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Lupus Film Review – Great Expectations

In between watching the football on the Euro 2012 tournament and drinking excessive amounts of beer, I had checked out the home page of Lupus Spanking to discover the film that I was chatting to Mishka about when she filmed with me is now out on that website for members. I think it was only released previously as a DVD or found in the Lupus Dreams section, well… now that it’s available to all… I can also add a few “behind the scenes” info myself at the end as this was 18 year old Mishka’s very first spanking and sex film she ever did… & “boy” does she look so innocent (well, as she told me… she was at that time!!!) This film isn’t as brutal as some with excessive canings and such, although the spankings are hard, in fact they are severe enough to leave both girls with very visible red tell-tale marks… Check out some preview images and of course there is also a free clip that I had uploaded a while back which you can also see again (it’s quite good!)

Great Expectations – this is a film based on the 1980’s (my favourite period) in former communist Czechoslovakia – the folks at Lupus love making period spanking and punishment movies and are better at this than anyone! Of course, the site has a decent English text translation and sub titles are the norm so we don’t get to miss the dialogue or storyline either but I shall attempt to let you know what it’s about!

“The Great Expectations” movie is about what happened from behind the Iron Curtain, with the environment of a youth organization of the Communist party and their training campus. What would happen in a building full of young girls in uniforms being guarded by one nasty spinster-like governess and a young, handsome medical student? This question and many others posed like “What could happen behind the closed door of a dorm room, after showertime, where the girls would “accidentally” read forbidden bourgeois pornographic magazines – something they hadn’t seen much of before. Imagine them in their beds, giggling over the nasty pictures and trying to immitate what they saw for the first time in their life in photography… as up until now these naughty tarts were only doing something like this with the local boys in the night hidden behind one of the collective barns!




As you will have seen, with their pyjamas removed, the girls curious hands and tongues started to explore each others’ young bodies until the door flung open with the furious governess outraged by what she had seen. She immediately took justice into her own very capable hands… but more was to follow as she wanted the girls to have a humiliating medical examination to see “what was wrong” with such lustful creatures!

Of course this doesn’t go to plan… now lovers of sex and spanking films will really get this as you can imagine a hunky medic taking advantage of the girls once that prudish Party governess disappered… and of course these girls didn’t mind one little bit… as you’ll see below!

the girls soon work on the medic and tempt him with their willing young bodies… seeing 18 year old Mishka with her legs in the gyno chair spread like that… how could he resist? & both girls practice what they had read in those filthy magazines, taking turns to gobble his excited cock and allow him to bury it deep inside them as they watched each other getting pleasured!




That is until once again… they are caught by the shocked and extremely pissed off governess… this time, with her Communist Party issue camera she took evidence of this disgraceful breach of trust and had the medic fired immediately then gave both these girls a proper punishment thrashing that left them snivelling and crying as their pert young bottoms were given the wooden ruler with a ferocious tempo!

The girls plead with her not to punish them so severely…

However, this doesn’t work as you’ll see below!



Click below to view the special FREE preview clip of this fine movie!

CLICK HERE to view the full film right now!


As I said, having talked to Mishka, and from what she told me, this must have been one of her very first online films, she was a little over 18 at the time and answered an ad for a role with Lupus in the local paper in Prague. She had never really quite fully understood what was to come, but took her punishment and the modelling fee and she coped better than many girls, she recalled to me… Lupus do have some severe films… and this film was merely a warm up… I shall endeavour to find Mishka’s other films if they are up as she told me she was unable to show her ass for nearly 2 weeks after filming… a combination of first time punishments and their severity! She is naturally submissive and quite naughty… this is now a few years later and films like this hold no fear for her at all! Anyway, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself the films on offer at Lupus Spanking

Snatch – Teenage Hooker Spankings

No, it’s not the Brit gangster movie directed by Guy Ritchie, no this is from LUPUS SPANKING and is a nice sex and spanking bonus for their members!

The folks at Lupus had an amazing amount of positive reaction after the latest movie which I had featured (see Double Trouble), when for the first time after ten years of production they finally tried to combine the traditional spanking scenes together with explicit sexual scenes, well, following on from the top reaction from fans, including myself, here’s the latest bonus addition called “Snatch”.

This is a typical Lupus storyline from a depraved 1930’s era of night clubs, pubs and bordellos in the old city of Prague. As you’d expect, Lupus don’t skimp on fantastic costumes, perfectly chosen models and actors and a believable setting filmed on HD cams! The story will impress you by its authentic setting and to satisfy us spankos, there’s plenty of that, oh yes, but also the added bonus of watching some nice hardcore scenes as well, afdter all, these teenage country girls are hookers brought into the big bad city!

A new young whore from a small village is sold to a pimp and while being with her first client, she is simply lies there like a dead fish, useless. What’s more, her blow job technique is pretty crap, in fact, this could be the first time she’s gone down on a guy and her refusal to do what the paying client wants including having a real hairy pussy (as she’s a simple country girl, remember?) just infuriates the client and he stars to spank and vent his frustration out on her poor bare behind! The poor girl cries and begs, but the client wants to complain to her pimp. But the pimp has already drunk away all the money in a pub…see the first images below – I also have a special freeview clip later of this movie..so read on!



However, the pimp solves the situation in his own way – he bends over the countrygirl hooker over the table, pulls down her frilly knickers and in front of his drinking buddies he punishes her beautiful red sore bottom with a belt, ignoring her real tears sobbing and humiliation of being punished in such a cruel way! Still crying, she’s told to kneel down and show how her blow job technique has improved. Amazing what a little bit more discipline can do, eh? The client seems to be satisfied, so he takes her back to the room, where we can watch how he fucks her hard and finally forces her to swallow it all.



In the meantime, a second hooker – a beautiful freckled teen brunette, arrives back from the police station where she was arrested – and tells the pimp she’s not gonna give him any money that she has earned. The pimp solves the situation the same way he did before by giving her a hard spanking bent over his knee then with his trusty belt, just to show her who’s the boss! Despite her painful bottom, the girl loves her man very much and she knows what he did was the right thing to keep her in check! She willingly allows him to take her to her boudoir where she lovingly takes his cock into her mouth and lets him do anything he desires, including being allowed to cum deep inside her trim pussy!

You can see how this 2nd whore is treated and what she gets up to with her pimp below and at the end there is a promotional trailer of this wonderful spanking and sex movie! I have to say there is a twist at the end of the long play film, but members can view that, I think I’ve shown enough as it is!!!



You can the FULL Movie and all the others that Lupus have produced HERE

Double Trouble

Every now and then I feel the need (or is that the urge?) to watch some good hard spanking and sex, as they quite rightly go hand in hand…now this is usually in the realm of domestic discipline, so I was pleasantly surprised that LUPUS had decided to make a brand new film recently withthis theme, but as a school girl film. I immediately was roused in the trouser department and on further (ahem) investgation, have found that this film is both extremely erotic and with a great story and a twist that the crew of LUPUS do so well!

Indeed! Where do I start? Want to know what girls get up to in those school toilets? You know, when they discuss ways of wrapping their fingers round us fellas between fooling around with each other, we so weak, aren’t we? Now, if I was this teacher who is supposed to be disciplining the girls, and..say – as I’m spanking her, she suddenly falls to her feet pleading, begging even, in her state of semi nakedness and her head is moving closer to my bulge (I’m afraid I would be aroused by now, for sure!) well, we are just weak, aren’t we? & so it appears is this poor fellow who allows the girl to unzip his trouser fly & take his swollen cock into her mouth as she gets to work to take his mind off spanking her bare bottom. All thoughts of continuing the punishment are lost as he enters her tight pussy from behind and he brings himself off, spent! Well, this is what happens in part one of this very naughty film as you can see below:




Now as you’ll have seen so far, both girls have employed this tactic to try and get away with their proper punishment and, well, it seems to be working, avoiding a normal Lupus style spanking is no mean feat, with their bottoms only reddened, without any welts, at the Lupus Studio is something to be admired, however, there is a price to pay but these girls seem to be enjoying themselves, don’t you think? However, even though teacher is enjoying this double dose of joy himself, he knows something is up and it’s not long before the first naughty girl is blamed for this behaviour..seducing him and of course we also get to see a proper spanking!!!



Enjoy the Special Promo Clip (below) which highlights the action from this most welcome and unnusual addition to the Lupus production Studio which is now out to download

Click here to view the FULL Movie

Lupus Spanking Pictures covers a variety and multitude of long play discipline classics that appeals to all braod minded spankos, if you haven’t seen their most recent movies, check out their tour pages and see what you’ve been missing!!!

Very Naughty Teenage Punishments

Having just checked out this latest very naughty image set over at Divinecats of Emily, she reminded me that she had made some of the most erotic and severe punishment films I was lucky enough to witness and even participate in personally. I’m sure there are many of you familiar with her older classic films, but I am also convinced (as it has been a few years) there are many new readers here who have never seen or heard about her incredible films – and she had one trick that I adored watching…but more of that later. First a very filthy set dressed in her school uniform, this is currently available in full from Divinecats.co.uk – a naughty spanking and caning site with the extra emphasis on models getting very dirty revealing what they’re made of…if you like spankings, smut, glamour girls  and some hardcore thrills, it’s a great place to visit!





Emily starred in one of her most famous films called “End of Term Report” – once it was remastered, it became a massive hit in 2006 – winning the Golden Globes Award for online spanking downloads. No mean feat!… and you’ll see why from the images and the 2 amazing clips, this movie is nearly 40 minutes in length, I watched it again earlier today so I could fully review and choose some clips here – and it still excites me watching it!!! An absolute Collectors Edition and a “must have!”

What you’ll see is that Emily has incredibly long legs, a very tight butt, and though quite thin, when you see her totally submissive, there is a visual quality to her punishments that are highly erotic! Like you can break her (but she is actually FAR MORE resiliant than that, which is why it’s so good watching her take these long and severe punishments). It’s like she “needs” to be punished, she actually got quite turned on and even though this painslut got a hell of a beating with the paddle and the cane, her pussy oozed and dribbled throughout the latter stages of her session…see for yourself below as I have got you 2 exclusive free clips of a paddling scene and a caning scene where you’ll see her dribbling pussy ooze and her viscous juice stringing downwards out of her engorged excited labia, that and the sight of her very sore bottom and snivelling makes this film addictive viewing!




The below scene is one of 2 sustained canings that Emily took, as you’ll see, check out what is going on between her legs, members of this film at SpankingMags can of course view the full film and the extensive image grab gallery including this priceless and embarrassing moment for her!


The FULL movie can be viewed at SpankingMags – along with many other similar films of humiliation, with equally graphic punishments and severity!


Finally at FetishFlixx, there was another old classic where Emily’s nasty pink slippers get her into trouble as they had  some horrible ridges on the soles, marking up her poor bottom with no mercy! Again it’s a classic and has a very sexual theme where she is severely slippered stood up then fingered for daring to dribble from her pussy yet again during punishment, this was no ordinary fingering, it was rough fast and furious as her sloppy teen pussy took up to 3 fingers with ease!

Check out some images below which show you the nature of her punishment at home and then there is a treat of a free clip at the end for your viewing pleasure, the full video with 100% close up and intimate detail is showing at FetishFlixx



You’ll also find I have added a nasty slippering bonus clip in case you’re wondering if this girl just drip her way through punishments…this theme and also the fact that her rather petite buttocks could take quite a severe thrashing had always made her one of the most requested models, sadly, she retired many years ago but what she leaves behind is something truly unique




Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this naughty and exclusive update, remember to bookmark this site and blog, maybe check out my previous posts too if you have time and it’s your first time here –  as there are many planned exclusives coming up very soon!
For those who enjoy teen spankings and teen spankables, check back soon!