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Spanking in Uniforms & other teen misdemeanors!

Always a fave subject of mine, seeing girls thrashed in various uniforms, whether they be at school, or a workplace scenario like airline attendants (they ALWAYS need a good seeing to!) or nurses (sigh)… there is a place on the internet that caters to our linky fetish and that is the appropriately named Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Below is the latest episode to appear in the “Rockford Dance Academy” series where cute naughty girls are spanked and punished by their dance instructor… so it’s an excuse to see short cheergirl and dancing skirts, panties and spankings carried out… always on the bare behind (mmm!)

Take Donna below… she’s been told to lose those extra pounds in weight if she wants to succeed at The Academy, see the screen videos from this film below and there’s a full explanation of what happens in this 2 part film!

The coach noticed that student Donna, who is in the cheerleading and ballet class, put on a bit of weight. He gave her a diet to follow but the very next day he caught her on the stairs with a big sweet sugary bottle of fizzy Cola in her hand. He dragged her by the ear inside and after a good scolding, turned the little madam over his knee and gave her a sound spanking. Then he confiscated her knickers so that the other cheerleaders could see her sore red bottom while they practiced their limbering & warm ups. How humiliating!

Check out all the various uniform punishment and spanking movies now uploaded HERE


I was checking out the galleries at SpankingServer (as one does with their membership) and came across a nice set featuring brunette model Nancy across the lap of Helen, one of the resident female dommes at the site and they make quite a pair as you’ll see below…. Helen is quite the expert at hand spanking, so I’ve learnt!!!

Ah, don’t worry… Nancy also gets her pussy strapped – if you’re into that sort of thing ūüôā


Finally, here’s a site I haven’t featured in a while and there’s a whole load of new girls that are filming their content and posting it to Spanked-at-Home.com – if you don’t know just how hot some of these girls are, then take a look, these are authentic girls spanked in their homes, like the amazing Amelie below, huge doe eyes and a most spankable bottom that itches to be thrashed, the images below all lead to full galleries… Amelie is german, but if you don’t speak the language, don’t let that put you off, her stunning rounded bottom, curves, big eyes and real tears more than make up for the language barrier… and you’ll soon understand what is happening anyway ūüôā (I did!)

The girls below include Justine from Norway, Aileen (half Chinese and German), Nadine (German) and Amy Hunter… who speaks… German! As I said, language in these films is NO problem, you understand full well what these girls have done and what happens to them is the same in EVERY language!

See all the girls HERE – now over 105 movies to download with one membership!!!

I hope you are all gearing yourselves up for the Royal Wedding (lol) Chief here has ensured he has included himself in the Royal Photo… click on the image below and you’ll see where I’m hidden… heh heh!


Girls getting it good!

Whether you’re in America or the UK, you’ll always find a certain group of girls working with a few sites producing their own unique and well known reactions to a spanking caning or whatever punishment like a strapping that they get! Now this is a site I haven’t featured much of, God knows why, as it has improved so much over the last few years with an impressive array of girls and a refreshing input from real live wives and girlfriends of spankos which makes this a British spanking site well worth a peek if you’re into hearing English accents and girls getting a good hard thrashing as you’d expect from any website based in the UK! This site is ENGLISH-SPANKERS

What I’ve done here is choose a few galleries and I’m sure you’ll recognise the girls, and in no particular order of favoritism there are girls such as Sasha, Leia-Ann, Pandora, Zoe and others I’m sure you’ll know well! Click on the images below for access to the Free Galleries!

If you want to see more from this site I have also added more specialist spanking galleries including movies at the dedicated FREE Gallery page and FREE Movie Clips section.

I can assure you also that should you wish to check out the site further, the extensive tour pages cover some great free content showcasing what’s available with the very latest updates with a detailed description of what members should expect (and it’s a lot!). All movies are Hi Res widescreen playback giving you a proper viewing experience you can place onto your large LCD or Plasma TV! So if you’re into seeing English girls getting spanked… Then check it out HERE


A spanking at home is the only thing to keep this delinquent teenager in check as she returns back to the family household in shame after failing miserably for the 1st time away from home at University, dropping out because of her hedonistic lifestyle! Well, all that is over for Jasmine as she soon finds out and the Rules in this House have become all the more severe! If you click on the image below it gives you a nice preview clip and some cracking images, I just LOVE the way Jasmine‚Äôs toned teen legs are splayed across Pop‚Äôs knee‚Ķ I‚Äôm sure he does too ‚Äď can you see the box of Kleenix tissues nearby in the images?

No doubt he’ll be in need of those, I know I would with Jasmine’s wriggling bare crotch and bottom pressed into my groin!!! All images and clips are courtesy of THEBAREBOTTOM.com Рwhere all movies here are still totally exclusive to this site! (which is why I am happy to let you know this)

As a tribute to the very sexy Jasmine, I have provided you with a short scene of her spanking, this movie is a long play one and the spankings are simply stunning, from the moment you see her bottom to the end when it is completely red and sore 20 minutes later!

You can see ALL of this movie and MORE at this link HERE


Amber Pixie Wells is for me one of the most striking girls from the USA and I decided to take a look at some of her previous work… as you do… & came across this film which I have the images for as well (I always keep the image sets next to my movies!) I am of course talking about the wonderful Punished Brats &¬†you‚Äôll understand why watching this oh so cute brat getting her pert toned butt thrashed is such addictive viewing, eh?

Here’s the storyline behind this latest movie: Pixie has been warned time and again that if she keeps crossing the line with her step mum Veronica, she is going to get spanked. Pixie has heard the threat one too many times and scoffs in defiance. Unfortunately for her, Veronica is about to make good on her promise. She grabs a hairbrush and spanks Pixie’s naughty bottom to a bright red. She ignores the girl’s assurances to behave. After all, it’s only promises, promises.



Spanked At Home is one of those sites that only employs real life amateur spakos to film their exploits and send it to the webmaster of the site who later edits the data and places it up online for us all to view! Yup, you get to see these girls in their homes getting spanked abused and throroughly punished as they would be without the cameras there! It’s a great site and has a vast growing archive of spanking content, below, youwill see just 2 of the recent updates. Click on any image to enter the site’s Home Page where you will find a full explanations of all the recent films so you are in no doubt what this site is about!

Justine is the redhead girl from just outside of Oslo in Norway and I once had the pleasure of spanking her myself – she filmed many films for this site, as part of a young real life spanking couple showing us what happens when she is naughty! See Justine and her partner, Arnold, give us an insight into their lives and this very naughty girl ALWAYS gets a hard spanking caning or strapping across her well punished butt!

BAD DAYS ‚Äď with Justine

After misbehaving a lot recently, Justine has to feel the pain of a hard punishment again on her white cheeks. Spanked with a nasty leather tawse and a solid wooden paddle in a sexy schoolgirl’s outfit, she soon remembers how painful these type of punishments and discipline can be, so much so that she blubs like a schoolgirl too!

The 2nd film update features the gorgeous asian beauty called Aileen from Germany! Simply stunning, just check out how red her tight teen cheeks become when Alex finishes with them!

Raw eggs ‚Äď with Aileen see free gallery & movie clips HERE (or click image below)

Naughty Aileen thinks it’s funny to put some raw eggs into one of Alex’s shoes. However, he fails to see the funny side when he finds out what shehas done. He immediately fetches a nasty hard hairbrush and takes Aileen over his knee for a sound spanking and a hard dose of that hairbrush on her reddening cheeks. A good hard punishment with real tears showing on her beautiful face!

Remember that you can check out more FREE Galleries from the Spanked At Home tour pages so you will see and understand more of what this great site is about!


Home Spankings

Hi everyone, I’m sick of the sight of turkey right now, I’m still so stuffed and bloated that even writing about it, the thought of one more “waffer thin mint” will make me explode, and I really would like to write about a cute girl spanked at home rather than pick up my entrails over the keyboard… the same goes for alcohol, I have found it is not the answer…or solution… to all my problems, unfortunately!

If you want to see the “waffer thin mint scene” go to 4 minutes and view!

Fortunately I knew when to stop so am merely just stuck in my computer chair, dribbling, as I checked out lovely teen girl next door of¬†Amelie in some of her new films from Spanked-at-Home who are updating again, and how – so they get my “thumbs up” especially as if you’ve never joined this site there now are around 110 full length films to download and it looks as if Amelie is the latest fave (she is cute!) getting some very hard punishments courtesy of Alex. You will see her get a very real tearful OTK spanking from her latest film and a hard caning in her bedroom without much introduction… across her already previously spanked cheeks for another naughty previous infraction! Enjoy the images I have got for you and you’ll see why Amelie, with the other girls next door¬†is very addictive holiday viewing!

Amelie in her latest film: “Budget Exceeded!”Amelie is spanked with her pantyhose on, then they are pulled down for a proper OTK spanking!

In these hard pressed financially difficult times, especially this time of year –¬†This isn’t the 1st time that Amelie exceeded the budget set by Alex for her mobile cellphone.¬†He had warned her about this before but obviously not forcefully enough as it appears she only learns when she’s given a proper spanking so Alex does what is needed and gives her an eye watering spanking that you can see from some choice images below!





See more of her pantyhose spanking & bare bottom punishment HERE

OK, want to see how Amelie’s bottom was already so red before this spanking? Of course you do! Check out her nasty caning punishment which is typical of so many films from Spanked-at-Home¬†where many scenes of girls like her are filmed in their bedrooms, for me, the most “Holy of Holies” – in that punishing a girl in her safe haven environment is the sort of best deterrent to modify a naughty cheeky girl’s behavior! I love the humiliation angle of this and as you’ll see below, Amelie’s bottom is quickly exposed and she’s bent over and made to present it for the cane!

A dirty uncleaned kitchen means a very sore bottom for Amelie!

Amelie knows in Alex’s house that¬†domestic duties are more important than her leisure &¬†pleasure! She knows damn well from past experience what will happen, if she was to ignore this rule! So¬†when Alex found Amelie on her bed, watching TV, while the kitchen was a disgusting¬†mess, he didn’t attempt to chastise or talk to her about it, or the duties etc and being lazy… (blah blah blah)¬†oh no, he just¬†went into punishment mode and gave her a severe¬†caning on her bare bottom, which, once again, was still sore from a previous spanking¬†only the day before! Yup, Amelie really IS the naughty girl next door we’d ALL love to spank¬†, strap and cane if we were given the chance, and who can blame me or you? Just look at her puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous meaty bum of hers that screams “SPANK ME!”





Finally just to show you what is available from the archives of Spanked at Home with Alex and his girls, here’s a couple of movie favorites of mine with he and Maggy (another girl with a fantastic spankable arse) that many will of course recognise from Girls Boarding School as she was one of the residents there. Well, she has already proved that she can take virtually anything dished out to her by Headmaster Tom, and at home, Maggy always got much more of the same, and she also showed us just what a naughty girl she was too!

Maggy is taught in the movie “A Time to Reflect” that playing with herself has more consequences!

Feeling horny and thinking that she was all alone in the house, Maggy jumped into bed with one of her ‘toys’ to play with herself a little. So imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appeared and made it clear that he was very unimpressed with her actions as you’ll see from some of the humiliating positions he places her in to take advantage of properly spanking her big rounded butt and being able to easily spy on her pussy to further shame her for her selfish actions!



Boyfriend/girlfriend punishments in the home are so much more intimate and explicit in the shameful discipline that is carried out, below is another example when Maggy pretended to be ill to get off going to an Exam, Alex took matters “into his own hands” to see if she really was faking it – or not!

Maggy wondered how the hell it came to this with another humiliating bare bottom caning!

Alex tried to get Maggy up and out of bed, as she had an important exam at school. Maggy told him that she was feeling unwell and that it wasn’t Exam Day so it wouldn’t be too bad if she stayed in bed. Alex was naturally¬†suspicious and decided to take Maggy’s temperature inserting it into her anus (well, if she was faking, he’d better get a head start on humiliating the girl, eh?) He was right, of course, it became apparent that she was lying and therefore Maggy had to take a severe spanking and caning with her bottom stuck up high in the air for his (and ours) viewing pleasure!



See plenty more girls next door punishments only from Spanked at Home

& to those unfortunate folk caught up in the snow storms of East Coast USA… I’m feeling for you! Stay at home and relax in front of the warm fireplace and enjoy some spanking movies instead ūüôā

Teens & Naughty Girl Spankings!

Well, I have been rather busy today catching up on all my boring admin stuff and also getting a new CCTV system installed at my place thanks to our fuckwit neighbor who hasn’t joined the Human race yet so can only understand how to bully but this system is so cool it will catch him up to all sorts of no good if he persists, hopefully the dumb fucker will finally realize we mean business… but enough of my troubles, I couldn’t check my spanking stuff until the engineers had left and I decided to do something a little different and start with a site I haven’t shared with you in a while but since they are updating again with NEW girls and updates it’s worth me letting you in on this excellent site that currently contains 108 full length movies of girls next door Spanked-At-Home

One of my faves is on there, Justine from Norway, and I’ve covered her many times in the past – but here is a girl I haven’t shown¬†before and I am positive no one else has shown her outside the members area in such¬†detail before and quite frankly, her OTK spanking –¬†thanks to Alex, is simply wonderful!

Welcome new girl Amelie – now one of Alex’s girls to play upon at home!



This is the story of Amelie: When Alex came home, he found a girl he didn’t know¬†in his Living Room. She pretended to be the neighbor and wanted to have a look if everything was alright, because she found a key in front of the main door. However, when he checked out¬†her shoulder bag, it was clear that she has stolen the key to burgle Alex’s house as there were items inside the beg that she had taken! The girl was given a¬†choice: either Alex was¬†calling the police straight away or she’d get a severe OTK spanking and would even have to stay at Alex’s house for the next three months to learn how to behave. The girl, whose name is we now know as¬†Amelie, reluctantly decided to take the second option and¬†you’ll see her fabulous wobbling bottom¬†given a¬†sound¬†spanking on the bare! See the wmv clip below and the image grabs taken from the full length movie!



I can honestly tell you that watching Amelie’s jiggling bottom spanked over his lap is highly addictive viewing, this spanking alone is worth every penny of the site entry fee, but all joking aside, it’s a great movie and compliments all the other fantatsic hard no nonsesne home punishments that are contaioned at the unique (and updated again) site Spanked-at-Home.com

Welcome back Spanked-at-Home.com ūüėÄ


The next series of updates from Amber dawn at AmberSpanks.com is rather hot, so please if the sight of 2 hot horny chicks getting it on, playing with each other, using toys, crops and smearing baby oil over their warmed bottoms and bodies is not your thing whilst in a spanko context, please go away: for everyone else, prepare for take off in this latest series of achingly hot female spankings at the slippery hands of one very naughty Amber! (I hope Amber reads this and takes note that I want to see MORE of Marlena if she would like to welcome her back… I’m sure many others would like that too!)

Amber plays with sexy pigtailed Marlena’s soaking wet kitty-kat




Marlena getting off on her spanking and very naughty playtime with Amber!


If anyone is in any doubt as to how sexy these series of movies are, Amber enjoys her work with the ladies and when the right hottie comes along, just like Marlena, we are all treated to some of the horniest spanking playtime punishments seen on film! F/F lovers have found this site, if you haven’t taken a look, and thinks it’s something you “might” be interested in, don’t take my word for it, I’ve covered Amber’s sites often, there’s a whole world of spanko goodness here and I now have serious “Wood!”

See MORE of Amber spanking her girlfriends like Marlena HERE *drool*


Finally, I have got you a another fantastic exclusive Free Clip of possibly one of my most lusted after beauties from FirmHandSpanking Рthe beautiful and very bratty Adrienne Black Рas tall as a Redwood and a simply stunning sight with her long lonnng slinky legs and tight pert bum cheeks  Рcausing me SEVERE Trouser Rumblings. I swear they deliberately cast Earl Grey to punish Adrienne, seeing as he is not the tallest fella about, but any comedy references to the difference in height between them is soon dispelled in this latest movie update of  Adrienne as she is caned (yes CANED!) rather hard, first across her tight while dress and then on the bare! & I have got you a free clip to show you part of this fabulous punishment! (there are also some images that members can download too, of course)

The below images are full size and a small selection that compliment this update! The story is that in her ongoing College Discipline program, Adrienne thinks she can do as she wishes at home when her adoring father is away but Earl Grey is there to keep her on the straight and narrow! He¬†catches her trying to drink a very expensive bottle of champagne – apart from her being barely of legal age to drink with her astounding ignorance and¬†arrogance – she is given the cane with 6 over her dress and 6 on her bared cheeks – this is something young bratty American girls should feel more of, I feel, but what the hell do I know – it’s obvious they HATE it with a vengeance! Nice one Earl! ūüėČ



SEE MORE OF STUNNING ADRIENNE (& other amazing girls) HERE

Brynn Tyler at SpankedSweeties

Clare Fonda has unearthed a gorgeous new teenage spanking honey in the form of Brynn Tyler! I am guessing this is her very first online shoot that she did at SpankedSweeties as I’ve never seen her before. SpankedSweeties¬†is basically Clare’s specialist intro site for newbies who explain a little about themselves and explore their own fantasies and previous spankings and act it out for all us lucky folk to enjoy!
The site isn’t all about first timers though, there are plenty of regular spankees who come here and act out their wildest spanking stories amking this an addictive one to keep tans on, I prefer to do this via the Clare Fonda Pass network which costs¬†a little more per month but when you see what you get for all that spanking goodness, it makes total sense!!!

Brynn Tyler yesterday ūüôā

However, today I’m focussing on the very luscious Brynn (above), who really has a fresh new look and what’s more, when I started watching the first parts to her first¬†movie now being shown¬†earlier today, I spluttered my cornflakes over my keyboard (serves me right for multitasking) when she got spanked by Clare over her tight “Daisy Duke” denim shorts – oh boy….that wasn’t the only mess I was clearing up afterwards … ahem! Well, you’ll see that Clare spanked and paddled Brynn over her shorts then of course spanked her bare bubble butt OTK!

This movie, Brynn pretends to eat her food and is caught out lying to Clare. She may be 18 years old, but she’s not too old for a thrashing for being such a brat! This is what Clare had to say about her new girl in this movie: Brynn is not a heavy player but has a cute little bottom and as her model friend Mia Lelani said – “does not mind a good spanking!”¬†She is a pretty model who is highly reactive when spanked. Enjoy her spanking stories and scenes. (Chief: “we will!”)




You can see the FULL movie here at spankedSweeties.com

or you can view thsi site as part of the Clare Fonda Pass network

Have a good weekend, I am including some of my posts I make here also available at spankingBlogg so if you see double or part of this, you’re not going mad, I’m just trying out a way of backing up more content ūüôā

Oh, and thanks to a couple of you who took time to write to me personally on my “soapbox” rants yesterday (LOL, thanks for your understanding)¬†I might make it a weekly feature…perhaps I should call it “And another thing…”

OK, have a good one whatever you’re up to, remember to check out my other stuff below! these will all be updated today or tommorow. Chief.


Jasmine wets herself before her spanking!

Waiting for any punishment is worrying enough, but in this classic movie which is only available from SPANKINGONLINE beautiful and very naughty teenager Jasmine has been waiting, scared, on the stairs for her nasty Uncle to come home and spank her, and she knows he likes to spank her wobbling cheeks hard!
The last time she was late for a punishment he thrashed her so severely with the old family Lochelly Tawse she cried herself to sleep and she didn’t want to move, so much so that she actually peed her pants, afraid to leave the stairway in case he returned whilst she was on the toilet.

So she hopes that when he’s back he won’t notice the soaking wet panties and hopes he just gets on with it when he’ll ask her to remove her knickers and get the wretched spanking over with! WRONG!!! This girl is even MORE foolish than we all suspected as he’ll no doubt feel her damp cheeks and then investigate, but she’s desperate and hopes aginst hope she can get away with it! Check out the images from this full length movie below.


This clip is a cut version of the exact quality WMV format that members have downloaded!

There’s so much¬†MORE content of gorgeous Jasmine at this site making it a “must see” and if you check out the HOME PAGE HERE there’s a great offer which makes signing up even MORE enjoyable as you’ll be able to relax and download all of naughty jasmine’s movie here!!

Teenage Punishments

I got some varied stuff today including some nice ass pics that are damn sexy that I found hunting around on t’internet (as you do!!!)

Sp without waffling, here’s the first update of the day from GirlsBoardingSchool A Super sexy schoolgirl is reduced to a snivelling wreck by Headmaster Tom in this classic carpet bun beating movie….

Scared and sniffing already, she removed her jeans when ordered to as he wielded that ferocious stinging carpet beater that was soonto taste her plump teen cheeks! This is a totally exclkusive classic not found anywhere else and features some cracking European girls taking some damned hard and painful punishments across their bare buttocks! “I haz wood!”

You can see all the very latest updates with more free galleries HERE

Now Justine is a firm fave of mine and I thought I had informed my spankingblogg readership of her last movie, which I have just seen in full from Spanked-at-Home and it is up to the usual excellent quality! Watching Justine take a hard thrashing at home off her (always angry) partner Arnold is like¬†a drug, I need to see more. I can’t wait for the next redheaded “girl next door”¬†punishment! Doesn’t she just cry beautifully? ūüėÄ

Images below taken from Spanked-at-Home.com


There are some more galleries and clips that I have found of Justine, one of the growing number of girls/victims who are punished at home by their loved ones and these are REAL girls next door thrashed for our viewing pleasure in HQ wmv playback!!!
Justine was 19/20 years old when these films were taken, you think she’d have known better by then!

Images below lead to special galleries of Justine at Spanked at Home

and finally, as promised, a few pics of some gorgeous looking ass, provocatively covered and begging for the underwear to be peeled off and spanked…see for yourself!!! WARNING: Highly erotic and WILL cause trouser arousal if viewed for too long!

Phew! Hope you didn’t mind me including a few cameltoe pics, just that shape (uh oh, need to go grab a cold shower!!!!)