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Hard Spankings from Russia (without love)

As Boney M, A disco group from the late 1970’s once said in their massive hit “Rasputin”….

“Oh…. those Russians!”

Indeed! One can fully understand as the population of this vast country are indeed all bonkers, fuelled on vodka, piracy and mobsters, this strange country still manages to produce some rather unusual discipline movies. I suppose if you were to flash 50 Bucks at most country girls in poverty in Russia, they’d do almost anything… like take some of the nastiest punishments devised off the sadistic Sergei who prowls the countryside of Russia for more crying girls to upload to his aptly named website Her First Punishment – and you know what? It’s working, I’d love to be able to do what he does in some scenes, but Health and Safety in the UK as well as trying to film outdoors in our miniscule country rarely provides much privacy in our overcrowded tiny island… sadly. But take the girls out to the countryside in Russia, promising them much fun and frollicking and staying at a Datcha (ok… a woodshed) has some serious consequences… as you’ll see below in what is becoming one of my spanking fixes now! I’ve linked to a few helpful galleries and also got some images from the latest movies that are just released so you’ll understand what I’m drivelling on about!

This was part of their Woodshed and Datcha series where many spanking and more severe punishments were carried out on the girls where only the local wildlife could hear their screams… the images below, in various costumes which ADD to this are taken from the most recent movie updates!

& so not to feel like you’re missing out, check out these stunning galleries I have for you below of schoolgirl and multiple teen girl humiliation spanking punishments! Just click on the images to take you to some more amazing free preview content!

This is just the tip of the evil spanking iceberg that lays in waiting if ye dare enter and download some of these films! The site has been revamped and it is so much better than it used to be… check it out here and see for yourself!


Selection of Weekend Teen Spankings

Hi everyone, here is the latest collection, old and new… of some spanking films I’d like you all to be aware of. If you’re a member of these sites, you might want to recall them if I have reminded you of anything here or if you haven’t seen these movies before, enjoy them and now you know where to get such amazing content of tearful girls getting a darned good thrashing!

First up is Teen Brandi – the massive RealSpankings Network cover a ton of excellent spanking sites and of course Mr M filmed so much stuff with Brandi that even though she has long retired, there are still new updates appearing and this classic with Mistress Donna shows Brandi (with those lovely long trademark legs) getting a fairly brutal bath brush punishment before bedtime and you can clearly see her suffering, hear her snivelling and feel the burn of the brush with 2 cam angles in this movie! I have got a very short clip below and some screen images that illustrate better what happened when she was caught cheating at school & Donna found out!

Make no mistake, Brandi often took punishments like this and there is still content being added to this site now – check it out for yourselves here or at the banner below

Remember that Brandi’s site compliments what is, in my opinion, probably the best overall multi site network giving you access to 8 Premium Spanking Sites for a fraction of a membership to all those sites – no restrictions, just full access with one set of codes to Michael Masterton’s best sites like Real Spankings – I won’t even begin to tell you how much content and girls that have been spanke at this site alone! It’s truly VAST! So you might also want to check out the Real Spankings Pass (see the banner below for more info on what you’d get!)


Continuing with tearful beautiful girls – in Russia, no one hears them cry… they’re often punished in some grim apartment block away from prying eyes and nosey neighbors so these girls, many getting their first thrashings are deliciously spanked, paddled and caned with no doubt as to the intensity of their punishment! I am referring to Her First Punishment and since they have upgraded the images that accompany the movies as well as start to show upgraded movies now… I now find myself drawn back to this site and it will feature regualarly here from now on… A recent example of what I mean is below!

Click here to view more of this schoolgirl punishment movie


Spankings from around the world

Here’s a blast from the past, I decided to review an old movie I found on my hard drive from Russian Discipline, as the name suggests is about discipline from the Easterm Bloc with plenty of wannabe Russian models to choose from. This download is good quality (approx 1000kbs+ playback) and around an hour in length so it’s a full length film with a plausible plot. As I remember, it was the plot which interested me as something similar happened to me many years ago in Prague when some sleazy bint drugged me and stole my money….tsk tsk.
This movie is called “Klafelin” named after the drug of choice used by unscrupulous people and prostitutes to knock people out so they can be robbed in their sleep. (ahem)
This movie plot basically comes from a true story which I can well believe which took place in Moscow. Two prostitutes almost killed two clients after spiking their drinks with Klafelin. The unfortunate guys never did find those responsible so decided to take their revenge on other women in this unfortunate trade.
2 Victims are picked up and then after some play are forced to strip & endure a humiliating and cruel punishment as each are tied up and whipped and caned in front of the other. Just by looking at these pics, if you know anything about Russian girls, that sweat pouring off them will most definitely be pungent with their FEAR! Their ordeal only ends once their bottoms are red raw and they are both weeping, it’s quite a visual and moving film not for the faint hearted. You can click on the link below which has a gallery from the film as these pictures also tell part of the story, take a look and I can recommend that if you are into seeing this type of humiliating and quite graphic punishment then you will certainly NOT be disappointed!
Obviously if you are not into such punishments then do NOT click on the link below.
For everyone else….CLICK HERE
From Japan’s CUTIESPANKEE the very beautiful schoolgirls with their soft addictive butt flesh are always in trouble, thank fully and this very latest update of a caning lesson is a particular favourite of mine! Check out the free images below!


Ah bollocks, I can’t continue…I was gonna post more stuff but I had some dental treatment earlier (I tweeted this on my Spanking Twitter) and it’s bloody painful, I need more Iboprofen and to get away from the laptop as I had major surgery (my darned mouth is now full of sutures…yikes – it’s doing my head in….sorry.
I promise to be back soon! Achingly. Chief.