When the Spanking Doctor Visits

I have something a little special for you today, I wanted to embrace the hashtag, #TrouserArousal and checked out some of my most watched F/F spanking films recently and this one ALWAYS does it for me… first of all, I know Sinn isn’t making films anymore… but if you have never seen her site Spank Sinn then you are in for a treat as there is a VAST archive of very hot and naughty lesbian dominated spanking films, Sinn plays both prey and predator in her sub/dom roles… now nearly always in films with Chelsea Pfeiffer… she is submissive… and I gotta admit, seeing Chelsea get her way with Sinn is turn on enough… there is some real intimate stuff always going on between these 2 real life friends… however, this film really did it for me as it contained some good hard spankings in various potions, the use of some painful implements like the dreaded bath brush and of course a rather weak excuse to stick a stethoscope up Sinn’s backside after being spanked in the wheelbarrow position #TrouserArousal – what’s there not to like about this? To celebrate my glorious hashtag… there are some amazing pics and a great free teaser clip to really get you in the mood!

The Doctor’s Visit!¬†


Sinn was feeling poorly and couldn’t put her finger on what exactly was wrong. She called on Dr. Pfeiffer to pay a house visit and help her feel better. Immediately, Dr. Pfeiffer knew what was wrong. ¬†Sinn needed a spanking and she needed one right away!

001 003

004 005

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014 (3) 014

015 (1) 016 017

018 (1) 018 (2)

007 008 (1)

001 (2) 022

001 (1) 012 010

Check out the free clip (below) taken from this very naughty series #TrouserArousal


This film review was brought to you by the Tourist Council of Wales… “Tidy, isn’t it?”


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