Brandi Timmons

As they say out in the country, “Miz Brandi Timmons here sure is as purdy as a peach.”  Problem is she be a highfalutin’ city gal from up yonder and … Dawggonnit! She didn’t talk to us like no respectful young lady either. That’s why our boy got a hankerin’ to haul her britches down and whup her fancy tail like a rented mule! “Whoo – Wee!”  You should have heard how she hollered! This hard hitting spanking movie is available from

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  1. I thought my monitor was goinng to burn up. I have to say in all the years I have been following you, this is the first model who really is into her spanking. When you have that, HOT isn’t even the right adjective.. Watching her body, it was totally singing with the spanker. EXCELLENT ! This deserves 10 stars !!!!

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