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Dariya gets a Humiliating Spanking

Dariya reminds me of a few American girls I have worked with in the not too distant past (and will again) so to find a Russian language version of them is very interesting indeed. Cute Dariya is only 20 years old and this young college student falls foul of the resident, pervy professor in this Russian Learning Institute!

The site is SpankingThem.com – and this is what they say about their features with the following style punishment scenarios:

Bad college girls, lazy secretaries, slutty teachers, nasty female students. Taken over the knee or bent over, stooped over chairs, cuffed to chains, spread on tables. Waiting fearfully for the next painful slaps, making their buttocks red and sore. These girls are so guilty and sexy looking, so ready to make up for their beahvior, so scared and yet excited at the same time!

Check out sexy 20 year old Dariya’s Spanking (below):

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