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Naughty Girls Spanked & Naughty Diaper Girls!

I have some exciting extremes across our wondeful fetish including naughty girls having fun in diapers being extremely submissive as well as naughty ladies and schoolgirls that deserve a punishment spanking, which is right where i sjhall start today with a cracking NEW update of a genuinely missed old movie never shown before. I asked about this movie and was graciously given the whole film to review and, wow… members of SpankingOnline have an amazing film just released which will be approx 600Mb in length and stars a very naughty Kirsten Gold caught stealing some cash – she was in a position of trust as Housekeeper and is easily caught out by the owner!

Now seeing as I’ve seen the whole movie there are some nice (naughty) scenes, such as Kirsten thinking that she can hide her money somewhere private, like in the rear of her panties but she hasn’t banked on this guy knowing EXACTLY how much he squirelled away and he counts it religiously giving him “Wood” counting cash… yes there are people like that, we all know people who do this, lol! Anyway, it soon becomes obvious that he *knows* Kirsten has stolen the cash and decides to order her to strip, and in the ultimate humiliation he pulls out the missing cash from her buttock cleft – seriously, imagine the shame of being caught hiding money “there”. All I can say is cue a very long and humiliating spanking, strapping and caning, I have featured a strapping scene below as well as some early images of what I have descibed so far. Trust me when I say the caning scenes are long, sustained – AND SEVERE! This is Kirtsen Gold receiving a damned hard thrashing at her best! In a way, I’m glad they missed this film ’til now – no remasters, just something out of the blue and a bloody good long film too! SpankingOnline members – get downloading, this is a good ‘un!!


Click on the image below for MY special EXCLUSIVE Free Strapping clip!

Good, innit? ūüėÄ I promise you the rest of this film is amazing!!!

OK, in case you’ve missed these galleries and excellent movie clips check out what is being offered FREE at the moment, I particularly love the image below, don’t you, so inviting, imagine approaching that from her blind spot and surprising her!!! Mmm ūüėÄ Just click on the images below which lead to very special galleries

Loved the above gallery and long play movie clip? Check out more sample galleries below including the elusive but amazing Heather Stanton thrashed as she ALWAYS deserves to be!



Now from girls that got their much deserved spanking punishments (above) to something a little bit naughty (but nice). Clare Fonda has really embraced “the adult diaper fetish” with her girls and has become “quite the expert” in this interesting niche! Her wonderful site NAUGHTYDIAPERGIRLS covers most of her spanking models that she now uses¬†who love to take part in something a little different. Imagine dressing up in and¬†wearing diapers, and as Clare once told me, you MUST have the tape up ones, it’s essential for those “in the know” and so she caters expertly to lovers of this fun and erotic niche.

You’ll see grown women acting like pacified babies, see them get turned on wearing them under their short skirts, playing with themselves whilst wearing them, getting pampered like a baby with their legs in the air or bottoms fully exposed¬†with rectal thermometers and talc powder used, even drinking milk like a baby from a bottle, lol! It’s incredibly submissive for those girls that cry out for their “mommies!”

Adult actress Hollie Stevens has just about done everyhting possible in the fetish industry online and she is incredibly sexy, I’ve witnessed her train to be a slave, taken severe thrashings and of course she takes cock like a good adult actress is expected to! So now she fools around in her diaper, well done to clare for bringing something new into Hollie’s life!

Check out Hollie fooling about in her diaper on the bed!

Remember there’s also spanking scenes, ever seen a girl spanked in a diaper and then have it removed for more spanking? It’s incredibly sexy to watch! Check out some more galleries in the thumbs below that showcase what this site is about!

1st 2 galleries has model Riley treated like a baby as she is diapered and fed

Business woman Clare¬†is a lover of AB (Adult baby) girls. She calls her preferred¬†agency and asks them to send a sexy girl over for her viewing pleasure. Leggy blond Riley comes over with a diaper poking out from under her tight dress. This gets Clare very excited and she wants to pull the sexy diaper girl onto her knee but she knows the agency rules. Riley takes off her dress and shows off her perky tits. She crawls around on the bed and pouts while she sticks her bottom out. She sucks on her bottle and shakes her little tushy that is clad in her snug fitting diaper. Finally she lays on her back and reaches into her protetive panties and touches herself for her and the wealthy lady’s pleasure. Clare cannot help reaching under her own dress when she sees the sexy AB model with her hands in her diaper touching her naughty little pussy! & that’s only the start as you’ll have seen from this series! ūüėÄ

More sample galleries of spanking and AB girls below:


Oh, I haven’t featured this in a while, check out some of the hottest selling vids that many people¬†are viewing at my Spanking Theater below – well worth taking a look, I can tell you, I’m so happy when people have such good tastes ūüėČ

Hot Weekend Updates

Hi everyone, I never seem to have enough time to do anything I want nowadays. Suffice to say, I haven’t updated my blogs as I wanted but I know that will¬†change soon as long as I get events in my private life under control! Don’t you hate it when you think one thing is sorted then another comes taking up your precious time? Familes *sigh* we love them, though, eh?

OK, today was the sort of day I really didn’t want to start uploadng shed loads of spanking erotica but I had no choice as I spent all of yesterday virually in negotiation with our fuckwit neighbour, the grumbling twat showed himself up so we got most of what we wanted without going to court, but we shall see. Anyway, I’m digressing as on an anniversary that not many of us will ever forget (being as it’s “9 11”) I really didn’t want to upload rude lewd images, but I relented – so¬†apologies to anyone who might be offended seeing me upload what I can only descibe as red hot spanking porn, and the first update below is in honour of Amber Dawn – THE babe-alicious redhead from San Francisco!


She’s been busy herself with a stressful house move, so to celebrate that it’s now over, check out what I’m sure Amber will recognize as one of her more memorable roles in her old house with a stunning lookalike called Audrey Lords (I think she is from Romania originally, these 2 could be sisters….and that’s how I’m keeping it in my mind anyway…LOL!)


Amber really goes to town on this fellow hot redhead!

Spanked over Amber’s knee, Audrey is then ball gagged, cropped, paddled and frigged off with all manor of very naughty “toys” in a long exploration of pleasure and pain! Into redheads? Into lookalikes/sisters? Into red hot erotic spankings? I HAVE F*CKING WOOD, you can see why below!






Imagine the arousing scent of these 2 kitty-kats at play in that room, oh boy! Well, this is the sort of content very representative of when Amber gets horny and spanks hthe right girl! I seriously hope these 2 get back together again for another double show! You can see the FULL movie only at AmberSpanks.com

Talking of Amber’s house move, the below movie was the last she did there, I’m sure this movie with her man means a lot as well, and I love the way she cheeks back, Amber in full brat mode is an awesome sight, and you just know she’s gonna get it good!!! Check out one of the most recent updates now available for members of SpankAmber.com



Amber’s trademark red bubble butt is given a proper send off thrashing that members of SpankAmber have been viewing for years! Simply stunning, remember there is an option to sign up to both sites for just $29.95 (each site is under 20 Bucks normally) so this beauty just keeps on giving….


My spanking photo of the week must surely go to Earl Grey, the lucky git spanking Annabelle Lee’s tight red rounded rump at Firmhandspanking.com – Not only are all their latest movies filmed in fantastic locations, all the news girls are breath taking and this spanking of Annabel is doing nothing for my trouser rocket’s comfort!

Buns bouncing, petite cheerleader Annabelle Lee grits her teeth for a spanking to remember in “Cheer Coach”. Casually hanging out at the pool, she‚Äôs alarmed to see Coach Grey arrive. Taking her parents‚Äô car without permission deserves a spanking‚Ķand that‚Äôs just what she gets, bent over with bikini panties round her ankles. Check out those tears and her bright red buns!


Early Grey has had some stunning girls to spank recently, including Alison Miller and Samantha Woodley, see all the free preview movie clips which will leave you wanting more (sorry about that) CLICK HERE


2 girls that have really caught my eye recently are Stacey and Leandra who lucky Mike from Holland is currently “schpaannnnking” at both his sites, I shall again feature these lovelies at his uniform site but today, I want to concnetrate on this dusky dark beauty, the very lovely Stacey at his Real-Life-Spankings.com website! Check out the images and what Mike had to say about the latest dusky temptress schpannnking!

‚ÄúWhen we visited Stacey the other day she came down the stairs dressed in a way too provocative little dress and upon asking her it became clear that she put it on on purpose so she would get spanked again. Naughty thing! Well a sore bottom is what she got. I laid her over the arm of the cane chair in her living room and gave her a sound paddling with my ping-pong paddle and also 18 strokes with My trusty old worn out birch!”




& you might want to check out Mike’s other site HERE if you can’t wait for my updates, go grab yourself a peek at the latest full movie update from the St Elizabeth Hospital section¬†as nurses Stacey and Leandra are given a proper hard punishment at the capable hands of Dr Johnson! (blonde Leandra gets off watching stacey spanked!!!) Click on image below to take you to the latest movie!


I am waiting for the very latest update to come out at SpankingOnline – (feel free to click on the link as I know they are planning an update this weekend) I was informed that the newest model is sex on a stick and a real filthy porno minx into spanking in a big way! I’ll make sure I get a special update on that as it sounds HOT, but in the meantime, I have noticed that a new film is out at NaughtyBottom for those fans who wish to download the odd film every now and then, and what a film it is. Catered for F/F lovers it stars popular British model Paige who foolishly decides to play with herself at work then have the temerity to get caught! Uh Oh! I feel a naughty spanking movie coming on! You can check out the FREE PREVIEW HERE

I have also graciously got you a few images as well! Enjoy and I hope your weekend wherever you may be, is going well!