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Destiny Moody – Spankable


Destiny Moody is yet another gorgeous young spankable thing – Okay, she has nothing really to do with spanking except in our imagination… so just imagine, if you will, how you’d LOVE to spank this girl’s tight tushy! I know I would! She is pretty damned hot and stands out in a sea of solo girl websites… check out the link HERE and see for yourself just how impossibly cute she is!

Images below are from her latest teasing update! *schwiing!*

destiny_moody_5 destiny_moody_4 destiny_moody_6 destiny_moody_8 destiny_moody_10 destiny_moody_11 destiny_moody_12 destiny_moody_13 spank that tushy destiny_moody_15

See the complete series of this naughty teen right HERE

spankable destiny moody

Weekend Teasers

It’s been a while since I have managed to update this blog so have come up with something a little special for you today that you won’t find anywhere else! A look back at a special network of sites that you can access for under $25 but which have some of the most amazing girls and real lifestyler punishments you could wish to find anywhere. These 2 (featured below today) interchange at their named sites… and it doesn’t really matter as you get access to both sites and more, included in the membership – which is a real deal clincher for me. It also would appear that these 2 ladies, although with the word “teen” in their titles, have long since had that problem of being carded to go drink in a bar… and are now both probably fine young women in their very late twenties/early thirties by now (though one should never discuss a lady’s age!) … however, all the material shot was when they were both much younger and content still comes out every week, making this not just an archive site, but a site (4 sites in fact) that update with unique content from a time more than 10 years ago when filmed that we are now only seeing for the first time. So… what are the sites I am on about? I gave a clue with the word “teen” – as they are the ubiquitous teen Brandi and Jessica.




For example, the above images were taken from SpankingTeenJessica.com – the gorgeous redhead could take some of the hardest punishments I have ever seen… and alongside Brandi, who could also take some hard beatings, they made quite a pair and were often featured together (like above) at each other’s sites as a naughty duo. As I said, you get access to all the sites in the network – CLICK HERE – and you can see exactly what it says!

A rare example below at SpankingTeenBrandi.com – is a more BDSM orientated punishment where she was tied up, and ball gagged before receiving her further spanking punishment.  I have some images of this, which I don’t think has really been shown in detail anywhere else, but this is an example of what you can see and download in film and image from any of these sites!


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See MORE of Brandi’s work at her site HERE

& of course Jessica’s work is also worth noting (access or purchase via either site plus get 2 MORE sites for the same price) see the links (and images) below:

644050845 975920427

 2062166664 1171560590





Catie Minx – in dire need of something!

Whilst I was uploading data and deciding what to write on my other blog – spankingblogg.com – I thought you good folk should check out a very sexy girl next door site featuring this ever so hot pretty thing called Catie Minx… she is my dream girl next door that I’d love to get over my knee and find an excuse to spank her perfect tight ass… as well as maybe f*ck her brains out afterwards… I’d blame it on her, of course, lol! This is a stunning girl who I love to see get up to all sorts of naughtiness… there’s no nasty hairy guys or older men or studs playing with her, oh no… it’s a solo teen girl next door type site and she will play with herself, show you her perfect body and more… she might tease… but in the end, she ALWAYS puts out and gives you the solo money shots making this a great site for a little vanilla diversion and fuelling all our spanko fantasies… go ahead, check out the images below (imagine what you’d like to do to her, OMG!) and check out the site for yourselves! HOT, isn’t she?




catie-minx-4 catie-minx-5




catie-minx-9 catie-minx-10


catie-minx-12 catie-minx-13