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Unbelievably Hot Porno style F/F Spankings

OK, I know that BadTushy.com has had some bad press in relation to their older content stored on their servers, with it being annoying DRM protected meaning you can stream and view the content whilst you’re a member but when it expires you can’t view that stuff or download it to your PC… well, fortuntately, their newer stuff is not only filmed on far better quality HD widescreen cameras (at last) and you CAN download the movies to keep forever…. just as well, as the girls in them are just getting hotter and hotter and for that reason alone, when I want some naughty, extremely hot looking fantasy porn style ladies to leer at getting spanked with all their lady parts on display… well, I still have to check out BadTushy.com – these 2 latest movies below should tell you why I can’t help but plug the site again – the girls who are over Francesca Le’s lap (as well as Francesca herself) are, well… just pornoriffic!

Chief had severe wood watching all the latest movies of some incredible fantasy girl spankings

Blonde haired Becky was caught stealing from her best friends mother, so instead of calling the police she decided to teach Becky a lesson she would never forget! She bends her over her knee and starts to spank her tushy, she then strips her pantyhose off and exposes her nice firm ass. She then starts to spank her ass with her bare hand after a while she really starts to spank her ass harder and harder! Becky is gorgeous as you can see and her cheeks tense as she is spanked, finally she is placed over the sofa, her legs splayed provocatively with her naughty panties and pantyhose pulled down, then spanked hard again until she is close to tears and full of regret!





The latest film update is shown below and this time Francesca Le plays the headmistress who catches one of her high school girls going through the lockers when she shouldn’t be… another fantastic OTK spanking and some classic corner time to follow!

While at the gym, Tina was caught going through the other girls locker. The gym teacher was so angry and knew a way of ensuring this little thief would learn her lesson! She makes Tina bend over and starts to spank her ass with her bare hand! She then pulled her cute panties down and started to really spank her perky ass until she could barely take another slap! The final humiliation was that she was forced intothe corner, her bruight red bottom on dispaly and she was told to stay there for 30 minutes and she’d be checking or there would be more of the same!






Wish I could have walked in on this uber babe and her burning red bottom, eh?

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Clare’s hooker babe site often employs VERY naughty young girls to model for her so it is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you one of her latest callgirl recruits, Miss Tegan, who is best described as “breathtaking” – a beautiful Californian chick who takes her spankings well and across Momma Clare’s lap makes it addictive viewing indeed! Say hello to Tegan below!




Tegan Summers plays new callgirl Daisy who fell asleep on her “date.” Momma Clare gets Daisy’s pert buns very red. The California blond wishes she had never agreed to be one of Clare’s girls as she did not know it would be so rough. She learns the hard way to be a good little slut!

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& where better to see Tegan than for her to explain her history, her relationships with spanking and playing out roles and fantasies from her life than at SpankedSweeties.com – this is Clare’s site where she features her new girls first and brings back experienced models to enact out real life events from when they grew up, all very hot… Tegan can be found here below playing the sister of another hot newbie I have featured recently, called Missy Rhodes!

Clare Fonda gives strict disciplinary spankings on her naughty girls’ behinds. So watch this sexy model get a surprise… no sex, a different kind of pleasure and pain as Tegan Summers plays Missy’s sister.

Tegan plays Missy’s older naughty sister who likes to wear slutty clothes and these shorts are far too revealing for Mom! If she wants to wear such rude slutty clothing then she’ll get treated like a slut and spanked hard on her bottom until she is near tears! More stories of the girls unfold inside the members area…




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Finally from Eastern Europe one of my fave girls is now available to view in HD as they have recently been upping their game at SpankingServer.com and now feature films in Wmv (at last!) and also in higher definition playing back at 1280 wide – the girl is called Sandra Sanchez and she is an absolute doll as you’ll see below, I think she is from Hungary, originally… whatever, she is stunning and now her punishments are in HD as you’ll see from the images and a brief clip of her below! All images & special long play clip with thanks to SpankingServer.com


This clip is hosted at Teen Spankings Tube



Anyway, that was Sandra Sanchez… I think you get the idea, right? Seriously she is just spanking sex on a stick! Available excluisvely at SpankingServer.com right now


OK, with that I bid you farewell on here for a week or so as I will be away so I hope this update today provides you with some interest in some sites you may not have considered or at least feeds your fix for a short while! Have a good one, everyone! Bye!