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Latest Japanese Spanking Updates!

Cutiespankee does it again with the latest movies now out and the present series of films featuring 2 beautiful sisters given punishments and carrying out their own retribution in private on each other, both at home in the domestic environment and also in school uniforms! These are the type of school uniforms that make grown men like me go weak at the knees! As you’ll see below. Well, enough of my waffle, check out the stunning new updates below which include links for you to view free video clips as well and i have a bonus update from Cutiespankee as I remember a very cute girl given a hard thrashing this time last year! God bless my Japanese spanking archives on my external hard drive!!!

For these older sisters, it was often a “Painful Saturday” in this household as the week’s behaviour was checked by their cruel mother who decided on what punishments to give the girls! They may be 18 and 19 years of age but they prove that they’re never too old for a good old fashioned humiliating spanking caning and paddling across their bare bottoms! More images of this unique discipline movie are below!





The full film of these stunning teenagers can be viewed HERE

As the girls are so used to this regime of severe discipline, it isn’t hard to see that they use this form of correction with each other in private and although some may say the girls are dysfunctional, how could you say this to their oh so sweet innocent looking faces? These girls are pure gold as you’ll see from the very latest movie update released earlier this week – called “Sister Play” as the oldest girl thrashes her younger sibling for stealing from her! (Shhh! Don’t tell mom!”)



In case you’re wondering who the spanker is, she is called Azuki, and is, without question, my favorite spankee at this site and I have to say this is fast becoming an addiction seeing her and her fellow cuties thrashed as only the Japanese know how!

View MORE of Azuki and her fellow spankees spanked on the bare HERE

Finally as promised, I found the quick promo clip that accompanied the movie I had been watching earlier today, I think it helps explain what is available from Cutiespankee’s vast archives! Enjoy!

This adorable girl looks even better in her school uniform, and her lesbian partner wants her to wear it again and have her punished like she is a naughty girl! This intro clip above shows you a part of what these girls get up to in private! The FULL Movie is available to view HERE

Sarah Gregory Updates

I know there are those that love to see what Sarah Gregory is up to, I know I do and have been really impressed with some of her most recent films coming out as you may have seen from my last update on this blog. Even if you may not have wanted to comment or ask her questions when I presented you withthe opportunity to from my recent attempted Q&A post where I asked any of you to leave comments (across 3 blogs I had ONE question… just 1!!! which is  pretty poor, I know!)

“I’m seriously unimpressed, soldier!”

So I won’t be bothering asking in future – so without the interactive feel, here are the latest galleries that you can see showing you images from Sarah’s latest hot movies! If that’s what you’d like to see, then fine… I’m only going to be featuring her images for now as cutting clips and presenting them so you can actually see what her movies look like takes too long for me and kills my bandwidth so unless I have any genuine interest, I may reconsider but otherwise, members of course, can view her unique and exclusive content in the privacy of their own time and it’s far better than these images but they give you a good idea, of course!

Take a look at the images below, click on them and they lead to Sarah’s own prepared galleries that explain the storylines of her updates. Enjoy!

Sarah’s Therapy: This video was very real for Sarah, it was based on some actual issues that she has been dealing with such as, taking care of herself and eating properly. She has explored the idea of getting spanked by a therapist on other websites, and now she gets to explore it on her own site. Watch Sarah get a very realistic hard bare bottom spanking and strapping from Chelsea Pfeiffer.

Pretty and Spanked: Kyle’s Girlfriend Sarah decides to dress in slutty lingerie when Kyle’s friends are coming over, to “show off” her goods in front of them! Kyle asks her politely many times to get dressed, and she refuses and throws a tantrum. Kyle finally has enough and decides to take his beautiful bratty girlfriend over his knee for a long hard spanking over her sheer lingerie before pulling the bottoms down for a long hard bare bottom spanking!


Slumber Party Blues: (the above 2 galleries continue to show Kisa getting her own back on Sarah & Kat!) 
Sarah and Kat’s parents tell them they have to invite Kisa, the most unpopular girl in school. So, they cope with the situation by being very very mean to her when she arrives. They hide her phone, make fun of her, and even scare her. However, Kisa has plans for her own revenge on these two mean girls and it involves two very sore, red bottoms as you’ll have seen (above)

Up all night: (This is one hot movie I like!!!) Sarah and Emma are having a sleep over. They are old enough to not have a bedtime, but Sarah’s father has asked them to keep it down as he has to get up for work in the morning. After he has to come in three times to ask them to quiet down, he is not too happy. He spanks his naughty daughter in front of her friend, then spanks her friend, and then to make sure his message finally got across, spanks them side by side (as you do, eh?)

Finally, if you taker a look at sarah’s HOME PAGE you’ll see this brand new movie just released with her over Alicia Panettiere’s lap… uh oh!!!


I’m sure you are all aware (all too often) that I regularly feature updates from CutieSpankee.com – Japan’s premier Girl/Girl spanking website and I have decided to feature this at 2 of my blogs today as I really wanted the various readership to catch up on the last few weeks, as an added bonus I have included free movie previews which are in Wmv format, you just need to click where advised and it will play the clips which show  new uber teen babe Azuki both giving and receiving spankings in the Office environment! (Some of you may recall her recently featured in her Sailor schoolgirl suit getting spanked) for that reminder, just CLICK HERE for the streaming clip.

OK, please be prepared to fall in love with this most beautiful Japanese teenager, one Miss Azuki Asagi! *swoon*

This is taken from the movie, “Morning Meeting”
“Good morning, Miss Asagi. May I have today’s discipline?” Imagine being presented withthat option and your underling bowing most deferentially! Imagine no more as this is what Azuki takes advantage of with her junior secretary… she needs to discipline and train this girl as there is a hierarchy in the office!



This clip is taken from the movie: “White Suit, Black Paddle”  – Azuki is summoned to see her stern Boss and you’ll notice that her very short and tight skirt doesn’t hide much and then it is removed revealing her slender legs covered in those very sexy black stockings showing off her cute pert arse as she squirms with the hard spanking and paddling she got! Azuki learns to know her place… (this will not bode well for her underling later!)



This final movie in this series is called “Afternoon Discipline” – Azuki spanks her junior for making a very poor cup of tea! Tea drinking in Japan is taking seriously, like us humble Brits, we both love our cups of tea and Azuki reminds her submissive junior what happens when she displeases her!



If you want to see more of these girls getting punished, and believe me, it’s stunning, then CLICK HERE or check out more below! have a good ‘un… Chief

Are these some of the Cutest Girls Spanked?

A great question, and I have got you some answers in the form of some fantastic images and access to free movie clips which will hopefully make up your mind. I’ve taken these from 3 different contrasting sites in an effort to be as varied as possible, all are F/F spankings and all feature from 3 well known spanking sites: Sites you might just want to check out in more detail after this update (and I don’t blame you after this little lot!)

Before I continue, please be aware that images and content in this post are highly erotic in nature and, my fellow spankos, your blood pressure may rise when viewing the following content, proceed with caution!!!
My fave Japanese spanking site CutieSpankee has recently surpassed themselves with a fantastic story arc of cruel old Mrs Kanda and an incredibly cute new girl called Azuki, so adorable in fact that in her amazing little sailor girl school outfit she really does look like she’s come straight out of an Anime Comic that the Japanese do so well!!! So welcome Azuki… in a series of films I will be showing you below, and bravo to Mrs Kanda, who I find strangely addictive to watch when she is spanking and chastising her girls as she is so obviously an old spanko perv that I can identify with, LOL!

Old Mrs Kanda & her latest victim, Azuki

Perhaps the best way to introduce you to Azuki (especially in that uniform) is this long play 6 minute clip courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE – just click on the video below as she patiently explains to us how to chastise girls and in particular the unfortunate Azuki who she takes quite a shine to (who the hell wouldn’t?) There are subtitles, naturally, I even love the little typo errors but then again, my written Japanese is naturally abysmal, but you will definitely understand what is going on and if you want to spend 5-6 minutes, I could think of far worse things than checking out this great little video! Settle down and enjoy! I’ve included images from this below the video.

Quote from Mrs Kanda: “Every girls buttocks have 2 important uses. First, to sit down…. and second (wait for it) to receive spankings on them (I knew it! what a perv, lol)




OK, so you’ve seen Azuki at home, let’s take a peek into her bedroom where this lazy teenager, like so many, has a really messy room, well, this is another chance for Mrs Kanda to instill some much needed OTK discipline and of course the girl protests but soon she is ordered to pull down her school panties and get over Mrs K’s lap and the girl snivels and sobs as she is spanked!



Mrs Kanda is a traditional “old skool” disciplinarian and often will punish her girls in her comfortable Kimono outfits, just as we see here with Azuki’s ongoing home education and compliance, she is cruelly punished over the chair with a paddle to great effect, as you’ll see in this free view WMV clip and the images that accompany this recent movie update at CutieSpankee!



OK, there are MORE updates with Azuki, but I will let members of CutieSpankee enjoy those, I think you have seen enough of this beautiful teenager’s ongoing discipline sessions with Mrs K! Remember if Girl/Girl stuff does it for you (and why not?) then you might want to remember that you can gawp at exciting schoolgirl bitching & playfight and spankings between friends like this recent naughty update that gets old pervs like myself all hot and bothered… simply pure, shameless spanking erotica from Japan!



What further can I say? Check out all their latest updates with more free images etc HERE


OK, how the hell do I follow that? Well, I think I have found something from AmberSpanks.com which will make you beg for more of this cute redhead giving it good on her role reversal site where SHE gets to spank the girls! I can tell you over the years, Amber really has got damned good and sexy at spanking her girls, she should know, she spanks as she’d get it and it shows! There’s also some rather pleasing sexually explicit content which just makes the whole spanking erotica just super hot – Amber genuinely gets off spanking and bringing off the naughty girls that answer her ads, however, what I have here is something stuck and played often on my “hard” drive and it’s an oldie, something I may have featured yonks back, but it really needs airing again as I think this was by far the sexiest girl Amber ever had over her lap.

Harper – one of Amber’s sexiest girls she ever spanked? You decide!

Unfortunately, the girl was not a spanko, she only came for the money but this perky breasted, typically toned sun kissed Californian girl made up for it with her stunning looks and made a visual spanking feast with her over Amber’s lap! Sadly we will never see her again in a spanking role so Amber has the full exclusive on this beauty and though it was shot a few years back, I have always rated this one of my top sexiest spanking movies and you’ll see why from the images and the way in which the intro to the film was shot! Harper may have upped her modeling fee at the time which understandably irked Amber somewhat – but I feel over the long run, this girl was worth it… Ok, enough of my waffling, check out this hot chick below!

Check out the screen grabs from the longer movie, the quality is of course fantastic and this film is somewhere in the region of approx 400Mb for around 13 minutes of spanking joy!





Oh my goodness… that girl is just simply TOO HOT for me to show you more of… of course you can see all of Harper’s spankings in HQ-WMV playback and I promise you it is well worth checking out! Only from Amberspanks.com


& finally in this particular post, I’d like to show you this fine classic of a girl I don’t feature much of (God knows why as she is lovely, but I promise to show MORE of her if you want!) ladies and gents I gibe you the infamous Teen Brandi! This intro from me is a great film as she is spanked on her bottom and thighs in the ubiquitous “Diaper Spanking Position” and there is a free clip of this available below as well as some interesting screen grabs!




This cracking teen’s site makes up part of the REAL SPANKINGS PASS

Intimate & Embarrassing Teen Examinations

I thought I’d quickly let you guys know I have uploaded a massive archive of materials from Special Examinations which only covers one subject, the total humiliation of females on an examination couch, or a Customs Check, at schools and the workplace  – there are DOZENS of galleries and some amazing freeview clips at the following link!


Of course it’s not spanking as such, though some of the girls are spanked lightly, but they are usually more concerned with having their privates examined intimately, they are genuinely embarrassed, and to add to the humiliation, those examining the girls make funs of them, take pictures and interfere with them as they don’t know where to look!…so ladies, if you go to Russia, be careful, these doctors, army medics and customs officials are waiting!

WARNING: Viewing WILL cause severe trouser arousal!