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Home Spankings

Hi everyone, I’m sick of the sight of turkey right now, I’m still so stuffed and bloated that even writing about it, the thought of one more “waffer thin mint” will make me explode, and I really would like to write about a cute girl spanked at home rather than pick up my entrails over the keyboard… the same goes for alcohol, I have found it is not the answer…or solution… to all my problems, unfortunately!

If you want to see the “waffer thin mint scene” go to 4 minutes and view!

Fortunately I knew when to stop so am merely just stuck in my computer chair, dribbling, as I checked out lovely teen girl next door of Amelie in some of her new films from Spanked-at-Home who are updating again, and how – so they get my “thumbs up” especially as if you’ve never joined this site there now are around 110 full length films to download and it looks as if Amelie is the latest fave (she is cute!) getting some very hard punishments courtesy of Alex. You will see her get a very real tearful OTK spanking from her latest film and a hard caning in her bedroom without much introduction… across her already previously spanked cheeks for another naughty previous infraction! Enjoy the images I have got for you and you’ll see why Amelie, with the other girls next door is very addictive holiday viewing!

Amelie in her latest film: “Budget Exceeded!”Amelie is spanked with her pantyhose on, then they are pulled down for a proper OTK spanking!

In these hard pressed financially difficult times, especially this time of year – This isn’t the 1st time that Amelie exceeded the budget set by Alex for her mobile cellphone. He had warned her about this before but obviously not forcefully enough as it appears she only learns when she’s given a proper spanking so Alex does what is needed and gives her an eye watering spanking that you can see from some choice images below!





See more of her pantyhose spanking & bare bottom punishment HERE

OK, want to see how Amelie’s bottom was already so red before this spanking? Of course you do! Check out her nasty caning punishment which is typical of so many films from Spanked-at-Home where many scenes of girls like her are filmed in their bedrooms, for me, the most “Holy of Holies” – in that punishing a girl in her safe haven environment is the sort of best deterrent to modify a naughty cheeky girl’s behavior! I love the humiliation angle of this and as you’ll see below, Amelie’s bottom is quickly exposed and she’s bent over and made to present it for the cane!

A dirty uncleaned kitchen means a very sore bottom for Amelie!

Amelie knows in Alex’s house that domestic duties are more important than her leisure & pleasure! She knows damn well from past experience what will happen, if she was to ignore this rule! So when Alex found Amelie on her bed, watching TV, while the kitchen was a disgusting mess, he didn’t attempt to chastise or talk to her about it, or the duties etc and being lazy… (blah blah blah) oh no, he just went into punishment mode and gave her a severe caning on her bare bottom, which, once again, was still sore from a previous spanking only the day before! Yup, Amelie really IS the naughty girl next door we’d ALL love to spank , strap and cane if we were given the chance, and who can blame me or you? Just look at her puppy dog eyes and that gorgeous meaty bum of hers that screams “SPANK ME!”





Finally just to show you what is available from the archives of Spanked at Home with Alex and his girls, here’s a couple of movie favorites of mine with he and Maggy (another girl with a fantastic spankable arse) that many will of course recognise from Girls Boarding School as she was one of the residents there. Well, she has already proved that she can take virtually anything dished out to her by Headmaster Tom, and at home, Maggy always got much more of the same, and she also showed us just what a naughty girl she was too!

Maggy is taught in the movie “A Time to Reflect” that playing with herself has more consequences!

Feeling horny and thinking that she was all alone in the house, Maggy jumped into bed with one of her ‘toys’ to play with herself a little. So imagine her surprise and horror when her boyfriend Alex appeared and made it clear that he was very unimpressed with her actions as you’ll see from some of the humiliating positions he places her in to take advantage of properly spanking her big rounded butt and being able to easily spy on her pussy to further shame her for her selfish actions!



Boyfriend/girlfriend punishments in the home are so much more intimate and explicit in the shameful discipline that is carried out, below is another example when Maggy pretended to be ill to get off going to an Exam, Alex took matters “into his own hands” to see if she really was faking it – or not!

Maggy wondered how the hell it came to this with another humiliating bare bottom caning!

Alex tried to get Maggy up and out of bed, as she had an important exam at school. Maggy told him that she was feeling unwell and that it wasn’t Exam Day so it wouldn’t be too bad if she stayed in bed. Alex was naturally suspicious and decided to take Maggy’s temperature inserting it into her anus (well, if she was faking, he’d better get a head start on humiliating the girl, eh?) He was right, of course, it became apparent that she was lying and therefore Maggy had to take a severe spanking and caning with her bottom stuck up high in the air for his (and ours) viewing pleasure!



See plenty more girls next door punishments only from Spanked at Home

& to those unfortunate folk caught up in the snow storms of East Coast USA… I’m feeling for you! Stay at home and relax in front of the warm fireplace and enjoy some spanking movies instead 🙂

Beautiful Teens & 1st Punishments

Sometimes, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I think about Russia. First up, for decades, they were part of the USSR, the most fearsome threat to the “lazy, decadent West”, hardened communists intent on purging our wicked capitalist ways… then that all went to shit when half the population were starving, the ridiculous planned economies and rife corruption by those in power ended all that and one by one most hardline communist states disappeared until the demise of the USSR (CCCP) and the rebirth of modern Russia! I remember it was a time of hope, that this great proud nation, with arguably some of the best looking girls in the world would become responsible in the world, a proper foil for those in the West who thought they could have it all their own way. Sadly, it’s still a basket case country, which makes me sad. I hate the way the country had been raped of it’s resources by those in power, the disgusting transfer of wealth OUT of Russia when communisim collapsed. I hate the way that for me to visit beautiful St Petersburg or Moscow would cost me an arm and a leg (literally) in expensive rip off hotels and restaurants, I don’t like vodka all that much either and I certainly don’t like the influence of the gangland/mafia and the constant piracy that threatens anything from flourishing…

However , what I do like is this site HER FIRST PUNISHMENT and for that, I thank Mother Russia and her basket case population and beautiful crying girls as many take the plunge into some more extreme spanking and discipline punishments, literally, for the 1st time with many a red bottom, humiliation and tears as the result! All this for $100 or less, and the girls are stunning…perhaps those Russians aren’t daft after all…see this superb example below of a beautiful religious girl thrashed for a pittance, that alone is worth seeing more of, don’t you think?

Beautiful but naive teen convent girl, Oksana Pelanova, had no idea what she was letting herself in for but she was soon disrobed and tied up then caned til she cried very real tears and much loud sobbing as she pleaded not to be punished again! See some high res images from this movie below and judge for yourself from one of the best recent movie updates I’ve seen at Her First Punishment




To see more of this unfortunate naive girl and her many 1st time initiates – check out Russia’s premier spanking & hard discipline site with a vast archive of movies and 1000s of images you’d expect at HerFirstPunishment

Choirgirl Gets it Good!

A striking image of a choirgirl in her red cape, brought to the office for a bare bottom spanking punishment across the stern Scottish verger’s knee is what is in store for this disruptive hussy as she is somewhat nervous at allowing her very plump teenage cheeks to be spanked. You’ll get to see this girl spanked, and her mesmerising buttocks turning red before your eyes. Warning, the flesh on display can only be viewed in WIDE-SCREEN!!! Luckily for us, the movie was filmed in 16:9 HQ-WMV format. Check out the image below from the movie and then the ways you can view this cracking film just released within the last couple of days.





There are 2 exciting ways to view this movie right now, I have discovered. It is the latest schoolgirl movie update at the revamped and amazing looking SpankedSchoolgirl.com which has always been one of my favourite spanking websites. If you are already a member then you can start to download this movie there.

Alternatively, there is also the chance to see the film as a very cheap PPV (pay per view – but you get to download and KEEP the film in HQ-wmv format on your PC/laptop) and there’s also the image set that accompanies this – this is all available RIGHT NOW – no waiting, just download and keep the film and the image set for just $6.25!!! Check out the direct link HERE

This PPV movie is one of many now being constantly updated, including the brand new Miss Hastings Trilogy which was from member requests, so I hear it’s very popular, if you also take a look at that on the top of the front page HERE you’ll see that most of these movies have FREE movie previews, so well worth taking a well deserved peek at this site if you’ve never seen it before!

OK, enough of my “hard sell”, I sound like some sort of cheap car salesman, but take a look – these 2 sites are well worth visiting!!! Have a great Bank Holiday, wherever you may be!

Slippered Sluts

OMG! Seeing these 2 punished together should come with a Health Warning when viewing both Isis AND Ashleigh stripped waist down, cute round arses poking out getting the slippering of their young foolish lives! Filmed when both girls were 18/19 years of age, this slippering movie from FETISHFLIXX explicitly shows some great scenes of both girls showing that although they are wanton stay out sluts with a high sex drive, they have to pay the price and take a damned good slippering! Click on the image below for access to an amazing FREE preview!

This is a seriously good TEEN Punishment film thanks to FetishFlixx – the home of 100s of High Quality films like this that showcases movies that we all want to see remastered or exclusive to this site! SEE THIS FULL MOVIE HERE

& while we are on the theme of some seriously filthy teen sluts, my favourite Polish girl in America, Kasia, is just looking as cute as ever as she teases for the cameras and anyone else that is lucky enough to see her. Check out these latest updates from TEEN-KASIA below:


…and also from the site that discovered her, the very naughty and surely BEST named site on the Net:



Sisters? Oh yup…these very naughty teen sisters get abused at this University dorm room and just check out the way their asses are pawed at, lovely!!! Seriously one of the most under rated teen sites around (check out the TOUR PAGES and decide for yourself!)

Spanked & Strapped at Work!

This is a NEW movie out now for members to download at BRITSPANK – this means it’s a new totally exclusive film which you won’t find anywhere else. Now I had chosen to review this film here because it features a new girl, an 18 year old newbie who is a new office temp who falls foul of her more senior colleague and the boss and ends up getting an embarrassing spanking, shocked and ashamed to have her pretty pink knickers pulled down and her plump teenage cheeks smacked and spanked til they turned an angry red!

What you will also see is a free clip of the strapping of her colleague which I have to say, having just seen the movie in full, was a great scene in this movie as the boss really doesn’t hold back! You can tell this office employee has taken a good dose of this before as I can imagine the pretty teenager, Belinda, would be in utter tears and worse…but young ladies nowadays need a firm hand every now and then to bring them back into line, I think her OTK spanking did the job! Check out these images from the movie below which you will see here for the first time!

Here is the story of what happened!
Rebecca was supposed to be making sure new office temp Belinda understood what was required at work. Belinda fresh out of school was under the impression that she could do & act as she pleased! How wrong the stupid girl was! The boss, finding that the office was a total mess, was absolutely livid! First with the arrogant teenager, Belinda, then Rebecca for not doing a better job at training up the new girl.


After a discussion about what their Boss expected – an ultimatum was given. “Bare & bend for a spanking & strapping” or both get fired. Choosing the discipline option (jobs are HARD to come by right now!) they get punished. This movie has scenes of hard strapping & the first ever bare bottom spanking of the teen minx Belinda (just 18 years old)!!!


!!! View this site from just $9.95 !!!

Marie – Teenager spanked at Amberspanks

Nothing pleases me more than seeing a real teen brat like 19 year old cheerleader Marie getting a good old fashioned hand spanking over the knees of a delightfully stern looking and super sexy Amber Dawn at AmberSpanks.com

In this latest bumper update, if you check out the image below it leads to a very special gallery I have had hosted that shows a ton of screen grabs from this very latest movie. You’ll see Amber tell off this pot smoking teen dope head in her sexy tight cheergirl uniform and haul her over her knees for a delicious and hard hand spanking!

Her curvacious body and bouncy tits pop out as she is spanked for the very first time by Amber! There are also some higher resolution images I have obtained which are available below, tell me you wouldn’t melt looking deep into Marie’s blue eyes! Mmmm!


& don’t forget that Amber has thoughtfully rewarded us if we sign up to both her sites, getting $10 off the membership using your same codes for both her sites, seriously, this lady, who has the body most teenagers would be jealous of still knows how to delight us spankos with some amazing and rare films that you just don’t get anywhere else! Bravo Amber!!
Um, I need a cold shower to calm down after updating this… 😀

Beautiful Naked Teens I wish I could spank!

Teen spankables and the joy of real teen beauty can only really be appreciated at one site, it’s not a fetish site, but my favourite vanilla site on the planet and with good reason. MET-ART has been going for as long as I can remember and have amassed probably the BEST collection of stunning teen beauty from all around the world, and I have a massibe personal library of erotic images and stunning photography of the most beautiful girls in the world that just make you ache hard…it doesn’t help when I see their pert rears splayed and their pussies exposed and imagine them spanked over my knee, but that’s the joy of viewing such unattainable beauty, right?

Take a look at a few examples and these are from fairly recent updates.

WARNING: Viewing images will cause SEVERE Arousa l!

Click below for the full galleries incl that of Yana

Tell me you couldn’t find an excuse to spank this young filly. Yana is from a most recent update and her entire series and movies are exquisite, imagine feeling her soft warmed flesh after she tearfully sobs after a spanking over your knee….I know I can imagine it!


You will know I adore girls with red hair so am biased but of course this site has every type of girl imaginable, taking a look at their tour pages will confirm this! In the meantime, check out Lidiya, another beauty from South Russia!



Don’t be fooled by the look of sheer innocence as these young ladies like Lidiya are filmed and photgraphed from every angle as they open up and show us what they’re made of…a popular place to shoot for these girls is the Black Sea and below enjoy Lidiya taking in some sun!


If you have already checked out the tour pages you’ll see all manner of wonderful female form and breathtaking beauty. I guess if you read my blog then you’re into teens in some way, this is THE site I always refer to and implore you to check it out if you have never been a member, these girls are highly addictive viewing, so be careful!