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Wet Panty Spankings

Since my spankingblogg has such a crap Google ranking despite still getting in decent traffic… and for the life of me I have ALWAYS had an issue with this, I’m doing a double post from the Discipline Spanking Blog and posting it to both blogs as I am fed up trying to figure out how to sort the rankings, and frankly… am past caring about it. So on with the spanking updates, and if you have already perused my own spanking site today, you’ll notice a smashing hot spanking film just uploaded in full starring Sarah Gregory and a very fortunate Paul Kennedy getting to spank her in wet panties!

This was a rather fun film to make and Sarah was a terrible flirt, cleaning that bathroom with her magnificent boobs almost knocking me flying (yes, I was the cam guy in this and I got some interesting angles of this nice little spanking film, perched on top of the toilet looking down, or on the floor looking up… Paul added a great twist by having her panties removed part way through and soaking them… making Sarah put them on again. At first she didn’t mind the cold damp pants cooling her red bottom down… but then she realised that it wasn’t entirely for her benefit as she uttered “it’s gonna hurt, now, isn’t it?” – indeed! Spanking a wet bottom you get added friction and that is precisely what happened afterwards. These are my fave type of films, something from nothing and I originally placed this just on the clips store over a year ago and it was an instant hit… well, I have relented and members of AAA Spanking can see the full HD film for themselves now, it’s not that long, about 5 or 6 minutes, but it’s worth checking it out! There is also a kick ass photo gallery which has been remastered along withthe video image gallery as standard, all in all, an update NOT to miss! I have one sample image below (click to enlarge, this is what members get) and the other images are taken from a free gallery I made available earlier today for promotion.

I love this pic of Sarah looking back…

Below if the official blurb of the film storyline, followed by some promotional images.

Paul insisted that his live in maid, Sarah Gregory, cleaned his house practically naked! She agreed as he paid her so much and who are we to blame Paul for the way he could admire Sarah’s more than ample physique? She also knew that if she did something wrong he got to spank her… and we think that she liked this a little too much as she was always getting into trouble! Here we see Sarah take too long cleaning the bathroom so this time it was a spanking with a twist as she was punished in her wet panties to give that added sting! Her white cotton panties were then removed and the hand spankings continued on her moist wet butt… A magnificent sight as the mirror showed off Sarah’s facial reactions and her all natural jiggling DD bare breasts with that most beautiful angle of Sarah’s spankable butt shot in natural light!






Jasmine wets herself before her spanking!

Waiting for any punishment is worrying enough, but in this classic movie which is only available from SPANKINGONLINE beautiful and very naughty teenager Jasmine has been waiting, scared, on the stairs for her nasty Uncle to come home and spank her, and she knows he likes to spank her wobbling cheeks hard!
The last time she was late for a punishment he thrashed her so severely with the old family Lochelly Tawse she cried herself to sleep and she didn’t want to move, so much so that she actually peed her pants, afraid to leave the stairway in case he returned whilst she was on the toilet.

So she hopes that when he’s back he won’t notice the soaking wet panties and hopes he just gets on with it when he’ll ask her to remove her knickers and get the wretched spanking over with! WRONG!!! This girl is even MORE foolish than we all suspected as he’ll no doubt feel her damp cheeks and then investigate, but she’s desperate and hopes aginst hope she can get away with it! Check out the images from this full length movie below.


This clip is a cut version of the exact quality WMV format that members have downloaded!

There’s so much MORE content of gorgeous Jasmine at this site making it a “must see” and if you check out the HOME PAGE HERE there’s a great offer which makes signing up even MORE enjoyable as you’ll be able to relax and download all of naughty jasmine’s movie here!!