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Reform School Series remembered

Someone recently asked me in an email what was one of the best scenes i had viewed and remembered from FirmHandSpanking.com(and by the way, feel free to ask me about ANY site I like) view the blog here or at Spankingblogg.com and you’ll get an idea of what i like… anyway, this film from around 4 years ago stuck out in my mind: It was from the “Reform School” series starring Samantha Woodley and (at the time) a newcomer who was called Goldie Rosemont and is now retired but there is A LOT of her stuff stored and archived at this site if you like what you see here… and of course, Samantha Woodley’s archives are VAST!


So here it is… one of the most memorable scenes for me as it included 2 of my favorite fetishes, schoolgirl and cheergirl spankings… together with 2 awesomely cute girls and very strict punishments from Mr Strickman!

Samantha Woodley

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Samantha Woodley is only visiting her friend Goldie Rosemont at Reform School. She was not expecting to get a licking for smoking with Goldie – and what a licking it was! Spanked with Mr Strickman’s hand and strapped over a pool table! Then over his knee for a severe hairbrush bare bottom spanking. “It was a shock, I hate the hairbrush!” said Samantha! & Goldie’s butt is next!

Samantha’s cheek earns her the belt & a spanking as Goldie looks on she is told she will also receive this & the hairbrush afterwards too!

Goldie Rosemont’s turn for her Spanking

09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

In the 2nd film, Samantha Woodley’s to blame, of course. Goldie Rosemont was tempted out
back for a cigarette, & the girls were caught by Mr Strickman. Known for his use of corporal punishment, we have already seen how he reddened Samantha’s butt. Now it’s Goldie’s turn
to bend over for her thrashing. Goldie reacts loudly crying out in pain as the strap & Hairbrush were used to full dramatic effect across the throbbing sore battered cheeks of her bottom!

After Goldie’s strapping she now faces the hairbrush like Samantha had to earlier, now Sam has to hold Goldie down while she is thrashed hard!


Firm Hand Spanking

Naughty Spankings of Naughty Girls

Remember this? “The Chastisement of Ellie Maye”
Ellie Maye at SpankingMags

As I recall, this was one of the first features with Ellie Maye, and you can see how bratty she was taking her punishment across those red teen cheeks of hers! From memory, she wasn’t much past 18 when she was filmed, you can almost feel how soft & vulnerable her bottom was at that time! & she HATED being punished… I was at this filmshoot and she was there for the cash, which made seeing her punished all the more satisfying!!!

Ellie Maye

Check out the bonus pics below – these are of course available from SpankingMags

These are from my SOL Collection – Following that I have made a new clip available from my other blog.

SpankingMags - click here for more

Click on the amazing FREE Clip below which is now for readers here

click here to view this free movie clip

Seeing these FREE Spanking classics of Ellie Maye
it’s not hard to understand why she was so popular in the past!

This reminded me of an American girl I really liked – “Darling” by name, darling by nature, & what a wonderful pair of spankable cheeks she has! However, Darling is a fetish model that has appeared at a few websites. Check out these pics from this fine movie she did a few years back with BadTushy.com

Bad Tushy - click here

Darling at Bad Tushy

See bratty Darling getting a damned good paddling against those fantastic red wide cheeks! mmm!

Bad Tushy


Finally for today, I thought I’d share these pics of the the most precocious & lovely brat, Samantha Woodley. Gorgeous, stunning, and plenty of other superlatives from the Chief… she’s all that and more! Firm Hand Spanking have this extensive photo gallery and movie if you go back a few years and sort out her archived content! Check out the sample pics I got below for yourself, hope you like the reminder… wow!

Samantha Woodley at FirmHandSpanking

OK, that’s all I can handle for now…these girls and their reddened bottoms sure are looking mighty pretty!

Back soon with some brand new updates just released…
Regards, Chief.

Spanking Round Up

As the title suggests, here is a decent round up of what I have been watching and what I haven’t posted elsewhere that I think you might want to take a look at that is currently out at some of my favorite sites. I’ll try to be brief so hopefully you’ll enjoy the following previews!

I had a chat with Amber about this post and changed what I was going top write up about Amber Spanks as she asked me what I thought of her latest casting, Kit who is from the Bay Area, only 19 years young and possessing a very very spankable bottom! Thanks to Amber, I downloaded the film and I had to say I LOVED it… I had missed it and was planning to do an update on another girl… but castings can be fun, can be hit and miss sometimes, but Amber always gets the best out of her girls. I think Kit was a little camera shy but Amber coaxed the best out of her, made her feel at ease and I had to laugh when I asked Amber if she was named as Kit because she really me-owed and cried out like a cat when she was spanked but Amber told me that really was her name… lol, how apt!

So not much more to say than take a look at the film, I’m not going to post any teaser clips this time as I feel that those who are lucky enough to choose a membership to Amber’s excellent girl/Girl spanking site can see the high quality Wmv or Quicktime format films for themselves! F/F lovers… as if you didn’t know by now, you will NOT be disappointed, why? Amber has the mind of a dirty old man (like me) and enjoys copping a feel of Kit’s soft plump cheeks as well as caressing her perky breasts then using ice cubes on them to add a new sensation for Kit! Her beautiful bottom is mositened with the cooling melted ice then the spankings really take off again… anyone who has ever spanked a girls mosit cheeks will know that special sting it brings… mm… mmm! Amber ensures Kit’s lovely wobbling and addictively spankable botty is as red as her hair by the end of this casting! Yum…

Check out cute Kit – the latest casting movie currently showing at Amberspanks.com


Monica is in deep trouble, this time before even going to school as Mr M drags her downstairs from her bedroom early… then disrobes Monica and places her over the chair for a good old fashioned leathering on her bare butt cheeks as he really lets rip as only he knows how… a painful reminder before getting ready for school! So imagine the shame Monica might have felt in a later punishment when she was punished in front of his neighbor in their living room… I hope this girl NEVER learns her lesson…. seems she won’t, thank fully!

See all of Monica’s continuing and severe humiliating punishments at RealSpankings.com


A reminder of what I had watched earlier is below and I managed to locate the gallery from Firm Hand Spanking that I once made so click on Samantha Woodley’s image and you’ll understand why I enjoyed seeing her punished again 🙂

oops… I have “wood” – what a surprise!!! 🙂

Samantha Woodley Special

I hardly needed to say “Special” when it refers to Miss Woodley, surely one of the most spankable girls EVER! & yes, if you want to see the majority of Samantha’s work, then by all means please visit FirmHandSpanking which have been showcasing her work for well over 5 years now! Imagine 5 years worth of Samantha Woodley? (OK, I’ll put the “Cream Horn” away… I can’t overdo this absurd but delicious pastry reference all the time!) I think she may have already been shown elsewhere in her very latest movie update which I consider one of her hottest in quite a while: The previous ones to that I have galleries and free previews which you can see afterwards, but for now, feast your eyes on Sam with her legs held up and made to keep them high in the air as this no nonsense film (there’s very little intro as it gets straight into the belting and leathering action) sees a very pitiful and pleading Samantha saying she’s learnt her lesson, only she keeps trying to delay this humiliating punishment by her trademark leg and hand covering movements which only angers Eric Strickman further! Check out the HQ images and the free clip taken from the Teen Spanking Tube below:




“I’ve never seen anything like it!” says Samantha Woodley, exclusive to Firm Hand. “Eric gave me over 200 licks with a long belt and was swinging it full length like a whip. Awesome to watch and it stung like hell. I said he looked like a lion tamer or Indiana Jones and he gave me extras!” See this stunning video including the special free clip I have for you below in Samantha’s “Learning Curve” series.



I also have a treat for you as Samantha often does films elsewhere and here is a stunning preview from Shadowlane, one of the best spanking producers out there and this co stars well known top Danny Crighton. Sam was at her brattiest best in this movie as an ex girlfriend of Danny’s who goes through some interesting punishments and it’s an excuse to see Sam dressed up then undressed and spanked, of course. The way I viewed this easily was via the Spanking Theater – more on that below:

Samantha Woodley has never been more engaging, more exasperating or more adorable than as the mischievous ex-fiancee of Danny Chrighton in “At Your Service!” Female submissives, get ready to swoon, as a leaner, meaner Danny Chrighton sternly tames The Scene’s most bewitching beauty with the highest energy spanking he’s ever given! Struggling, scolding, wheedling, whining and red hot spanks that cause lovely legs to kick (as is Samantha’s trademark!) with a most ravishing bottom to squirm – “At Your Service has it all!”



Act 1: When Danny’s spoiled brat of a girlfriend Samantha breaks up with him, he doesn’t take it sitting down, nor in fact, does she, after agreeing to serve as his housemaid for one solid week, in return for his paying off her father’s huge gambling debts, partially incurred by Samantha herself. Samantha isn’t used to performing even the simplest chores and commences slacking off and flaunting her ex boyfriend’s dubious authority over her at every turn. This defiance spurs Danny to take an action he had often considered but never resorted to until this historic moment in their tempestuos relationship, namely turning her over his knee and spanking her as she deserves. Samantha’s first spanking comes as a most unpleasant shock to the pampered brunette, but she braves it as well as she can, determined to ace the ordeal, if only to spite her smug ex lover.



Act 2: Although she looks utterly charming in her every day maid’s uniform, Samantha has no intention of actually doing any work around Danny’s house and taunts him with her feather duster to display her contempt for his (in the circumstances, quite reasonable) demands. Losing patience with her baiting immediately, Danny again pulls Samantha across his lap and spanks her briskly, not only over her white ribbons, but on her velvet laced panties and even more velvety bare bottom. Samantha is furious at this this treatment and resolves to continue to disobey his every command.



Act 3: Samantha’s final spanking is given at the conclusion of a dinner party, during which, instead of serving like a proper maid should, she has stolen off to a guest bedroom to pet with one of Danny’s good looking male friends. Unmoved by the exquisite vision of the fabulously shapely, angel faced brunette in her fancy maid’s uniform, Danny administers a stinging rebuke that reddens her bottom deeply and at last causes the naughty flirt to begin to feel some remorse for her selfish and irresponsible behavior. Will the wilfull Samantha reconsider the serious Danny’s proposal of marriage? Has her lover’s newfound forcefulness made him a more interesting challenge? You be the judge when you view Danny Chrigton take Samantha Woodley firmly in hand for the very first time in Shadow Lane’s thrilling spanking drama which I HIGHLY recommend – “At Your Service!”

Oh, there were some awesome out takes as well, I won’t hurt Danny’s pride too much but one scene with him missing the stool to sit down on is hilarious! 😉

(Sign up for free and get 10 mins to view ANY films of your choice)

1 of the 1000s of highly rated studios who submit their films at the Spanking Theater

Samantha Woodley’s “Learning Curve”

It’s been a while since I featured probably one of the best known and most loved spanking starlettes on these here pages, one Miss Samantha Woodley, I am also aware that other bloggers will have posted this series of her which is now available at FirmHandSpanking, but what I lack in timing I hope to make up for in unique quality, some addtional images you may not have seen below, all fully viewable in larger format, but also a great scene of her getting the belt across her gorgeous butt in the actual wmv format – decide for yourself – I recommend viewing any of Samantha’s footage with trouser garments loosened in case of unwanted bumpage caused due to said viewing of her fantastic material – seeing Samantha bent over like this does nothing to my blood pressure 🙂

The style and classiness of Samantha Woodley is something to savor, as her bare bottom is soundly strapped with a thick leather belt! Her style and energy is matched by Eric Strickman in her new series, Learning Curve. The heavy leather sizzles her butt enough to make even Samantha wince, and her facial reactions are absolutely priceless in this movie…I particularly like the ending of the film with the threat of Samantha getting strapped in the diaper position – check out the HQ images from this new series below and see for yourself!






Of course Samantha isn’t the only hottest piece of ass property that you can view, check out Kayla Apple, Alison Miller and Anabelle Vanderwood all coming to the members area this week!!! I can’t wait!


Provocative spankings

Right, as the title suggests, here are some highly erotic and thought provoking movie scenes/clips and images which should get the ol’ spanking juices flowing!!! It’s been too long since I fully featured Miss Samantha Woodley, and in this outfit, I’m surprised no further damage was done other than a good long hard spanking! Click below and see the source of my severe trouser disgruntlement!!!

Now if you thought that was hot from FirmHandSpanking.com – have you seen one of the new girls recently in her “Life coach” series? I present to you Miss Annabelle Vanderwood! This dusky haughty beauty is being taught the meaning of respect and discipline when her parents hire this “Life coach” to sort out their spoiled brat… got to say, this series is damned hot and one of the 1st I now look up, as you’ll see from one of Annabelle’s recent strappings below! *sigh*



Don’t forget this site includes loads of great schoolgirl punishments and I had never showed this before, it’s of a very cocky Susan Gilbert getting a tear jerking paddling, (seriously that wooden paddle was heavy and HUGE!) You’ll see her in that cute uniform with her panties pulled down, the smirk replaced with a real look of regret! If you’re into tearful spankings and suchlike, this is the film for you!!!



For this and all the latest updates with free movie previews, check out FirmHandSpanking.com for more!


Staying in America, there are some exciting girl on girl updates which I am showing here today, but if you’re only into M/F then feel free to check out the tour pages of Punishedbrats.com as I’d say the spanking ratios are about 50/50 – I’m just showing you some good girl on girl action today 😉

What better way to start than choose Pixie and Lily Anna? I love seeing these 2 girls together, and they’re switching more and more as they get more dominant in their roles… it makes this even better to view as you’ll see below when they play Student leaders, caught off campus without permission. When Headmistress Veronica determines it was Pixie’s idea, she orders Lily to administer the punishment to her friend. (images below)



You just know it’s not going to stop there with Headmistress Veronica in charge of this punishment, don’t you? 😀 Likewise, this recent update below with Veronica and Ashley over her knee is typical of the excellent hard punishments and very wrigglesome spankings that I’d definitely need cast iron underpants for protection! Ashley is rightly punished for pawning Veronica’s stuff, I know it’s hard times at the mo, but that’s like stealing FFS! No wonder Ashley got such a thrashing… see images of this punishment below!



There are a ton of free images & movie clip previews you can view from this site HERE


Finally check out this site, 1stChoicespanking.com – it’s had a major revamp and more movies have recently been uploaded, these are old British classics and are remastered for full screen playback! I can safely recommend thsi site now having viewed many a film myself which brings back losts of old and forgotten films – all are long play approx an hour each in length and there’s days worth if you watched them back to back!!! (I haven’t tried that)

Check out the site and you’ll be amazed at the FREE Tours and flash vids that they are showing, you’ll spend an age just viewing the free content before you realize that this site is shit hot and worth checking out! (see below)


Now if you wish, there are 2 choice long play movie clips uploaded at TEEN SPANKING TUBE and here is one of them below that I have linked directly, just click on the image below and there are also some smaller lower resolution images from this…

Click image above to watch this provocative spanking & caning movie




Finally, just to let you know my updates here will be thin over the next week as I will be away and am unsure if internet access is available, and anyway, I’ll be on holiday so plan to enjoy being away from the screen for a bit and for my own sanity. Looking forward to going now and also be refreshed and tanned, ready to carry on when I get back 😉

Regards, Chief.

Beautiful Spankings

What can I say? Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker, probably 2 of the sexiest young madams to ever bare their bottoms, and what’s more, at FIRM HAND SPANKING they are regularly featured TOGETHER! Serious stuff for lovers of soft female flesh spanked red…this was taken from Firm Hand’s Discipline Series


Check out the series of images below FROM THIS SERIES starring Samantha Woodley & Abigail Whittaker
WARNING: will also cause severe trouser movements (hence I’ve kept the best pics to m’self…heh heh)

fhs01 fhs02 fhs03

fhs07 fhs08 fhs09

fhs10 fhs11 fhs12

fhs13 fhs14 fhs15


2 of the hottest girls to appear together on any spank site!!! Phew!