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Teen Angelina at NaughtyBottom!

Hope you’re having a good weekend. I think I had tried to post this elsewhere but with some server changes I lost some info so will post it here  as I know it’ll stay. So my hard work stays here as it’s my own site, naturally. I am also going to be changing the appearance of this blog very soon as I am well aware that this theme is a little drab and not that pleasant so please do watch out for the change very soon, it will be less obtrusive with less flashing advertising banners, a white background for easy reading and more content driven with less of my waffle like this and with links to only what I LIKE (yes, I do listen to my emails)  – No links to crap. I refuse to promo anything I wouldn’t honestly like myself. I also promise that this blog will be one of the best free spanking promo blogs about, I’ll still continue to post free clips unlike others, it’s hard work but I feel many of you deserve to view what you can actually download before deciding or not if you wanted to make a purchase. I know that some images can be a little misleading at times as some sites make promo images and give that to affiliates then when you try to find the content in the movie it’s not there! Yeah.. like what the fuck is all that about? So I will also be linking it with My established SpankingBlogg as well as a new blog adventure that I have realised I should have started an age ago – but that’s all I’m saying on it but I do promise that the new venture will be daily updated and cover a very popular niche I have really been interested within spanking for a long long time but never had the spare time to do anything about it! Well, I now have plenty so hope many of you will approve of it when it comes out in the next few weeks…

But back to today and I thought I’d focus on gorgeous Angelina at NaughtyBottom – I know there are those that just want to download the odd movie and these 2 starring this Polish beauty are well worth a second look!

Polish Prostitutes: One of my all time fave movies, Angelina co starred with her Polish compatriot Caroline and these 2 are really treated like dirt, humiliated, spanked and strapped by a frightening Miss Valkerie (their brothel madame) then punished and caned hard by the client they cheated! If ever there’s a movie you wanted to download just once, this has to be right up there! See some images from the film below:






Click on the image below for a direct link to the movie and a free scene from this 15 minute film!


The 2nd film recently shown with Angelina was one of her at her snivelling best and no wonder! She got a severe caning across the desk with her regulation school knickers pulled down… it’s a no nonsesne film that quickly got intot he punishment and (severe) caning of this most addictive to view teenager! Beware, the sights and sounds of her snivelling will cause severe arousal!





You can see Angelina’s welted buttocks thrashed in full with a free preview below!

For the latest full listings which includes free movie previews – please check the movies here



Check out my very own site with some amazing new movies added weekly! Updates 3 times a week.

Images from this new movie starring Jasmine Lau being added tomorrow!


Cheergirl Punishment

Ok, before I start off, I just wanted to share this image I took early in the morning near where I live, I think it just about sums up a typical winter’s day here in rural england, cold, grey & bleak yet strangely it is still something to admire. I love the mist over the lake, only a few weeks ago this was completely frozen over yet here we have no evidence of that now, the swings in temperatures in our winters now are amazing… it’s still a bit chilly, but I think I can see the end of winter in sight!


Ok, and onto the cheer girl spankings as promised! Now some of you may have seen Raquel on my Teen Spanking Tube, if you haven’t and have come by here first then check out her punishment at the hands of Mrs Burns below, this is an awesome classic I just wanted to let you all be aware of and it’s exclusive to REALSPANKINGS.com

Wow! this is just a taster, as you get to see another angle of this paddle punishment as well as much harder and longer spankings across her bared bottom and you will catch some beautiful expressions from a girl I hadn’t really noticed until I started scrolling through the cheergirl spankings and she just popped out! Literally, with her perky tits and cute butt and that naughty expression on her face, she’s the whole teen minx deal! So, I have downloaded a shed load of Raquel’s spankings and am… ahem… perusing her excellent stuff without the hinderance of any clothing below… LOL! (Ha! take that, Trouser Arousal Alerts – ™ Chief)

Fortunately there is some excellent image stills that always accompanies the movies and this captures Raquel and Mrs Burns (who I still have a massive crush on ever since I saw her getting spanked and fucked hard on many an occassion… but that is another story). Please do enjoy… I know I certainly am!!!






See more cheergirls and all of Raquel’s movies at Realspankings.com

This may have been from a few years back but recently this site was voted the most improved last year, I think that speaks volumes! Honestly, go see for yourself, check out the latest images and movies that are advertised, remember what you saw here and imagine what you’ll be getting now! & if you have the time and inclination to view a whole network run by Mr M (and it’s bloody good!!!) then the Real Spankings Pass is the one to get and will save you a fortune if you want to download 100s of Gigs of data to your shiny new external spanking library hard drives!!! Have a great weekend! Chief

RealSpankings is part of this network featured below:

Japanese Mad Bad Criminal Girls

Before I start on this post today, I have to thank Adele Haze for this first snippet as I remember seeing this blogged and discussed last year but had forgotten the title of the PSP game that came out (Google quickly helped me once I recognised the title from Adele’s post!). I remember smirking about it when it came out, wondering if exciteable Japanese boys would get off spanking & punishing their characters or choosing to heal them with massages afterwards would help in training the wayward girlie characters on this RPG.
Yes, only could the Japanese, in their wisdom could ever come up with such a game with Hentai-esque/soft porn Anime characters to play on the Sony PSP, and though a little disturbing, as a lot of their harder Hentai and Anime porn sometimes can be (it allows the imagination to run wild, I guess, and often does!!!)

This concept of “Criminal Girls” looked good on paper and probably the drawing boards of the mad bad game designers, but it appeals to us kinks that enjoy spanking and seeing naughty girls correctively spanked… sadly I’m not into RPG games on consoles, but I appreciate the efforts of game developers nowadays (why couldn’t this have been on the Sega Saturn in my time?) and this is what the game does! The 7 girls (representing each deadly sin like Avarice or Wrath) are trapped in their own hell and it is up to you, the game player, to help them win their freedom back to the “real” world! Ah, the joys of training them with a sound spanking are obvious though it appears the actual spankings are pixelated in the game, including some disturbing upskirt shots too (not sure what that was about but it seems it is a Japanese obsession!)


Check out the trailer for the game below!

As I said, the game’s “Punishment system” is used to *ahem* sort them out with Spankings or “Healing Massage”. But some of the punishment scenes seem to be obscured so that players can’t see everything (which if this is sold to minors I guess is obvious, way to go, Sony… let’s indoctrinate a whole generation of geeks to spank their wayward womenfolk in later life! The reason for the punishments are because in battle, the girls say what attacks they’re going to use. Sometimes they’ll do nothing, but if you train them with healing massages and spanking sessions the girls will get better in battle and some characters need more spanking than others… just like in real life, lol! OK, I have digressed enough, the theme today is obviously Japanese spankings so please check out the very latest spanking updates from CutieSpankee, my favorite F/F site from that country!

…& this fits in nicely with my theme above, spankings and role reversals (I applaud Cutiespankee for not just going down the pretty whiney schoolgirl spanking avenue, it’s nice to watch but not every bloody time) this is about switching too, which some of the girls are pretty good at, especially with a paddle which the Japanese are obsessed with and use with more force than any other instrument, so whether you sometimes think their spankings might be a little weak, I can assure you their wooden and leather paddlings are not! Maybe the girls just don’t want to hurt their delicate little palms? heh heh! Clips below contain the evil spanko step mother spanking Yuki in her schoolgirl “sailor outfit” and then the tables are turned as she fights back and gives this incrediby good looking older woman a paddling she so deserves!



& then the tables are turned in the latest movie – with a devastating paddling!



& this isn’t the 1st time these 2 have crossed in anger! Remember this movie below?


Check out the tour pages and see more movies like this from the unique Japanese Girl/Girl spanking site CUTIESPANKEE.com

Rosaleen Young & Elizabeth Simpson

An old classic that really deserved to be remastered and re-edited for everyone to view as intended from over 6 years ago has been finally made available and it’s a severe classic where Miss Simpson shows one of her meanest streaks ever witnessed on film against a hapless and stunning Rosaleen in her school uniform. I can vaguely remember this film from years ago, and wished it was in a better full screen format, but as it was around 2004, and faster broadband connections were only just starting to take off, the format was encoded at something like 360kbs (ideal to download for dial up and slower broadband connections at the time), compressed into a smaller size file with a small screen width which by today’s standards would be pretty poor!

However, the clarity of the re edit is stunning, taken from the original DV tapes, it looks like it had been filmed yesterday and can easily pass off as a HQ-WMV movie against virtually any spanking site – and of course the content is amazing! Severe caning scenes, Elizabeth’s acid tongue and Rosaleen looking pitiful, half naked and it’s a great little storyline with some good use of props!

This is typical of the type of films now being shown at the aptly named CanedSchoolgirls.com and this blog today celebrates this great movie re-release with a chance to view a stunning preview clip (below) with a free gallery of images taken directly from the movie! Sit back and relax and watch Elizabeth and Rosaleen at their peak, supreme mistress and beautiful submissive together! This is one movie you won’t want to miss!

Rosaleen waited to be dealt with after being caught wearing a wrong length school skirt. Miss Simpson showed zero tolerance after measuring her school skirt and found it was shorter than expected, breaking the strict school dress codes. Rosaleen pleaded but she was given a hard spanking with her knickers down then a tearful Rosaleen was told to fully remove her regulation knickers for a very hard severe thrashing with the cane!

Check out the stunning free caning preview and see for yourself the ferocity of Elizabeth Simpson’s actions against a tearful and upset Rosaleen Young! Click image below for the Free Movie preview:

Remember that this site does exactly what it says, CANED Schoolgirls – if this is your thing, then this really is the one stop schoolgirl punishment site with only Hi Res movies for your viewing pleasure!

Caned Teenager

I love this movie, the teen in this movie which was filmed years ago is no longer working on any spanking productions, I was witness omce to seeing her in the flesh getting spanked and caned and it was at this film shoot below which i remember well, if you check out this remaster you’ll understand just how exciting it was to see this snivelling brat het a darned good punishment across her incolent red cheeks!

Below is the Free Spanking & Caning Gallery with a really good clip from this full movie out EXCLUSIVELY at SpankingMAGS
Katie is one of those precocious teens we all love to see thrashed and I promise that you will love seeing this arrogant teen shown that she is NOT TOO OLD for an old fashioned punishment with good ol’ Rattan!


This is just 1 of 100s of excellent and often EXCLUSIVE updates and ezines as all movies at this site are remastered, with many extras never seen before, such as this movie which, I believe, if it was ever shown, would only be at a humble 360 kbs in Real Player format.

So if you check out SpankingMAGS for the recent updates you’ll also see a chance to get SpankingOnline for just 10 Bucks a month if you purchase a membership via their site AT THIS LINK!

Red Reformatory – Lupus

This fantastic schoolgirl punishment film is following in the Lupus tradition of the very successful Stalin series and this harsh communist based tale from the 1940s and 50s when Soviet style discipline of teenagers sent to these special Reform Schools for re education and respect of all things “Red” is loosely based on fact from the history of the Czech Republic, a matter close to the Czech producers of Lupus (naturally)

I have managed to gather 20 images from this movie as well as provide you with a special FREE Preview. This is one of the latest films to appear at LUPUS, fully remastered and ready to download in FULL. This film is called the “Teddy Bear” (Red Reformatory series) and stars with a nervous blonde girl sent to the institution, she is given a medical examination by the horrible doctor, an utterly humiliating experience as he leers at her privates and enjoys taking her temperature with a rectal thermometer! She is then sent to her Dormatory and meets her 2 bunk mates, however, inside her suitcase is a treasured Teddy Bear which is confiscated, for her tears and tantrums, she is given a horrible spanking. The other girls are all too aware of the nasty discipline that goes on here at The Reformatory, and the poor newbie snivels and cries herself to sleep but this is how it goes on night after night so they steal the Teddy Bear and this comforts the distraught girl…and gives them all a peaceful night’s sleep….

That is, until the Teddy Bear is discovered and of course this is where the real nasty discpline begins! Each girl is horrifically thrashed, tied down to the punishment bench and forced to watch each other caned and spanked until their arses are a seething mass of angry red welts! I’ll let the images below better explain what follows, as well as the excellent Preview Clip!






With your membership you’ll be able to view films like this and countless more to download and keep and playback on your PC or laptop as often as you wish, and seeing pretty girls like this, well, you’ll be busy downloading their many unique and award winning severe punishment films!!!


This site is even better value now that they are updating it DAILY and there are also added bonuses such as Lupus Dreams included withthe membership making this one of the best sites from this network of sites, if you have the time and Hard Disk Space, you could do no worse than check out the Multi site VIP Pass! (below)