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Female Student Spanking from Russia

Female student spanking

Looks like this sexy twentysomething student, Jessica, is caught masturbating at the lecture. Or else why did her mature professor make her masturbate with a dildo and using the anal beads that she found on her? Maybe this student skips the sports lessons – or else why is this panty-gagged babe stretching so hard? Perhaps, this professor just adores spanking her students – or else why does her discipline lesson include whipping and smacking? So many questions.

The answers are in this student spanking video! Oh… those Russians!

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spanking them

Tears of happiness to tears of sorrow!

Russian sites rarely have girls laughing and playing for fun, because the fun never lasts long, unlike their severe winters… instead, a girl might be doubly punished for daring to smile and laugh and enjoy herself… such is the depressing life for these latest girls who started off having a great party… but with this there are consequences – SEVERE consequences as you’ll discover in these images below!

This is from a series of films from HerFirstPunishment.com


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Check out the very latest hard discipline classics of 1st timers and unsuspecting girls from Russia



Hard Spankings from Russia (without love)

As Boney M, A disco group from the late 1970’s once said in their massive hit “Rasputin”….

“Oh…. those Russians!”

Indeed! One can fully understand as the population of this vast country are indeed all bonkers, fuelled on vodka, piracy and mobsters, this strange country still manages to produce some rather unusual discipline movies. I suppose if you were to flash 50 Bucks at most country girls in poverty in Russia, they’d do almost anything… like take some of the nastiest punishments devised off the sadistic Sergei who prowls the countryside of Russia for more crying girls to upload to his aptly named website Her First Punishment – and you know what? It’s working, I’d love to be able to do what he does in some scenes, but Health and Safety in the UK as well as trying to film outdoors in our miniscule country rarely provides much privacy in our overcrowded tiny island… sadly. But take the girls out to the countryside in Russia, promising them much fun and frollicking and staying at a Datcha (ok… a woodshed) has some serious consequences… as you’ll see below in what is becoming one of my spanking fixes now! I’ve linked to a few helpful galleries and also got some images from the latest movies that are just released so you’ll understand what I’m drivelling on about!

This was part of their Woodshed and Datcha series where many spanking and more severe punishments were carried out on the girls where only the local wildlife could hear their screams… the images below, in various costumes which ADD to this are taken from the most recent movie updates!

& so not to feel like you’re missing out, check out these stunning galleries I have for you below of schoolgirl and multiple teen girl humiliation spanking punishments! Just click on the images to take you to some more amazing free preview content!

This is just the tip of the evil spanking iceberg that lays in waiting if ye dare enter and download some of these films! The site has been revamped and it is so much better than it used to be… check it out here and see for yourself!


Hard Spanking & Caning of Teens

Here we go again, I had a mail yesterday asking if I could find something a little harder, well, this spanking blog enjoys seeing teens thrashed, spanked and caned when they’ve done wrong but some sites are a little too extreme for me but HER FIRST PUNISHMENT just about satisfies everyone in this respect. This Russian schoolgirl and teen punishment site has a variety of disciplines, both inventive, humiliating and in some cases more extreme. Many newbie stars, girls that need the cash and some genuine brats who get off being strapped and caned severely star here! Just check out this latest update below as it shows a nasty classroom punishment for 2 girls who are shedding real tears and snivelling as the cane welts their red bottoms! Click on either image below for the rest of the images!

Sweet! There’s NO MESSING with these girls and the punishments are real, authentic for the former Communist state and any Western brat think she’s hard done by…take a look at these unfortunates! There’s more FREE content if you click images below from this site!




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