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Teen Ass & Feet

Every now and then I come across an image from the plethora of Tumblr blogs that stops me in my tracks… this was one of those today. I reblogged it on my own Tumblr blog that I play around with from time to time HERE – but I also saved the image for here to make it easier to view without any hassles or image ads/links popping up. I also provided the link to the blog directly below in case you’d like to check out more from this Tumblr site 🙂


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Mandie Rae: Cupcakes & Mouth Soaping

Cupcakes… and afterwards (a spanking tale of a brat at home) at Punishedbrats.com

mandie rae mouth soaped mandie rae spanked by mommy

This is another of Mandie Rae’s tales located in the early 1960′s by way of the Twilight Zone. Mandie and her mother were preparing for that evening’s bake sale. When Mandie’s mother went to arrange the cupcakes that she had baked, she was shocked to learn that they were all but gone. It was clear that Mandie was the culprit, but she denied her guilt and attempted to blame her father. Her mother was so angry that she bent her daughter over the chair for a spanking with the spatula that started on her panties and then upon her bare bottom.

cupcakes1-13 cupcakes1-22 spanking with a spatula cupcakes1-42 panties pulled down for her spanking cupcakes1-62 cupcakes1-83 cupcakes1-72 mandie rae is spanked again cupcakes2-12 paddling cupcakes2-31 cupcakes2-41 cupcakes2-51

As Mandie’s mother spanked her daughter’s bare bottom with the spatula, she attempted to express her concerns that if Mandie’s behavior didn’t change and become more lady-like she would never make a good wife. Mandie exclaimed that she had no interest in being either. After her spanking was done Mandie was made to sit upon the hard wooden chair. Mandie’s mother noted that she was going to tell her father about her twisted values.

spanked by Mommy

…and afterwards! After her Spanking – Mandie is mouth soaped by Daddy!

Mandie Rae does not want her mouth washed with soap afterwardsvg1-21 afterwardsvg1-31 afterwardsvg1-41 afterwardsvg1-71 tears and mouth soapings

Mandie’s father arrived home and greeted his daughter who was still sitting upon the wooden chair with her sore bottom pressed into it. Her father expressed his concern about Mandie’s lack of respect for the role of women in this society. To deal with this matter he washed his rebellious daughter’s mouth out with soap.

mouth soaping

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Appreciating Ass #1

A new series of 25 stunning images of THE most beautiful and stunning, spankable butts and asses found outside of the spankosphere on the world wide interwebz for your perusal. Today we start with an 2 amazing pairs of bare cheeks from this gorgeous duo (below). This was found on several Tumblr blogs and a webmaster forum arsing about in one of those many “Tits’n’ Ass” picture posts…. but this was outstanding. Just a pity there’s no watermark origin. If anyone knows the source (no doubt some glossy glamour porn site site) then I’d be happy to acknowledge where you could find more stunning images from whoever made this ass-tastic masterpiece! 

Click on the image below for the FULL humungous size! 🙂



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POV Spanking

St Mackenzies Girls & Teachers

This is a naughty little post about a side core fetish of mine – sexy school uniforms and the girls that wear them in a realistic institutional background. One such website that caters to this little kink of mine… and a bit of a secret to many, is St Mackenzies – this is a website that mainly features glamour models and young stunning wannabe 1st timers that are not too afraid to show off their quite amazing lithe bodies, in and out of uniform.
There is some spanking from time to time, lots of bullying… and strip tease movies with catfighting scenes  – the sort you’d expect from an all girls school when they bitch and pick on each other. This can be during detention, the classroom, or maybe outside when they are going home, or to the Dorms if they reside at the school… maybe even in Physical Ed classes! I will also showcase the fact that the female teachers are pretty damned hot too (more on that later).

You’re going to discover why Roxy looks so shocked at brunette Kayleigh! What happened?


But to start, here is the most recent update which kind of highlights what this site is about and specializes in. 3 stunning girls fight in the hallway after school hours and before you know it, their clothes are being pulled off and one girl is picked on and gets bullied by the others… it’s rather hot as you’ll see!

sa071114-3 sa071114-11 sa071114-16

This is what Headmistress MacKenzie had to say about this update:
“Kayleigh has been stirring things again by wearing her old school tie. She has been fighting in class so has been sent to my office with Roxy & Kym. As they wait outside Roxy is still enraged so starts the fight again. Soon it gets out of hand and as they pull off each other’s uniform, ending up naked, Kayleigh gets a hard slap she wasn’t expecting!”

sa071114-30 sa071114-32 sa071114-34 sa071114-59 sa071114-65 sa071114-80 sa071114-79 sa071114-82

Updates of the girls feature movies and amazing photo sets – CLICK HERE for more info


As promised, I will feature one of the many teachers… suffice to say there are spanking crossovers as some schoolgirls featured there are known spanking models as well as one of the teachers – who is better known to us as… Amelia Jane Rutherford! However, at this school, she is known as Miss du Bois. Anyway, I could easily feature Amelia (I mean Miss du Bois) but you can discover her on the site tour pages HERE – instead, I am showing you just how sexy the current Deputy Headmistress is – the sultry and alluring Miss Drogan.


Miss Drogan enjoys the feel of the cane in her hand (& it turns her on if truth be told!)


Deputy Headmistress Drogan is wearing a tight black suit over black lingerie & lace top holdups. She pretends she doesn’t notice you hiding behind the door as she slips off her suit while playing with her bamboo cane, and she secretly loves the fact you are about to see her naked as she slips off her lingerie too!

sa150713-34 sa150713-74 sa150713-116 sa150713-125 sa150713-176 sa150713-190

There are lots of POV style stories and films like this where you can imagine you are watching the girls or the naughty teachers… and they know YOU ARE WATCHING and get off to it too! I like this sort of voyeurism – see MORE HERE

Want to see Amelia as Miss du Bois? See below!


Training Young Callgirls with Spanking

A deliciously HOT spanking film has been recently released at my favorite Californian sexy spanking & sleaze site – SpankedCallgirls.com where the more experienced pro, Veronica Ricci, teaches a newbie hooker babe (who still looks as innocent as that fresh faced girl next door) into being a little more compliant. Tiny and very sexy Bailey Paige has a lot to learn in the biz and Veronica decides she knows exactly what this young madam requires! A Spanking!


“Over my knee, young lady! Time for you to experience what we older girls have got when we are badly behaved or think we know better than our Madames at this establishment!”

002 003 004 005

Veronica trains Bailey with an OTK Hand Spanking!


Very young, tiny and sexy Bailey Paige did nothing correctly that Veronica instructed her to do. What is Veronica to do? Well, she must teach Bailey some discipline and turns her over her knee for a hard hand spanking, then has her change into the outfit she instructed her to wear.

007 008 009 010 011

Now Bailey understands & wears the hooker clothes as requested like a good little girl!

012 013 014 015 016

Love this? It’s one of 100’s from the archives that you can view and download to keep with your membership to one of the hottest (almost exclusively F/F) spanking site around with gorgeous callgirls and porn starlets earning extra money at this unique spanko brothel!

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