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Teens that need a hard spanking

Always a favorite title of mine, you will find many spanking and caning punishments today with the usual mix of some excellent free images and clips to let you know what is going on at some of my fave sites that I visit and am a member of, so today we start at NorthernSpanking and I absolutely loved this film which is now complete. It comes with a massive set of images, of which a tiny part are below and these girls, Rosie and Laura are the type of naughty British schoolgirls you’d “love” to punish yourselves with very meaty bottoms you know you could smack HARD all day long! Set in the kitchen, these girls both get a hard embarrassing spanking and caning in front of each other, first at the hands of their Form Tutor who turns up at their home and then by Paul who can’t believe his girls could have let him down so much! Below is a spanking scene (this really is a hard spanking by Paul who really gives both their big fleshy bottoms a good smacking!)

The full story of this movie is explained here: “The girls form tutor visits them at home to tell Paul he has no choice but to expel them after their heinous behavior at school. Of course, discipline these days is not what it once was, and Paul is shocked to learn the girls have been in trouble before. He sanctions corporal punishment to be delivered by their form tutor there and then, and with a cold caning in store for each girl, they are about to be very sorry young ladies indeed, especially when Paul deals with them afterwards!”





You can view the FULL severe schoolgirl movie only from NorthernSpanking.com


Keeping family and schoolgirl discipline in check from our chums in Eastern Europe is always a painful task for those in trouble and as you’ll see from this film below these girls are put through a typically embarrassing punishment including a legs up “diaper position” spanking style punishment for the naughtiest girl who is close to tears and visibly shakes with tears by the end of her punishment! Tight buns, tiny panties removed and legs pushed high in the air and bottom stuck out…. let the spankings begin!

Images below are courtesy of Spanking Experience




Tears, pert tight buns, snivelling girls, check out the extensive tour pages of Spanking-Experience.com

This site is part of the larger better value Spanking-Pass.com


Finally you may not know this but schoolgirl Lottie Kinsade is getting a severe thrashing in her Uncle’s secret office at the top of 2 up 2 down run down house who has sadly let himself go by watching too much pornography when he should have been working (but that is another story).

 Here below you’ll see Lottie at SpankedSchoolgirl getting a good hard leathering for again letting him down with her shoddy school reports and her disgraceful behavior with members of the opposite sex which brings it all home a bit too uncomfortably for ol’ Unky with the school authorities contacting him whilst he was…well… otherwise previously engaged. See her thrashed upstairs where no one can hear her pitiful moans – I have cut an actual WMV preview clip for you to check out the quality of the playback below.




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Choirgirl Gets it Good!

A striking image of a choirgirl in her red cape, brought to the office for a bare bottom spanking punishment across the stern Scottish verger’s knee is what is in store for this disruptive hussy as she is somewhat nervous at allowing her very plump teenage cheeks to be spanked. You’ll get to see this girl spanked, and her mesmerising buttocks turning red before your eyes. Warning, the flesh on display can only be viewed in WIDE-SCREEN!!! Luckily for us, the movie was filmed in 16:9 HQ-WMV format. Check out the image below from the movie and then the ways you can view this cracking film just released within the last couple of days.





There are 2 exciting ways to view this movie right now, I have discovered. It is the latest schoolgirl movie update at the revamped and amazing looking SpankedSchoolgirl.com which has always been one of my favourite spanking websites. If you are already a member then you can start to download this movie there.

Alternatively, there is also the chance to see the film as a very cheap PPV (pay per view – but you get to download and KEEP the film in HQ-wmv format on your PC/laptop) and there’s also the image set that accompanies this – this is all available RIGHT NOW – no waiting, just download and keep the film and the image set for just $6.25!!! Check out the direct link HERE

This PPV movie is one of many now being constantly updated, including the brand new Miss Hastings Trilogy which was from member requests, so I hear it’s very popular, if you also take a look at that on the top of the front page HERE you’ll see that most of these movies have FREE movie previews, so well worth taking a well deserved peek at this site if you’ve never seen it before!

OK, enough of my “hard sell”, I sound like some sort of cheap car salesman, but take a look – these 2 sites are well worth visiting!!! Have a great Bank Holiday, wherever you may be!