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Sunday night scorchers!

Brrr! It’s a tad chilly outside, I’ve got a roaring log fire going and brought the laptop into my Living Room to write this as I watch some lazy crap on the TV… The missus is away and I couldn’t even find solace in sneaking off to watch my football team as they are so dire that I actually resent supporting any of the vastly overpaid players that are shaming my club, Plymouth Argyle – I wish nothing but unemployment and illness on those slacking fuckers many who are just playing down their contracts as they have all the power… just FUCK OFF along with the property developing scum infesting my club who are hoping to profit from England supposedly getting the Soccer World Cup bid for 2018… it won’t happen, I’m actually hoping Spain or Russia get it so the leeches running my beloved club will up sticks. I know the club will fall into Administration, and for the amount of money owed… A Premiership footballer could give up a month’s wages to help out our now utterly shit ridden club…anyway, I am digressing, I am thoroughly depressed following them so I, like many other of my fellow fed up fans, are voting with our feet and not going until the present Board members piss off. I WANT MY CLUB BACK!

Ok, better get off that damned soap box, it was very therapeutic though! & now for some spanking goodness to warm ye all up!!! 

I’m going to start with Amber at her SpankAmber site as she is seriously HOT this week, getting spanked and allowing her “Daddy” to place his excited cock in her mouth aafter has has has spanked and groped her and is so excited he begs her to let him put his stiff cock into her mouth (as you do, of course!) and I know I’d be begging too, just look at the glorious sight of Amber, her red bottom glowing and her mouth full of her man’s salty rod! Yowsers… ! “I haz wood” (again) thinking about being in his position… click on the images below to enlarge the film screens!







Here’s something the guys at Britspank must have been thinking about to warm themselves up too, thinking of the early summer days when both KJ and Paige were frollicking outdoors (do it now and they’d be treated for hypothermia!) – 2 girls thinking about the long sunny days of summer holidays but of course their tomfoolery is noticed  and doesn’t go unpunished!!!

These girls get up to all sorts of naughty fun outdoors before they are caught!





Paige thought it might be good fun to pull down KJ’s panties & slap her on the bare bottom out in the open – after all no-one was watching & both girls had a curiosity about each others bottoms especially when they were bared! Sadly they were being watched & all too soon the indecent fun was over, KJ was caught nursing her sore bottom and given some more for her troubles then he went after Paige who was given the strap in the privacy of indoors for a thrashing with the strap!


The next update comes from another of my fave sites and this week I was pleasantly surprised to see a truly stunning teenage brat get the full French Maid punishment at the hands (and his implements) of Mr Johnson at The Birchrod Inn at Spanked-in-Uniform

Beautiful Chervana arrives at the Birchrod Inn for her training unaware of what was instore!

The absolutely gorgeous Chervana (yes, I had “wood” watching her punishment!) was sent to the Birchrod Inn because in her own hotel she is very lazy and does everything half heartedly, getting away with anything her employers might miss… well at Birchrod they miss nothing! Her first task was to dust and she dusted around everything instead of picking them up. That earned her the first sound OTK spanking from Mr Johnson. Then later that same afternoon the lazy little madam decided to take a break and read a magazine instead of finishing off cleaning the bathrooms. She was laid over the table and got a nasty leather paddling on her cute quivering bared bottom. Mr Johnson didn’t miss a trick and as she liked to sit around so much, he put the special scratchy punishment mat in her panties so every time she sat down, she would feel her sore stinging bottom!!!




This is NOT the only episodes that she will be appearing in at the excellent Spanked-in-Uniform and of course you can get to see all the latest various updates now out with the other uniform punishments, if you like seeing nurses, schoolies, airline stewardesses and policewomen thrashed in and out of their uniforms then THIS is definitely the site to check out!



Finally I just caught the latest PPV movie update just released at NaughtyBottom.com which currently is showing the latest series of new movie updates all for just $5 each! This is the 5th film in a series of 10 that are going for that price and if you click here or the large image below the page has a free clip too!

I particularly liked this film as Ashleigh MacKenzie reacted so beautifully to her slippering, you’ll see her wince and clutch at her bared cheeks and of course, she is a stunning girl in that uniform too… if watching this won’t warm you up, I would check your pulse!!! As a bonus treat I have grabbed a few images from this movie (below).




Hope this warmed up your Sunday evening, to those of you, like me, shivering in the northern hemisphere!

Amber – Panties, Spankings & so much more!

I had promised Amber Dawn I’d get an update out and wanted to do a “something new and something old” so after carefully reviewing some new materials this afternoon I found a perfect excuse to perv over Amber’s many panty spankings and watch her getting off on having her beautiful bubble butt caressed, stroked and spanked as she gets off on her “Daddy” (as she calls her lucky fella). I could review some amazing face sitting, clit licking or fucking scenes with Amber and her man, in between much spanking, of course… but I hate writing with a huge stiff boner and would have to stop and, ahem, sort out the problem in hand… but believe you me, there is plenty of sex and spanking as you’d expect between a real life couple and when I’m up for it I will do a special review like that if you want! (Comments are always well received here!!!) Of course, you could all just sign up to Amber’s Site HERE and see for yourself now – with over 350 films at this site alone, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied, trust me, I’m a spanko perv!

So back to the panties! From something in the past here’s a great movie that has Amber caressed in her yellow see through panties, she grinds and rubs her pussy against his knee as he prepares to spank her in this position, then slowly removes her knickers, continuing to caress her warmed up bum before ensuring her ass is high in the air for a much harder spanking as her beautiful butt jiggles provocatively, inviting yet more action on her bared wobblesome globes! I have included some video scenes and a couple of movie clips from this 2 part movie which should give you a good idea of what this naughty film is about!





Click either image below and they will lead to 2 seperate clips taken from this movie!

OK, just to show that Amber can look HOT in ANY panties, check out these stills below taken from the members area! I’ve reduced them in size but the thumbs are still quite large, originals are even larger 🙂

Amber proves in or out of any panties, her butt is too HOT to handle!



Ok, if you’re not aching by now, or ladies, if you’re wondering if Amber really is as sexy as she looks, yes she is… she admits to being a camera whore, she actually can’t get enough and will do glamour shoots for magazines and other websites in the USA as well as having her own special web camera links so you can see her play, get spanked, hell, anything you want… if you’re in charge, she’ll be your willing submissive camera slut – I haven’t got the link but her website HERE will have the link or check out her BLOG as she often gives updates when she will be online “live”.

Remember this is just the one site I’m featuring here today and as promised here is a more recent update where Amber gets her bottom spanked and then continues to get it spanked after a fine spray of water is misted across her cheeks. I always enjoys seeing this, I know just what that feels like as a spanker and enjoy seeing a girl’s moist bottom spanked as the sensations for both spanker and spankee are far more intense… check out the FREE Clip below (courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE which has a 2 minute clip of this sexy scene)

Click image below to watch this free movie clip

Get lost in Amber’s eyes as she takes on this spanking!
(then jiggles her bubble butt for further spanking mayhem)
WARNING: Viewing more of Amber exposed here WILL cause severe trouser arousal




OK, I’m spent, I don’t know about you… seriously this is STILL one of the most erotic spanking sites around, I hope that I have persuaded you to take another peek at what Amber gets up to – this is just a very small part of what she does, don’t get me started on when she gets spanked by and spanks gorgeous young ladies too! Good grief, I’d be here all night with a very unrespectable hard on and that’s very selfish –  and that is for you to discover! (Amber, that is, not my poor stiffie) So check her out, I absolutely promise you can not fail to be disappointed seeing her red bottom match her red hair! Enjoy!


Amber stars in her original site at SpankAmber.com and you can also see her give it good to lots of naughty girls in her equally classic site AmberSpanks.com (there is also an option to join both for a reduced price with one set of codes advertised on both her sites – something I can HIGHLY recommend)

“I haz Wood” –   © Spank Chief

Hot Weekend Updates

Hi everyone, I never seem to have enough time to do anything I want nowadays. Suffice to say, I haven’t updated my blogs as I wanted but I know that will change soon as long as I get events in my private life under control! Don’t you hate it when you think one thing is sorted then another comes taking up your precious time? Familes *sigh* we love them, though, eh?

OK, today was the sort of day I really didn’t want to start uploadng shed loads of spanking erotica but I had no choice as I spent all of yesterday virually in negotiation with our fuckwit neighbour, the grumbling twat showed himself up so we got most of what we wanted without going to court, but we shall see. Anyway, I’m digressing as on an anniversary that not many of us will ever forget (being as it’s “9 11”) I really didn’t want to upload rude lewd images, but I relented – so apologies to anyone who might be offended seeing me upload what I can only descibe as red hot spanking porn, and the first update below is in honour of Amber Dawn – THE babe-alicious redhead from San Francisco!


She’s been busy herself with a stressful house move, so to celebrate that it’s now over, check out what I’m sure Amber will recognize as one of her more memorable roles in her old house with a stunning lookalike called Audrey Lords (I think she is from Romania originally, these 2 could be sisters….and that’s how I’m keeping it in my mind anyway…LOL!)


Amber really goes to town on this fellow hot redhead!

Spanked over Amber’s knee, Audrey is then ball gagged, cropped, paddled and frigged off with all manor of very naughty “toys” in a long exploration of pleasure and pain! Into redheads? Into lookalikes/sisters? Into red hot erotic spankings? I HAVE F*CKING WOOD, you can see why below!






Imagine the arousing scent of these 2 kitty-kats at play in that room, oh boy! Well, this is the sort of content very representative of when Amber gets horny and spanks hthe right girl! I seriously hope these 2 get back together again for another double show! You can see the FULL movie only at AmberSpanks.com

Talking of Amber’s house move, the below movie was the last she did there, I’m sure this movie with her man means a lot as well, and I love the way she cheeks back, Amber in full brat mode is an awesome sight, and you just know she’s gonna get it good!!! Check out one of the most recent updates now available for members of SpankAmber.com



Amber’s trademark red bubble butt is given a proper send off thrashing that members of SpankAmber have been viewing for years! Simply stunning, remember there is an option to sign up to both sites for just $29.95 (each site is under 20 Bucks normally) so this beauty just keeps on giving….


My spanking photo of the week must surely go to Earl Grey, the lucky git spanking Annabelle Lee’s tight red rounded rump at Firmhandspanking.com – Not only are all their latest movies filmed in fantastic locations, all the news girls are breath taking and this spanking of Annabel is doing nothing for my trouser rocket’s comfort!

Buns bouncing, petite cheerleader Annabelle Lee grits her teeth for a spanking to remember in “Cheer Coach”. Casually hanging out at the pool, she’s alarmed to see Coach Grey arrive. Taking her parents’ car without permission deserves a spanking…and that’s just what she gets, bent over with bikini panties round her ankles. Check out those tears and her bright red buns!


Early Grey has had some stunning girls to spank recently, including Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley, see all the free preview movie clips which will leave you wanting more (sorry about that) CLICK HERE


2 girls that have really caught my eye recently are Stacey and Leandra who lucky Mike from Holland is currently “schpaannnnking” at both his sites, I shall again feature these lovelies at his uniform site but today, I want to concnetrate on this dusky dark beauty, the very lovely Stacey at his Real-Life-Spankings.com website! Check out the images and what Mike had to say about the latest dusky temptress schpannnking!

“When we visited Stacey the other day she came down the stairs dressed in a way too provocative little dress and upon asking her it became clear that she put it on on purpose so she would get spanked again. Naughty thing! Well a sore bottom is what she got. I laid her over the arm of the cane chair in her living room and gave her a sound paddling with my ping-pong paddle and also 18 strokes with My trusty old worn out birch!”




& you might want to check out Mike’s other site HERE if you can’t wait for my updates, go grab yourself a peek at the latest full movie update from the St Elizabeth Hospital section as nurses Stacey and Leandra are given a proper hard punishment at the capable hands of Dr Johnson! (blonde Leandra gets off watching stacey spanked!!!) Click on image below to take you to the latest movie!


I am waiting for the very latest update to come out at SpankingOnline – (feel free to click on the link as I know they are planning an update this weekend) I was informed that the newest model is sex on a stick and a real filthy porno minx into spanking in a big way! I’ll make sure I get a special update on that as it sounds HOT, but in the meantime, I have noticed that a new film is out at NaughtyBottom for those fans who wish to download the odd film every now and then, and what a film it is. Catered for F/F lovers it stars popular British model Paige who foolishly decides to play with herself at work then have the temerity to get caught! Uh Oh! I feel a naughty spanking movie coming on! You can check out the FREE PREVIEW HERE

I have also graciously got you a few images as well! Enjoy and I hope your weekend wherever you may be, is going well!





Marie – Teenager spanked at Amberspanks

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a real teen brat like 19 year old cheerleader Marie getting a good old fashioned hand spanking over the knees of a delightfully stern looking and super sexy Amber Dawn at AmberSpanks.com

In this latest bumper update, if you check out the image below it leads to a very special gallery I have had hosted that shows a ton of screen grabs from this very latest movie. You’ll see Amber tell off this pot smoking teen dope head in her sexy tight cheergirl uniform and haul her over her knees for a delicious and hard hand spanking!

Her curvacious body and bouncy tits pop out as she is spanked for the very first time by Amber! There are also some higher resolution images I have obtained which are available below, tell me you wouldn’t melt looking deep into Marie’s blue eyes! Mmmm!


& don’t forget that Amber has thoughtfully rewarded us if we sign up to both her sites, getting $10 off the membership using your same codes for both her sites, seriously, this lady, who has the body most teenagers would be jealous of still knows how to delight us spankos with some amazing and rare films that you just don’t get anywhere else! Bravo Amber!!
Um, I need a cold shower to calm down after updating this… 😀