Bad ironing

Danielle Hunt is a volunteer Girl Guide and this week she is helping to iron shirts for her domestic badge but she isn’t very fast and has hardly done any including the white shirt she had promised would be done 20 minutes ago for hotel owner, Mr Osborne. He’s in a hurry and thought he could trust her after receiving such promising reports about her being reliable for other badge assignments. Now he’s late and he wants his shirt and he’s seen enough so decides to give this dozy girl a reality wake up call with a brisk hard spanking there and then with her knickers quickly pulled down. She is still in shock at getting spanked and in the 2nd part of the film (not shown here) she is thoroughly paddled and whacked with the dreaded bath brush that has her close to tears but members can view this and see how cute Danielle looks in this very popular British Girl Guide themed punishment that is available from or you can view the film as a one off download at our clips store

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  1. I liked the quickness of knickers down and spank spank before she could put up a reason or excuse. hr cheeks wow pretty but deserving of her punishment I guess his hand got more sorer than her bottom cheeks so the leather paddle would certainly give her cheeks a colouring and a soreness that she will improve greatly on her next ironing duties

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