Very Naughty Teenage Punishments

Having just checked out this latest very naughty image set over at Divinecats of Emily, she reminded me that she had made some of the most erotic and severe punishment films I was lucky enough to witness and even participate in personally. I’m sure there are many of you familiar with her older classic films, but I am also convinced (as it has been a few years) there are many new readers here who have never seen or heard about her incredible films – and she had one trick that I adored watching…but more of that later. First a very filthy set dressed in her school uniform, this is currently available in full from – a naughty spanking and caning site with the extra emphasis on models getting very dirty revealing what they’re made of…if you like spankings, smut, glamour girls  and some hardcore thrills, it’s a great place to visit!





Emily starred in one of her most famous films called “End of Term Report” – once it was remastered, it became a massive hit in 2006 – winning the Golden Globes Award for online spanking downloads. No mean feat!… and you’ll see why from the images and the 2 amazing clips, this movie is nearly 40 minutes in length, I watched it again earlier today so I could fully review and choose some clips here – and it still excites me watching it!!! An absolute Collectors Edition and a “must have!”

What you’ll see is that Emily has incredibly long legs, a very tight butt, and though quite thin, when you see her totally submissive, there is a visual quality to her punishments that are highly erotic! Like you can break her (but she is actually FAR MORE resiliant than that, which is why it’s so good watching her take these long and severe punishments). It’s like she “needs” to be punished, she actually got quite turned on and even though this painslut got a hell of a beating with the paddle and the cane, her pussy oozed and dribbled throughout the latter stages of her session…see for yourself below as I have got you 2 exclusive free clips of a paddling scene and a caning scene where you’ll see her dribbling pussy ooze and her viscous juice stringing downwards out of her engorged excited labia, that and the sight of her very sore bottom and snivelling makes this film addictive viewing!




The below scene is one of 2 sustained canings that Emily took, as you’ll see, check out what is going on between her legs, members of this film at SpankingMags can of course view the full film and the extensive image grab gallery including this priceless and embarrassing moment for her!


The FULL movie can be viewed at SpankingMags – along with many other similar films of humiliation, with equally graphic punishments and severity!


Finally at FetishFlixx, there was another old classic where Emily’s nasty pink slippers get her into trouble as they had  some horrible ridges on the soles, marking up her poor bottom with no mercy! Again it’s a classic and has a very sexual theme where she is severely slippered stood up then fingered for daring to dribble from her pussy yet again during punishment, this was no ordinary fingering, it was rough fast and furious as her sloppy teen pussy took up to 3 fingers with ease!

Check out some images below which show you the nature of her punishment at home and then there is a treat of a free clip at the end for your viewing pleasure, the full video with 100% close up and intimate detail is showing at FetishFlixx



You’ll also find I have added a nasty slippering bonus clip in case you’re wondering if this girl just drip her way through punishments…this theme and also the fact that her rather petite buttocks could take quite a severe thrashing had always made her one of the most requested models, sadly, she retired many years ago but what she leaves behind is something truly unique




Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this naughty and exclusive update, remember to bookmark this site and blog, maybe check out my previous posts too if you have time and it’s your first time here –  as there are many planned exclusives coming up very soon!
For those who enjoy teen spankings and teen spankables, check back soon!

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