment. She became Clare’s pet, waiting in the corner with her panties stuffed in her mouth for Clare to take her for a walk. Now that Pixie had learnt nothing was free, she would face more domestic disciplinary challenges¬†of the “Lesbian Landlady”.


So, as I was saying, seeing Pixie over Ariel’s knee was a pleasant surprise and it’s nice to see Pixie ocassionally working elsewhere withother producers (check out her blog post HERE for her post on “rumors” and putting the record straight about those who love to gossip about Pixie!)




This is the story behinf the latest episode (73) of the spanking soap opera that is My Spanking Room Mate: Ashley (played by buff blond Ariel X) has been taken to a party by Amber (Hardbodied hottie Amber Pixie Wells) and spanked for fun by horny lesbians. Now it is time for some blond on blond crime with Amber and her pert bubble butt OTK while Ariel calls the shots and with her toned bod and some help from the hairbrush spanks some wiggles and yelps out of the excellent Miss Wells. Amber has learned that just because she enjoys spanking so much- she much not assume all her friends want the same kind of play- and not all spankings are good ones, even for her. We think that Ariel, who pro wrestles on the web, has driven that lesson home.


Nikki Rouge is back at Spankedcallgirls – this stunning Brit beauty (with red hair, of course… *swoon*) makes a memorable return, she’s a well-known spanking model and here she is partnered with a young lady, Nena, who has never been spanked! Nikki and Nena are both spanked by Clare Fonda. Nikki is a seasoned spankee. Tall and leggy… she bucks and kicks while taking her spanking and promising to be a good little slut for “Momma Clare” but Nena is a different story. She giggles, bites her hand and has about a hundred hysterical reactions as she confesses “I’ve never been spanked before.” This is Nena’s very first on-camera spanking and she was not spanked in real life. Her bottom gets red-raw and we believe her when she says -at the end of the scene- “Spanking hurts!” Enjoy Nena – the spanking virgin with Nikki a red hot spako slut complimenting one hell of a hot movie (see free preview below)

See MORE spanked sluts and hot spanko babes, Hoes and callgirls getting it good HERE

Midweek Knockout Spankings

Hi everyone, as my other half contemplates looking at a skiing holiday (oh God my wallet and cards are quaking) within the next few weeks (where the f*ck am I supposed to find money for that FFS?) doesn’t she know I’ve just had to pay a very painful tax bill? I’m overdrawn, it’s depressing, fuel prices are making me think about changing my car to one with the size of a lawnmower engine… life sucks right now! (Well, maybe not, but it is sure a hell of a lot more expensive to live than a year ago and I am growing resentful of that…) so in these damned difficult times, what can I bring you here today to cheer you up with? Hopefully these spanking movies will help at least alleviate my misery as I enjoy getting “into the zone” when I start write about our favorite subject… so here goes!

¬† “Ding! Ding!” –¬†Round 1 – with PunishedBrats.com

Punishedbrats start off today with a right hook and a quick jab in my “trouser department” as I viewed this full movie earlier today starring Erica Corvina & Beverly Bacci (looking absolutely stunning) as her Volleyball coach! I had quite a thing for Erica too, her long legs and lithe body¬†in any case case, I have a thing for seeing girls in gym gear, maybe it’s the thought of easy accessibilty to spank that bare bottoms, a quick tug of the gym shorts and “Hey Presto!” – bared exposed punishment buns!



Volleyball coach Beverly, is not happy with her teammates’ performance on the court. But instead of cutting her from the team, she decides to help Erica Corvina get back on track by giving her a motivational spanking. Beverly is one strict coach and Erica is one sore player! & I am one sorry fella fumbling with my re arranged trouser wear as Erica’s tight panties which look so alluring over her toned bottom are removed revealing a red bottom ripe for more smacks from her strict coach! Will she be able to focus on anything but how red and painful her bottom is now? Will I make it to the toilet in time? ūüėÄ Check out the remaining images taken from this full movie download now!



 This amazing Coach/player spanktacular can be viewed in full HERE

************ STOP PRESS ************

NEW girl Dia’s film is just released at PunishedBrats and a fully nude Dia immediately grabs my attention as she wriggles and squirms from a painful punishment over Veronica’s lap and that hairbrush that hits the mark! I just know these guys have found another winner of a model! Bravo! Check out some early images of this latest movie release!



(& yes, I have “wood”!)

Dia called to account: Dia’s spending habits are out of control and her sister-in-law, Veronica, is going to see that she is reeled in before she spends all of the family’s weath. Stripped of all of her belongings and every stitch of clothing, Dia’s lesson begins in a most humiliating way and worse is to come when Veronica brandishes the dreaded hairbrush – you and I know this is really going to hurt across her sweet tender never before spanked backside!


¬† ¬†“Ding! Ding!” – Round 2 – GirlsBoarding School

I haven’t featured this site in an age, Ok, some might argue it’s not the cheapest around but after what I show you, sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for some quality schoolgirl and home teenage punishments! & I know when I saw this girl, Micaela, who I think is a typical blonde Swedish beauty¬†*swoon* – then you’ll maybe be tempted to see more! I have cut a small clip (below) so that might just help you, don’t worry, the language is in English… young Scandinavians are perfectly fluent in English, thankfully… and they really do all look like gorgeous Micaela (pity Sweden and Scandinavia are not tax havens! I’d be there in a jiffy!)


When Micaela is caught enjoying a beer in the sunshine, she should be at school, not sunbathing in her swimming costume! She’s quickly punished, 1st outdoors with anything to hand and that’s a nasty birchy type twig (like a switch) and that really stings across Micaela’s bottom… then she’s marched inside for a very tearful punishment over her bed with the carpet beater (I’ve focussed on her facial reactions here which are amazing! Just wait til you see the free Wmv clip of her tears!




She’s punished and left sobbing but is told to get ready for school so there’s a nice scene at the end of this reasonably long film of her getting dressed for school in her uniform, sniffing and feeling her sore bottom… anice touch and a highly addctive teen spankable! Check out her reactions below, this naturally submissive girl was one of my favorite new residents at Girls Boarding School from last year! Hopefully you can see why!

To view much more of Micaela & the other residents check out the extensive free tour pages here

& it’s an uppercut and he’s down! It’s all over for the young man – A Knockout! He retires to the comfort of his bathroom, the Chief is counted out!!!


Back with some very exclusive & unseen “coming soon” content tommorow and I promise you’ll love what is coming!!!
Teasingly, Chief.

Spankings on t’Internet!

Before I start today, I’m feeling a little low, why? Here in the UK, we realize that our country is virtually bankrupt and we are going to suffer, work longer til we drop for less and basically accept that huge cuts in welfare, jobs and the armed forces (the Royal Navy will have no working aircraft carrier and the fleet further reduced – it’s a disgrace but as a nation we are screwed if we don’t cut something and God knows why our little army is losing soldiers in Afghanistan whilst the rest of Europe hide behind us instead of supporting us and the world’s largest military power, the USA,¬†that can, in some way, afford our losses, if that doesn’t sound too insensitive as any life lost is precious and a waste!) but getting back to the fact “Great” Britain is nearly $2 Trillion in debt – we will find a way to solve this, it’s not nice but our govt have a plan from the tossers in the previous administration and the disgusting banking chaos¬†– *climbs onto soapbox*

so what do the French do when their 35 hour cushy week and generous but totally unsustainable pension rights are brought into question the last few days? They fucking riot and go on a burning spree – I don’t expect to have many French readers, but fucking hell – WAKE THE FUCK UP, FRENCH PEOPLE! Your country is more messed up economically than ours… sigh, soap box rant over, I lived in France for 13 years so am well aware of their “working” culture, anyway… as I realize that I have virtually no pension and will probably die impoverished, here is my latest round of updates and the first, actually goes as a credit to Chross at his excellent blog (for some reason he has never replied to any of my mails on the Hotmail address he had advertised but I’m happy to link to his site and show this as it’s something I can totally identify with).

Mary Louise Parker, the most excellent actress who plays Nancy Botwin in the awesome series “Weeds” gets it good in a recent update and thanks to the post at Chross Blog HERE¬†I managed to download a clip in case you guys here haven’t seen it and maybe it gets taken down via his hosting so I’ve hosted it here myself – it’s shown on mainstream TV and the belting/spanking she gets is very real, just check out her red welts as she has wild sex over the bar! Stunt bum? hmmm, maybe, but those weals are very real! The “No smoking” scene¬†is also something for the ladies as the guest buttocks belong to bar owner Jack played by guest actor¬†Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


What I particularly like is the soundtrack when it gets raunchy, it’s from a¬†band who are from California and you may have heard this same tune recently on CSI: NY “Unfriendly chat” episode¬†at the beginning with an uber babe (Bosnian model, I think) dancing to the tune. Anyway, I am digressing, they are called¬†Fol Chen and the track is called “In Ruins” – You can download it HERE as an MP3 download – they are currently on my playlist and they have one album out which is really good and the 2nd is out for download, I think, which this track is from. (better check out iTunes!!)


Ok, and to some naughty spanking updates and why not start with Clare’s latest episodes of her EXCLUSIVE Education 5 Series (EE5) and the first clip below and images are of new girls Elise Graves and Sandy – I love the way Sandy snivels and sobs, and you’ll see an excellent facial shot of her in the clip as Elise’s bottom is being spanked by Lana – check out a few images I’ve got too from this recent addition!

These girls as you’ll see cry out and sob as their bottoms get smacked and spanked in front of the class adding to their total humiliation and shame whilst Clare looks on and adds her 2 cents worth to mock the girls a little more, these 2 had never been spanked yet alone so publicly like this, don’t you love it when “goody 2 shoe” types get a spanking???


Also check out Nikki Rouge in this later scene as the spankings and hairbrush punishments continue, egged on by Principal Fonda, both Miss Turner and Panettiere bring tears to the next miscreants…I particularly liked Nikki’s reactions and you can see this in the punishment below…




oops, I was gonna do more of an update, but I have been recovering from yet more dental treatment today… slowly but surely my teeth are becoming less British by the day, LOL! ūüėÄ

OK, have a good ‘un and I’ll be back soon,

Girlfriends Movie Review from Lupus Spanking

Lupus spanking are well known for their lavish productions, attention to detail and of course, some damn fine spankings of very pretty girls! The following movie is rare for me to review becasue this film doesn’t contain a caning scene at all. However, what it lacks in any sort of caning, it makes up for with a very severe paddling and slippering of 2 girls and it’s well worth checking out as you’ll see from this review, the free images from the film and the free preview clip at the end!

The film starts with the daughter sneaking in really late after being at her friend’s place! However, her late absence isn’t missed and as she tip toes in sthe lights go on and she’s caught without any decent explanation. If you haven’t seen the scene where she is caught, check out the FREE Streaming clip HERE from the Teen Spanking Tube that shows this early scene where she is spanked & slippered on her bare bottom. The poor girl pleaded not to be thrashed but she only angered Him when she could offer no explanation why her dress was inside out and where the hell were her knickers? Imagine the shame on both sides, she for being caught like this and He for fearing his girl was a wanton slut!



The following morning, after a snap inspection and the full horror that their girl is no longer a virgin, witness an amazing scene where a metal Chastity Belt complete with the lock is used to try and protect their girl’s remaining modesty, safe in the knowledge that she can no longer get up to no good, she continues to go visit her friend, Dana…but one day it’s discovered that she has somehow managed to replace the lock and fool them both, this girl, how did she do it? and who was helping her? This is where the severity of the following punishment is upped as her Chastity Belt is removed and she is given one of the hardest paddlings I have witnessed on film. You will be blown away by the force of the wooden paddle and the real tears that fall from this pretty girls eyes until she admits that it was her friend Dana who had helped her replace the old lock to her belt!



Sobbing and pleading for mercy, she has made it all worse by bringing her friend, dana into this and soon her friend is frog marched into the house by an equally angry father who is keen to show his displeasure by spanking and slippering a tearful Dana in front of everyone! Once both men are satisfied that their girls seem to be suitably punished they devise plans for a new improved Chastity Belt but ina final twist, which I will let members at Lupus-Spanking.com see – Mother pipes up with an alternative plan when they realise that these girls are a little more than just good friends! It’s a great movie, not one of the longest (it’s around 20-25 minutes) but it compliments the huge collection of movies you can download from Lupus-Spanking.com



Click below for the Free Wmv Preview Clip

Currently this site is being updated daily so once again provides you with amazing value to download this and the other films whilst getting more updates.

You might also want to check out the special VIP Spanking Site as you will also get 6 more sites along with this one and I just checked out their monthly pricing and was pleasantly surprised that this now costs just $59 a month for 7 premium spanking sites (you can check out all the sites you get for this great price HERE and it’s certainly worth considering if you have the time and disk space to download shed loads of top notch spanking content for LESS than $9 a site per month – and the longer term options work out even cheaper!)

Madison Martin – from Top to Bottom

There are some girls I love seeing spanked and also give it out if they switch well and one such lovely, who is one of my faves,¬†is Madison Martin! What’s more, I have rarely seen her cry despite taking some pretty severe tharshings over the years, but in one episode after another I get to see my dreams fulsilled… Madison giving it good to her equally stunning girlies…then in a (now rarer M/F scene) madison’s limits are broken as she is paddled to real tears – some girls need that from time to time, i guess…as you’ll discover in the 2 latest episodes from the continuing spanking soap opera from clare Fonda that is MYSPANKINGROOMMATE.com

You’ll remember that Madison helped sexy porn star Ashli Orion get her taz affairs in order with Chloeto help her fill in her¬†Tax Return? – I particularly related to this film watching it as I had to spend most of yesterday¬†morning with my accountant sorting out my tax issues¬†to be filed. However, judging from my explanations, I think he finally understood my messy paperwork, thankfully no spankings were involved, or me being ordered to remove my pants in the office,¬†I am relieved to inform you all – and hopefully Mr Taxman will also leave me be… but Madison, in the last episode confronts Chloe when she informs her that Ashli (in red) has¬†been penalized for her improper paperwork!

Oops indeed! That’s the last thing Chloe needs – a pissed off¬†Miss Martin beckoning you over her knee for what proves to be a very humiliating¬†OTK spanking especially as mad bad sexy Ashli Orion (God that girl is sex on a stick, isn’t she?) gets her own¬†back by watching goading and helping to hold down Chloe until her bottom quickly marks up and she admits it was all her fault!¬†(Remember… it’s a spanking soap opera, so in all of this OTK and paddling mayhem, there is an ongoing story…kind of! LOL)




As you can see ashli gets it too, but, if you download the movie you’ll also get the full photoset which features far more intimate images than i’ve shown here, and of course the movie is great. Download the Episode HERE

Remember I told you about Madison’s real tears? Well I’ll show you some images but only as a guide as this is only fair that members get to really appreciate what is going on and I’d have Miss fonda on my case saying WTF are you whoring out all my stuff for free for? (etc etc) but I promise you this episode is worth every Dime you might sometimes begrudge paying, but thsi si the quality way to get the very cream of the spanking content…by all means get off to my clips and images that I carefully prepare, I like to share and incolve my readers in our fascinating little kink…but ultimately, down the line somewhere, the easiest safest route to sitting there, virtually comatose with sheers joy at watching any of these movies I often showcase on any of my blogs are to check them out inside the member areas and fully appreciate some of the spanko works of art that are going on…

& no, I haven’t taken speed balls (whatever the f*ck they are) I am well aware I am rambling inanaely now, so I’ll let the following images do all my talking. WARNING: The sight of Madison’s bared bottom and her tear stained face caused severe bonerage¬†in my trouser department… so gentlemen, you may well experience similar issues, ladies, feel free to also¬†loosen garments and send in your pictures for your own comfort – and my enjoyment, thank you.



Dammit, just posting those tear stained images means I gotta take a cold shower now!

Download the latest movie additions to this site HERE

Remember too, that this site can be viewed as part of the¬†very popular Clare Fonda¬†Pass, choose 3, 4 or 5 sites to view for one much lower monthly fee than all the sites combined giving you outstanding value, that’s the way I do it ūüėČ

Clare Fonda Pass (see below for more details and costings etc)

A VERY Tearful Rosaleen Young

I recently vowed I wouldn’t go OTT with any more Rosaleen Young, after all, she had been done to death with remasters etc, and I thought it was time to leave the brat of brats be, for fear of yet more trouser mishaps being as I could never get enough of her like so many…but there comes a time when if you over indulge, you pay heavily etc…
However, when it comes to what was basically more “unseen footage”, and some pretty nasty bullying and bratty content that encapsulates what submissive and very naughty Rosaleen was all about, well…that’s a different matter!

It appears the lucky webmaster of SlutSpanking got the nod for this movie which has 2 real bitches taking it out on a proper pouty &¬†bratty Rosaleen. You can hardly blame them, Rosaleen is rooting around trying out their clothing and is caught red handed!!! This is a fantastic peek into the mad, bad world that was once inhabited by Miss Young – I daren’t show any more footage than is available on the home site page HERE! But it is a great indicator of what you’ll expect to see and I have been fortunate to watch this¬†remastered movie IN FULL (I was asked to review it) and can tell you that the naked caning scenes of Rosaleen by both girls has to be seen! I had “severe wood” watching these girls go at it – you will too, be warned! However I DO have movie grabs which no one else will be showing, I’ll let you all put it together from the scenes, this is simply a MUST SEE movie for lovers of Rosaleen Young and damned hard F/F spanking erotica! & yes, she’s stripped completely starkers, love her ass, that dark inviting bush, her very trim girly physique…she really had it all, didn’t she?


Models & Wannabes in need of a spanking!

I have 2 excellent movie reviews for you to take a look at from 2 very different websites! First today is from OTKspank and stars Ashleigh McKenzie, a broke very pretty 19 year old who hears there’s money to be made at her local lap dancing club! What she doesn’t know is there’s a hidden agenda with any girl working at this joint…as it’s a Mecca for spankos who enjoy getting more from their lapdances and pay extra to spank the girls…now that’s my sort of club!!!

There are some images of the pretty Ashleigh taken from the movie where she undergoes an audition on the pole then when she is stripped she is ordered over his knee to see if she has what it takes! Remember, there’s big money she can make from this, so Asheligh stoically takes an ever harder spanking! Check out her jiggling bottom as it is turned a gorgeous shade of red over the club owner’s knee! I would, of course, be wearing cast iron underpants to protect me and poor Ashleigh from any further embarrassing “trouser bumpage” that would naturally occur from spanking and groping this fine piece of ass!

There is an awesome exclusive spanking clip you can view below of Ashleigh as she takes the plunge over his knee and she starts to feel the burn of his hands across her bare pert backside! A most satisfying movie for those who prefer to see the more traditional OTK spankings of girls unsure as to how behave! What I particularly liked about this film is it was one of Ashleigh’s earliest, the poor girl really did look as naive as she was, apparently!



I promised you another review and as¬† was checking out some of my archives from BunBeatingFun and came across Keli Anderson again, oh boy, am I glad I played this back, it’s an awesome film, it’s around 25-30 minutes in length and this model brat gets everything coming her way as she bitches about the Lingerie Shoot, pissing off TMS’s assistant, Terry, that she calls him to bring some order to the proceedings…yup, that means OTK order and this girl is a screamer! What’s worse, in a rare moment of madness, Keli, a rather slutty girl gives our man a Blowjob in the hope that her punishment won’t last, but it seems to only make things worse as he paddles her then takes her over his knee again for a blistering finale as she kicks screams and blubs like a baby – all the while being spanked hard on her bare bum! Seriously, I have to rate this as one of the best¬†movies at this site and I could even put this in my TOP 10 of spanking films I’ve watched…I really loved this, I didn’t fast forward it, I wanted to watch everything that was coming to this bitch, and I got to see her properly punished! Along with Ashleigh’s punishment at OTKspank (featured above) this movie is a MUST SEE and of course it compliments the excellent OTK spanking movies from BUN BEATING FUN!

Click on the image below for a FREE Clip of a screaming Keli given a good spanking!

I hope these 2 movies have whetted your appetites for good old fashioned OTK – when it comes down to it, there’s nothing quite like it!

Download Keli’s film & scores more model brats getting what they deserve!


Finally, for those who admire the stunning fresh beauty of teens and the most spankable girls, check out these amazing galleries below and a chance to just sign up to the Net’s BEST teen model site on the planet (access to this offer is from the gallery page sign ups and you can access MET-Art from just $9.95!!!

Click any image of these stunning girls below and it will take you to the latest gallery portals!

Jeez, I got severe “wood” now *sigh* Back soon…Chief