Very Humiliating Examinations

Ok, it’s not exactly spanking related, but this does go in for the theme of humiliation and shame… and this site is one which I often peruse outside of actual punishment and spanking websites. Why? Because it covers a great niche of medical and examination fetish that I like to indulge myself in every now and then and of course the girls are all beautiful and they are made to go through these exams for potential employers and such… well, one can imagine they had to, my God, the utter embarrassment of it all! Each image below represents a comprehensive image and video gallery. There is enough conent here to keep you busy and get a good feel as to what this site is all about!


If the idea of seeing girls go through rectal, gyno and other humiliating and needless examinations… naked, appeals to you, please click on the images below:

click here for this free gallery click here for the humiliating examination gallery click here for the shameful results

click here for the full insertion exam embarrassing examination of a beautiful girl click here to see more

doctor gets intimate embarrassing medical exams of a gorgeous naked girl

click here to see her strip off gyno exam of a young girl here

greased up vagina examined 

doctor examines his young naked patient doctor prises open her tight vagina painful humiliating exams

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