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Midweek Knockout Spankings

Hi everyone, as my other half contemplates looking at a skiing holiday (oh God my wallet and cards are quaking) within the next few weeks (where the f*ck am I supposed to find money for that FFS?) doesn’t she know I’ve just had to pay a very painful tax bill? I’m overdrawn, it’s depressing, fuel prices are making me think about changing my car to one with the size of a lawnmower engine… life sucks right now! (Well, maybe not, but it is sure a hell of a lot more expensive to live than a year ago and I am growing resentful of that…) so in these damned difficult times, what can I bring you here today to cheer you up with? Hopefully these spanking movies will help at least alleviate my misery as I enjoy getting “into the zone” when I start write about our favorite subject… so here goes!

  “Ding! Ding!” – Round 1 – with PunishedBrats.com

Punishedbrats start off today with a right hook and a quick jab in my “trouser department” as I viewed this full movie earlier today starring Erica Corvina & Beverly Bacci (looking absolutely stunning) as her Volleyball coach! I had quite a thing for Erica too, her long legs and lithe body in any case case, I have a thing for seeing girls in gym gear, maybe it’s the thought of easy accessibilty to spank that bare bottoms, a quick tug of the gym shorts and “Hey Presto!” – bared exposed punishment buns!



Volleyball coach Beverly, is not happy with her teammates’ performance on the court. But instead of cutting her from the team, she decides to help Erica Corvina get back on track by giving her a motivational spanking. Beverly is one strict coach and Erica is one sore player! & I am one sorry fella fumbling with my re arranged trouser wear as Erica’s tight panties which look so alluring over her toned bottom are removed revealing a red bottom ripe for more smacks from her strict coach! Will she be able to focus on anything but how red and painful her bottom is now? Will I make it to the toilet in time? 😀 Check out the remaining images taken from this full movie download now!



 This amazing Coach/player spanktacular can be viewed in full HERE

************ STOP PRESS ************

NEW girl Dia’s film is just released at PunishedBrats and a fully nude Dia immediately grabs my attention as she wriggles and squirms from a painful punishment over Veronica’s lap and that hairbrush that hits the mark! I just know these guys have found another winner of a model! Bravo! Check out some early images of this latest movie release!



(& yes, I have “wood”!)

Dia called to account: Dia’s spending habits are out of control and her sister-in-law, Veronica, is going to see that she is reeled in before she spends all of the family’s weath. Stripped of all of her belongings and every stitch of clothing, Dia’s lesson begins in a most humiliating way and worse is to come when Veronica brandishes the dreaded hairbrush – you and I know this is really going to hurt across her sweet tender never before spanked backside!


   “Ding! Ding!” – Round 2 – GirlsBoarding School

I haven’t featured this site in an age, Ok, some might argue it’s not the cheapest around but after what I show you, sometimes it’s worth paying a little extra for some quality schoolgirl and home teenage punishments! & I know when I saw this girl, Micaela, who I think is a typical blonde Swedish beauty *swoon* – then you’ll maybe be tempted to see more! I have cut a small clip (below) so that might just help you, don’t worry, the language is in English… young Scandinavians are perfectly fluent in English, thankfully… and they really do all look like gorgeous Micaela (pity Sweden and Scandinavia are not tax havens! I’d be there in a jiffy!)


When Micaela is caught enjoying a beer in the sunshine, she should be at school, not sunbathing in her swimming costume! She’s quickly punished, 1st outdoors with anything to hand and that’s a nasty birchy type twig (like a switch) and that really stings across Micaela’s bottom… then she’s marched inside for a very tearful punishment over her bed with the carpet beater (I’ve focussed on her facial reactions here which are amazing! Just wait til you see the free Wmv clip of her tears!




She’s punished and left sobbing but is told to get ready for school so there’s a nice scene at the end of this reasonably long film of her getting dressed for school in her uniform, sniffing and feeling her sore bottom… anice touch and a highly addctive teen spankable! Check out her reactions below, this naturally submissive girl was one of my favorite new residents at Girls Boarding School from last year! Hopefully you can see why!

To view much more of Micaela & the other residents check out the extensive free tour pages here

& it’s an uppercut and he’s down! It’s all over for the young man – A Knockout! He retires to the comfort of his bathroom, the Chief is counted out!!!


Back with some very exclusive & unseen “coming soon” content tommorow and I promise you’ll love what is coming!!!
Teasingly, Chief.

Cold Misery & Californian Warmth

2 Extremes of weather today as I vaguely remember the first film below, now a remastered and very welcome movie from FETISHFLIXX starring 2 of my favourite English schoolgirls with a very stern and nasty Miss Hastings in this film “Out of Bounds” . Follow that with the sunny climes of California and the Lindsay Lohan lookalike (Alison Miller) getting the same treatment indoors to change her disappointing attitude at FirmHandSpanking.com

So 1st, I have cut a special OTK clip, in fact, this whole movie is a homage to good old fashioned OTK, it’s set in the depressing class room of years gone by and you can tell both girls can’t wait to leave! Well, these 2 idiots should have learnt their lesson, Miss Hastings’ cutting tongue and put downs are followed with some excellent and very hard hand strokes across their bare bottoms!

See the images from the movie I have made available below, 2 VERY RED BOTTOMS – imagine trying to walk home when it’s lashing with rain outside, snivelling as you feel your regulation knickers cutting into your burning shamed cheeks!

FETISHFLIXX has this NEW movie out now, but if you want to see my own OTK preview, enjoy blonde Emily’s thrashing below, please check out the sly slap that Miss Hastings does across Emily’s lower thigh, it’s just what I’d do…LOL!


For your information – this movie is part of a schoolgirl package as a one off PPV download
Click HERE for the preview page (taken from NaughtyBottom.com)


Contrast the utter depression above to the sunny climate that breeds arrogance in the teens of America. Alison Miller, at first when I started seeing her with her red dyed hair and eyebrows, her tatts etc, this girl just angered me, as I’m an old fashioned type of guy, not as tolerant as I once was… but she has a beauty and a gorgeous ass to die for, which just grows and grows on you the more you see of her and this classic punishment from the “Attitude Correction” series is a real corker! I hope you agree!

Yep, she may look like Lindsay Lohan, (IMHO) – that talentless partying bint or whatever she is making herself famous for now Stateside – but there’s the promise that, like Lindsay, she is a strawb-blonde haired girl, so all is forgiven! So, imagine if you will! Stare her down, look deep into her freckled face, her deep blue green eyes, and then tell her she is going to have to remove her bikini bottoms and show you her pert teen ass and get a paddling off you! Oh boy! I’m there already!!

Check out that rear of hers in that bikini, what a heavenly sight! Now *that* is serious trouser arousal material!!!

OK, Alison Miller, she of that cracking butt is featured in many recent movie updates at FIRM HAND SPANKING
See the Movie HERE

I gotta stop writing now, whenever I write about schoolgirl spankings and bratty teens that needs a damn hard punishment, I get cramp somewhere down below… strange, eh?
Back soon when I find out what the source of this “problem” is

A VERY Tearful Rosaleen Young

I recently vowed I wouldn’t go OTT with any more Rosaleen Young, after all, she had been done to death with remasters etc, and I thought it was time to leave the brat of brats be, for fear of yet more trouser mishaps being as I could never get enough of her like so many…but there comes a time when if you over indulge, you pay heavily etc…
However, when it comes to what was basically more “unseen footage”, and some pretty nasty bullying and bratty content that encapsulates what submissive and very naughty Rosaleen was all about, well…that’s a different matter!

It appears the lucky webmaster of SlutSpanking got the nod for this movie which has 2 real bitches taking it out on a proper pouty & bratty Rosaleen. You can hardly blame them, Rosaleen is rooting around trying out their clothing and is caught red handed!!! This is a fantastic peek into the mad, bad world that was once inhabited by Miss Young – I daren’t show any more footage than is available on the home site page HERE! But it is a great indicator of what you’ll expect to see and I have been fortunate to watch this remastered movie IN FULL (I was asked to review it) and can tell you that the naked caning scenes of Rosaleen by both girls has to be seen! I had “severe wood” watching these girls go at it – you will too, be warned! However I DO have movie grabs which no one else will be showing, I’ll let you all put it together from the scenes, this is simply a MUST SEE movie for lovers of Rosaleen Young and damned hard F/F spanking erotica! & yes, she’s stripped completely starkers, love her ass, that dark inviting bush, her very trim girly physique…she really had it all, didn’t she?


Hard Spanking & Caning of Teens

Here we go again, I had a mail yesterday asking if I could find something a little harder, well, this spanking blog enjoys seeing teens thrashed, spanked and caned when they’ve done wrong but some sites are a little too extreme for me but HER FIRST PUNISHMENT just about satisfies everyone in this respect. This Russian schoolgirl and teen punishment site has a variety of disciplines, both inventive, humiliating and in some cases more extreme. Many newbie stars, girls that need the cash and some genuine brats who get off being strapped and caned severely star here! Just check out this latest update below as it shows a nasty classroom punishment for 2 girls who are shedding real tears and snivelling as the cane welts their red bottoms! Click on either image below for the rest of the images!

Sweet! There’s NO MESSING with these girls and the punishments are real, authentic for the former Communist state and any Western brat think she’s hard done by…take a look at these unfortunates! There’s more FREE content if you click images below from this site!




Sorry I haven’t updated this blog sooner, I have a whole load of goodness and EXCLUSIVE stuff coming up here very soon, so be  sure to add my RSS feed or check back soon so you don’t miss my updates!