Teen’s Medical Inspection Caning

I have found an absolute treat for you as we apporach the NEW YEAR 2010 and I hope that the sight of this girl with her pussy pulled apart and her ass inspected by matron before a really horrible severe caning meets with your approval.

Medical Inspection

These large pictures are taken from Canedschoolgirls as a  complimentary bonus to the main movie which had been remastered and re edited, whatever, it’s a beautiful movie and one that this girl in her school uniform, legs apart, won’t forget in a while!!!

medical01 medical02 medical03

medical04 medical05 medical06

medical07 medical08 medical09

medical10 medical11 medical12


It just remains for me to wish you all a happy New Year and the best for 2010! Checking out CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS is a treat which should be everyone’s NEW YEAR RESOLUTION!

2 thoughts on “Teen’s Medical Inspection Caning

  1. mike

    This is silly! She is having a medical inspection with her clothes on??? She should be completely nude with her ass sticking out exposing her shaved labia and stinky anus. Her wrinkled pink smelly soles should also be showing.

    Where’s your sense of the erotic??

  2. admin

    This isn’t a blog about “stinky” anuses or love of smelly “wrinkly” soles of the feet. It’s a spanking blog of teens and this medical inspection was intimate enough for her privates – matron needed to find evidence of her defiling herself, a foot inspection would be pretty pointless.

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