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AAA Spanking – I own up :)

OK, I was going to tell you ages ago but wasn’t sure of the reaction I’d get but I’d rather be honest with you guys online so I admit that I actually run the new spanking site “Triple A Spanking” AAAspanking.com – It has been a long, slow, painful and expensive process and something I had wanted to do for an age wanting to do my own thing after being on the sidelines for so long –  as I don’t have the luxury of being able to film in my own home and am not a gorgeous spanking model that won’t have to pay Top Dollar to appear… now, I was hoping to have got this site out well before Christmas 2010 and had started filming way back in September with the kind help of some good spanko peeps (Paul and co from Northern Spanking and Jean Bradley of YorkshireSpanking – my thanks to you!) It’s nice to know there are some good folk out there! I had been handicapped by expense and cancellations and the sheer time of setting it all up, so anyone doubting this should try it on their own… If any of you are interested, I will post just how difficult it was and the decisions I had to make but won’t bore you with that now! Still, it’s up now – opened on Jan 15th I had started to promote it softly as there’s still so much to do and anyone thinking I’m going to make a ton of money off this are utterly deluded but now most issues are ironed out so it’s full steam ahaead! 🙂 I doubt I’ll even break even for the 1st 12-18 months as we plan to re-invest in more models and film shoots but do plan to do the following as I know it is a long term project, we hope to take the site to America at some point this year – that’s all I will say, we also hope to make Vegas later in the year so hope to meet many producers and modles we admire on our side of “The Pond” here and bring in some of the best girls there and give them a good ol’ dose of British discipline! Now, I am one site amongst 100s in this great fetish we love and “yes” it’s a commercial spanking site, about 90% of them are and have to be if they want to continue and expand as overheads are shocking! (Models, locations, time spent editing & webmastering, billing processing fees and such) – But what I want to do is make sure that this site becomes more model driven… I want whoever films with us to have a say in what they do or want to explore as well as deciding now that I want to involve YOU, my readership… and to get this going I have decided to let YOU come up with some storylines you’d like to see at our next filmshoot in February!

I won’t tell you who the girls are for now (until I contact them see if they’re happy to be mentioned in advance) but they are 2 well known established models who I know will be great together, one who is new to the site and we have been after her for an age. However, what I will do is show you the probable sets in advance and imagine that there are both girls, we will cover F/F, and harder scenes of spanking, strapping, caning – & will cover schoolgirl/domestic discipline. What I want you guys to do is come up with a great storyline, want to see something different? Within reason I’ll choose about 4 or 5 plots if they are do-able and I can promise you there will be pyjamas and bedroom punishments and I am trying to purchase a cool uniform on eBay (I’m gonna tease you and won’t let you know until we filmed it as I’m a rubbish bidder on eBay, lol!) – but it will be a cracker if I get it!!! By all means leave a comment here but you can also mail me directly at webmaster (at) aaaspanking dot com (I’ve done it like that to stop spammers killing my mail address) – All communication here is strictly confidential and I will answer all mail! So below are the probable areas that we will film, there are 2 bedrooms, and a modern bathroom which is not featured. As I said, this will be filmed around mid February so get your ideas in quick and as soon as the film shoot is over I’ll let you guys know more inside info, I aim to do this more as well!



So my blogs will be more driven with stories of spanking shoots, behind the scenes stuff that no one else can provide, personal views and images taken of the day with special extras that of course no other blog or site would be able to give you, so hopefully this will make things here a little more interesting! I will of course STILL show you what I love watching online and will continue to provide special snippets, clips and free info/Offers and pics as I have always done in the past where possible of all my fave sites that you know I report on here – it’s just I will, of course, also feature my own site from now on, naturally.

OK, enough of my waffle: I am going to show you a few images of what members will be able to download very soon, these images are from films not yet shown, so to let you know that there are some cracking movies coming up! After that, I am featuring a current film with a different preview clip that is not available anywhere else in the original Wmv playback! I hope you like what is coming and what is currently available on the site!




All the above images are taken from forthcoming movie updates (I’ve also reduced them to 900pixels wide) and these are just some of what to expect, and naturally I’d be able to tell you stuff like Kami Robertson wearing her red Flamenco dress, she had wanted to be spanked in that and this was the first time she had worn it, so we were pleased to “do the honors” and initiate it with a good hard slippering on her fab bare bottom – or that an image you can see of Leia and Pandora in the hot tub was the last movie of that particular film shoot and it was absolutely freezing and raining so the girls wanted to get back in the comfort of the hot tub with my last bottle of 2003 Rioja Reserva (I’d been saving that with a fine cigar, lol!) I hope they appreciated that bottle! Anyway, this is all to come and below is a film that members have viewed and stars Sara Winter & Cindy Hodges. (Wynter & Donna to some, but they wanted to change their screen names so we obliged).

The below clip from the movie “Post Party Punishment” is exclusively provided here

I can tell you that both girls were really playing up and that hairbrush got harder and harder, especially across Cindy’s backside (shown above) as she was just so damned cheeky! Perhaps I should have laid off the bottom rubbing but this was, after all, a spanko household – we have discussed our next shoot and when it’s punishment spankings, there will be some proper “man spankings” going on, which we are looking forward to giving! Check out the additional images taken from the film and I have included the official storyline below that taken from the website:




Cindy & Sara have had a wild party when their friend & landlord, John, was away on business! This pair had met John at a Fetish Party in the Midlands & are now lodgers of his – but these girls are always abusing his trust & good nature so it comes as no surprise that he gets to spank & correct these wayward girls when he sees fit! This time, however, the girls have been caught out as he got back early from his business trip & finds his house in a right mess with the girls upstairs, hungover & hardly able to get out of bed! John takes Cindy, the mouthy one, over his knee first as he makes Sara watch what’s coming to her! The girls soon get the hairbrush across their bare bottoms as John takes great delight in spanking & leering at their reddening cheeks, rubbing them gleefully in between feeling the heat of their butt cheeks as he gets in the zone! Take a peek behind the closed doors of this spanko household somewhere near you!

Please do check out the site if you haven’t already HERE – there’s tons of free spanking movie previews on all 3 tour pages! I also updated it earlier with 2 movie clips rather than one… why? Well, I thought it only fair, that as this movie is half an hour long, if I had given you the first clip it would have been just dialog, it’s actually a great film with Paul and Jean but I felt that you would at least want to see some “action” and you do indeed get to see some great hard spanking that had poor Paul’s hand stinging – darn it, that Miss Bradley… buns of “bleedin’ steel!!!” Apart from the long films I will aim to get a movie out practically one a week depending on the length of them so this site should grow very  quickly! Anyway, it’s NOT a review, I’ll let others do that in their own time 😉

So please help me with some interesting storylines if you like! – I’d really welcome feedback too – without this the site can not improve and we are also planning, after experimenting with new playback formats to bring out movies in complimentary full size MP4 format as this is even crisper and clearer in HD and that can only be a good thing. I’m hoping to bring this out in 1280 pixel widescreen very soon and I have checked some of it and it knocks spots off wmv – Microsoft media is starting to lag behind so we intend to make it the secondary file format sometime soon but it will still be there as I do know, like myself, there are many who are loathe to try other formats, even if the media players nowadays out there like VLAN and even Real Player play all sorts of formats including Wmv! We won’t include the old movies as “updates” or remasters as that’s unfair, we will just advise in the member section what has been updated and of course, I’ll let everyone know here any new developments! Hope it meets with your approval, there’s plenty more we are planning but I certainly don’t want to give away all our ideas, of course!

Please also note, if you are a female model and would like to be considered in future – please contact my webmaster address or check out my profile and use that one provided.

Have a good one!
Chief. (aka John Osborne!)

Pillow Fight

This is a unique Girl/Girl punishment film – in that it features 2 massive spanking stars now sadly retired from “The Scene” but will never be forgotten… what’s more, when you see who the Mistress is, you just know that this spanking and punishment film is going to be well worth watching! OK, enough of the teasing, this film, called “Pillow Fight” stars Rosaleen Young and Niki Flynn, with Shanelle (who takes no nonsense from either girl) when it’s time for their punishment!

PillowFight – The NEW pay per download option from NaughtyBottom.com

Rosaleen and Niki got into a pillowfight that was out of control as both girls screeched and fought until Miss Van Dyer arrived in their Dorm Room wondering what all the noise was about when they should have been getting ready for bedtime! The girls knew the rules, even if it was light outside, it was bed by 8pm! When the girls continued to brat amongst themselves they only got themselves into further trouble as each girl was taken over the Dorm Mistress’ knee for a short sharp shock spanking but this still wasn’t enough until both girls were placed side by side and given the slipper which soon brought the sound of sniffing and sobbing instead of the bitchy comments and continued bratty behavior! This bedroom punishment movie is now finally available for those that just want to download the odd movie and this latest addition comes complete with a full set of video images as well (see some sample below)





Currently , there’s a FULL 75+ movie listing of all pay per download films HERE including most with free preview clips and full storylines and images so you can see what the films are about to help you decide, it’s also a great way to get lost in a maze of spanking previews and well worth a peek if you have never seen this site offering these sort of cheap options before. The movies are not streamed, so once you download them, you can keep them and play them back until your laptop explodes or you do, whichever comes first!

Spanked & thrashed with the Belt

If wanting to see Kami Robertson appear in brand new unseen movies is your thing, then check out the new spanking website AAAspanking.com which I featured very recently. I have downloaded this fine movie and knowing Kami, this is a hard movie with some good scenes of a leather belt used hard and furiously against her exposed cheeks! Check out the free clip I have made (from teen spankings tube website) below and you’ll see what I mean. If you then want to check out the quality of the actual Wmv movie then I have some screen images taken directly from the HD movie download… then decide for yourself!

The storyline description is given below (with screen images):
BROKEN GLASS: Kami is employed by the Osborne Family to clean their old house, she has been in the employ of these old school disciplinarians for some time but she sticks with it because they pay her well for her services so when she accidentally breaks a large glass she knows she’s in trouble but not as much as she thought she’d be. John is devastated that an old family heirloom is shattered in pieces and he takes it out on Kami’s perky behind! See her spanked in her sexy Maid outfit and frilly knickers but then John removes his belt and she feels the leather stinging across her bared cheeks from a severe thrashing until they are molten red and she’s in real tears!

Check out these hot images of delightful Kami Robertson
( who stars in a shed load of new films like this cracker!)






Check out more previews including this wonderful movie HERE

Kat St James “Brat Kat”

Beautiful Kat St James is a very well known spanking model nowadays, and I have always rather wondered what she’d be like properly and utterly man spanked! Well, I need not worry, I know that she and her partner are very much into their spankings but I wondered what would it be like to see her spanked hard over, say… the lap of Dallas?

Well, I need not have wondered if I had looked sooner at the excellent Dallas Spanks Hard (DSH) as Kat had finally turned up for a full day’s shoot at his place and, boy, did she get it! What was amusing, in the interviews before her 1st spanking was the fact she was wearing a derogatory tee shirt with “Dallas Spanks Soft” – well, way to go girl, wind the fella up, why don’t you? I was also rather intrigued as to Kat’s tolerance for certain wooden objects across her bared buttocks, as she was not best keen on that – well, as Dallas had said, she had taken his hospitality, enjoyed the pool, now it was time to bend over and take her thrashing! So enough of my waffle too, see the results of one of her first punishments below! Ouch… ouch, ouch, ouch!




I have got you a free long play clip of Dallas spanking bratty Kat over his knee from the image above, this is courtesy of DallasSpanksHard – see below!

If you like the above you’ll maybe also like to see how she got in later on after this with yet more paddles brushes and of course Dallas’ shovel hands!



If you want to see more of Kat spanked by Dallas – Please click HERE

Sarah Gregory Updates

I know there are those that love to see what Sarah Gregory is up to, I know I do and have been really impressed with some of her most recent films coming out as you may have seen from my last update on this blog. Even if you may not have wanted to comment or ask her questions when I presented you withthe opportunity to from my recent attempted Q&A post where I asked any of you to leave comments (across 3 blogs I had ONE question… just 1!!! which is  pretty poor, I know!)

“I’m seriously unimpressed, soldier!”

So I won’t be bothering asking in future – so without the interactive feel, here are the latest galleries that you can see showing you images from Sarah’s latest hot movies! If that’s what you’d like to see, then fine… I’m only going to be featuring her images for now as cutting clips and presenting them so you can actually see what her movies look like takes too long for me and kills my bandwidth so unless I have any genuine interest, I may reconsider but otherwise, members of course, can view her unique and exclusive content in the privacy of their own time and it’s far better than these images but they give you a good idea, of course!

Take a look at the images below, click on them and they lead to Sarah’s own prepared galleries that explain the storylines of her updates. Enjoy!

Sarah’s Therapy: This video was very real for Sarah, it was based on some actual issues that she has been dealing with such as, taking care of herself and eating properly. She has explored the idea of getting spanked by a therapist on other websites, and now she gets to explore it on her own site. Watch Sarah get a very realistic hard bare bottom spanking and strapping from Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Pretty and Spanked: Kyle’s Girlfriend Sarah decides to dress in slutty lingerie when Kyle’s friends are coming over, to “show off” her goods in front of them! Kyle asks her politely many times to get dressed, and she refuses and throws a tantrum. Kyle finally has enough and decides to take his beautiful bratty girlfriend over his knee for a long hard spanking over her sheer lingerie before pulling the bottoms down for a long hard bare bottom spanking!


Slumber Party Blues: (the above 2 galleries continue to show Kisa getting her own back on Sarah & Kat!) 
Sarah and Kat’s parents tell them they have to invite Kisa, the most unpopular girl in school. So, they cope with the situation by being very very mean to her when she arrives. They hide her phone, make fun of her, and even scare her. However, Kisa has plans for her own revenge on these two mean girls and it involves two very sore, red bottoms as you’ll have seen (above)

Up all night: (This is one hot movie I like!!!) Sarah and Emma are having a sleep over. They are old enough to not have a bedtime, but Sarah’s father has asked them to keep it down as he has to get up for work in the morning. After he has to come in three times to ask them to quiet down, he is not too happy. He spanks his naughty daughter in front of her friend, then spanks her friend, and then to make sure his message finally got across, spanks them side by side (as you do, eh?)

Finally, if you taker a look at sarah’s HOME PAGE you’ll see this brand new movie just released with her over Alicia Panettiere’s lap… uh oh!!!

Spankings from Holland!

I hope you enjoy this bumper update today from our Dutch Spank Meister, Mike from his 2 excellent sites! He has managed to entice many a Brit girl over to bend and take their punishment but today I’d like to focus on some many recent updates from both his sites that feature girls from his native Holland, for they are very naughty girls in much need of a damned hard “schpannking!” Apart from finding their accents a turn on, seeing these girls get their just desserts is a real treat and today I’ll start with Mike’s Real-Life-Spankings site where the trilogy of bad girl Julie, a well known naughty Dutch girl featured often at both his sites – here you’ll see her over 3 amazing film parts take a long suffering weekend of utter humiliation and spanking punishments in her training to be a better behaved young lady! (Good luck, Mike… you’ll need it!)

Julie gets it from the moment she wakes up late…. see more below



In part one Julie arrives and she has to change into her humiliating little girl punishment outfit. She is inspected, has to remove her make-up and her punishment weekend begins.The next morning she oversleeps and is pulled out of bed for her stinging
morning spanking. She then has to clean the kitchen but after putting 3 dirty mugs into the cupboard, she is bent over the dining room table and her bottom gets a sound spanking with a hard wooden spatula. She is then put into the corner for 1 hour!



In part two Julie gets her 6 stroke Saturday night bedtime caning and is followed by her Sunday morning spanking. Then she is taken out into the garden where she has to do some excersises to wake her up and get her ready for the day’s chores…



In the final part of Julie’s humiliating punishment weekend spanking she earns her sore wobbling butt a blistering strapping! You know that the polo shirted hero, Mike gives Julie’s delicious bottom his best attentions as it quickly turns a glowing shade of burning red! Mike of course shares this knowledge with us about her final strappings!

“Julie gets a sound strapping over the side of the couch after Sunday lunch and then she is ordered to scrub the entire floor. Upon inspection she didn’t clean underneath the tables and couch so she was bent over, skirt up, panties down and she got a sound bare bottom birching. Then she had to scrub the areas she neglected with her bottom bared!”



Now there are some fascinating punishments of girls in various sexy uniforms at the aptly named Spanked-in-Uniform.com and today I’m covering the latest updates which cover French maids, Nurses and Airline Attendants! Mmmm!

So to Birchrod Inn – the training hotel for errant hotel workers, waitresses and maids that have a real attitude problem and are sent to this institution for much needed correction and this latest movie is no exception!

Pretty Monique in the film “Attitude Adjustment”

This is the explanation of her discipline program: Young Monique was sent from the Castle Hotel because the little madam had an attitude problem. She felts she was above the menial tasks such as cleaning bathrooms etc. so her manager sent her to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days training. She was told by Mr Johnson to clean the hotel toilets with a toothbrush to teach her humility but she didn’t clean them properly so she was soon over his knee getting a good spanking. She was told  to clean them again but when she tried to run away, she was caught, got a quick over the leg spanking and a good hard birching over the back of the sofa!





Nurse Amy quickly learns that St Elizabeth’s is a Spanko Hospital!

Nurse Donna told the new nurse Amy that the uniform code at St Elizabeth is very strict and that Dr Johnson will spank her if she doesn’t wear her full clean uniform. Amy decided to show up the next day without panties and she even convinced Donna to take her own off as well. Obviously, Dr Johnson saw this disgraceful act and both nurses got a hard spanking then and were told to stand in the corner until he returned. When he came back he found the nurses rubbing lotion on each other’s sore bottoms so they were both laid over the hospital bed and they both got a hard strapping followed by more humiliating cornertime!





Leandra & Stacey’s slouching at Departures earns them “Posture training” discipline

Leandra and Stacey were on duty in Departures and when Mr Johnson went to check on them. He noticed that they were slouching and had shown bad posture bringing the airline’s appearance into disrepute! He took them upstairs for some “posture training”. With books on their heads, their skirts tucked in and their panties mid thigh, they had to learn to walk like proper young ladies. If the books fell, which they did, they were paddled. He then put them both over his knee and gave them both a much needed spanking and sent them back to the Departure Lounge.




To see all the latest punishments of girls in their uniforms – CLICK HERE

Shay Hendrix – Spellings & Spankings

How anyone can overlook this movie is beyond me so I decided to let you see this for yourself! It’s one of the many archived schoolgirl movies from Spankedschoolgirl.com and stars Shay Hendrix in one of her very earliest roles as a spankee. I don’t think she has starred as a submissive since so that makes this film and her other films that she made for this site and the Xerotics network all the more rare and collectable!

She has the cute innocent schoolgirl look that makes this film addictive viewing as her bare bottom is a delight to behold! What makes this film, and the few that she starred in so memorable is that she now exclsuively stars in Fem Dom movies, giving the guys a hard time…so it is with great pleasure that us chaps who may wince at her humiliation or ball busting antics or more lewd filth that she stars in nowadays can see her as a 19 year old fresh faced naive girl!

Shay – knickers removed is ordered to get over Miss Wood’s knee!

The brief storyline is that Shay is in remedial detention by Miss Wood, re-taking her spelling test, however, she’s just hopeless…woeful, infact…and this just angers Miss Wood who feels she is wasting her own time so decides to punish the girl severely with a bare bottom spanking, (Shay’s first) and she’s nervous and upset at having to remove her underwear for the spanking! The below images are full screen resolution images taken from the movie in 1920×1080 showing you the quality of this film production!

As you are starting to see, Shay has an amazing arse, but this is only half the visual treat as her bottom reacts beautifully when it is spanked, you can see this from the free clips below. What you might also not know is that this movie is available from SpankedSchoolgirl.com as a true High Definition HD-WMV playback, both versions (HD or SD) are available to members. Check out the free clips below and see for yourself.

Shay sobs as she starts to feel her bottom burning and struggles over Miss Wood’s knee – it appears this daft teenager is finally starting to realize that she must do better or this will become a painful lifestyle for her remaining days at school! The next few images below are of her OTK spanking and shameful cornertime for reflection and tearful bottom rubbing.

You can see this movie from the new look Spankedschoolgirl vast archives – check out the new tour pages for the very latest movies and there is also the chance to see some free movie samples, like you have done here!