The Cell: A teenager strapped & humiliated

Out now from the Lupus Spanking Network under their “Lupus dreams” section comes this very gritty scandalous film about life behind bars for female inmates, in particular, a blonde female who is subjected to all manner of foul punishments and made to perform sexual acts to satisfy her fellow cell mates lust!

When a naughty young girl’s imagination is let loose and she dreams, see what submissive torture this young lady has hidden deep within her darkest fantasies! Her mind creates a fabulous world full of turning points and surprises with exciting and thrilling stories which might just come true! Well, that is what the makers from Lupus have said, what I have seen is an awesome prison girl movie where this innocent filly is abused by her cellmates and captors…So who wouldn’t want to have a look into a young girl’s mind? In this dream there are certain places no one wishes to get to. We see what can happen to a young girl, a state criminal, put into jail with other worldly-wise horny women who reconise a chance to satisfy their own selfish lustings? What will they do to her? And what she’ll be forced to do? Checkout the images below and the free view clip I have and all will become clear in this recent movie update from LUPUS SPANKING




This film was part of a unique experiment from Lupus Pictures – with all the populat things we’ve come to expect from Lupus such as severe spankings and punishments, some real tears humiliation and the use of suxual scenes, as you’ll have seen from the above images, there are more than one use of a hairbrush apart from brushing hair and whacking a tearful brat’s bottom! Have a look at the Freeview WMV clip below, it contains scenes of hard punishment and a graphic sexual act! Enjoy!!

You can download this full movie HERE!

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