Birchrod Inn

A new rebelious little maid Bianca was sent to the Birchrod Inn by the club she works at because she is not submissive, has a big mouth so she needs extra training. After a sound spanking she is gagged and cuffed to a pole to teach her manners but our horny little maid Leandra couldn’t keep her hands off her and spanked her. They were caught and Leandra got a sound OTK spanking. Later that day both little minxes were caught drinking beer and Mr. Johnson treated their bottoms to a sound strapping over the dining room table. Episode 18 from this series available at


  1. I liked this as being a past pupil of a boarding school uniforms mean alot to me: so with these too neatly atired being spanked on their bare by their employers nice red bottoms serving th customers

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