Of course you do! This is what members will be able to view from THE schoolgirl spanking event of the summer! Clare Fonda’s Exclusive Education series reaches Number 5, the biggest and best – with 10 hot bottoms thrashed in class along with 3 hot tops including Clare! Click on the images below and they will lead to some excellent galleries, you know what they say about a picture speaking a 1000 words…I’ll let these do all the talking! WARNING: Viewing WILL cause severe arousal watching these girls spanked!

Miss Alicia & Lana deal with their girls insolence as only they know how!

Clare looking stern (and gorgeous) dealing with some red burning bottom issues

Oh my, that really is Niki Rouge getting it over Lana’s knee!!!

Seriously, for the most authentic and most realistic schoolgirl punishments to come out of America’s Classroom in an age (just check out their cute school uniforms, the fact there really IS a class FULL of naughty girls getting thrashed) and for all you schoolgirl punishment lovers, this really is Heaven come early! Click on the bottoms below for more info on this amazing long play movie event of the summer – OUT NOW at GirlSpanksGirl.com

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