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A VERY Tearful Rosaleen Young

I recently vowed I wouldn’t go OTT with any more Rosaleen Young, after all, she had been done to death with remasters etc, and I thought it was time to leave the brat of brats be, for fear of yet more trouser mishaps being as I could never get enough of her like so many…but there comes a time when if you over indulge, you pay heavily etc…
However, when it comes to what was basically more “unseen footage”, and some pretty nasty bullying and bratty content that encapsulates what submissive and very naughty Rosaleen was all about, well…that’s a different matter!

It appears the lucky webmaster of SlutSpanking got the nod for this movie which has 2 real bitches taking it out on a proper pouty & bratty Rosaleen. You can hardly blame them, Rosaleen is rooting around trying out their clothing and is caught red handed!!! This is a fantastic peek into the mad, bad world that was once inhabited by Miss Young – I daren’t show any more footage than is available on the home site page HERE! But it is a great indicator of what you’ll expect to see and I have been fortunate to watch this remastered movie IN FULL (I was asked to review it) and can tell you that the naked caning scenes of Rosaleen by both girls has to be seen! I had “severe wood” watching these girls go at it – you will too, be warned! However I DO have movie grabs which no one else will be showing, I’ll let you all put it together from the scenes, this is simply a MUST SEE movie for lovers of Rosaleen Young and damned hard F/F spanking erotica! & yes, she’s stripped completely starkers, love her ass, that dark inviting bush, her very trim girly physique…she really had it all, didn’t she?


Rosaleen Young & Elizabeth Simpson

An old classic that really deserved to be remastered and re-edited for everyone to view as intended from over 6 years ago has been finally made available and it’s a severe classic where Miss Simpson shows one of her meanest streaks ever witnessed on film against a hapless and stunning Rosaleen in her school uniform. I can vaguely remember this film from years ago, and wished it was in a better full screen format, but as it was around 2004, and faster broadband connections were only just starting to take off, the format was encoded at something like 360kbs (ideal to download for dial up and slower broadband connections at the time), compressed into a smaller size file with a small screen width which by today’s standards would be pretty poor!

However, the clarity of the re edit is stunning, taken from the original DV tapes, it looks like it had been filmed yesterday and can easily pass off as a HQ-WMV movie against virtually any spanking site – and of course the content is amazing! Severe caning scenes, Elizabeth’s acid tongue and Rosaleen looking pitiful, half naked and it’s a great little storyline with some good use of props!

This is typical of the type of films now being shown at the aptly named CanedSchoolgirls.com and this blog today celebrates this great movie re-release with a chance to view a stunning preview clip (below) with a free gallery of images taken directly from the movie! Sit back and relax and watch Elizabeth and Rosaleen at their peak, supreme mistress and beautiful submissive together! This is one movie you won’t want to miss!

Rosaleen waited to be dealt with after being caught wearing a wrong length school skirt. Miss Simpson showed zero tolerance after measuring her school skirt and found it was shorter than expected, breaking the strict school dress codes. Rosaleen pleaded but she was given a hard spanking with her knickers down then a tearful Rosaleen was told to fully remove her regulation knickers for a very hard severe thrashing with the cane!

Check out the stunning free caning preview and see for yourself the ferocity of Elizabeth Simpson’s actions against a tearful and upset Rosaleen Young! Click image below for the Free Movie preview:

Remember that this site does exactly what it says, CANED Schoolgirls – if this is your thing, then this really is the one stop schoolgirl punishment site with only Hi Res movies for your viewing pleasure!