Cosplay Spanking

This is a new style of POV film we are pioneering and we loved this so much that at our next few film shoots we will be filming many more of this new far more interactive style. We want YOU to interact with what is going on so we have put some helpful dialog which you can say yourself… and in this case, Mandie responds to what is being said every time so you can see her reactions as you tell her what’s coming or that it’s “going to hurt” etc. We haven’t seen this anywhere else so are hopeful that you will appreciate this genuine attempt at upping the POV genre as we love making these films and they are always harder when it involves spanking the young ladies. We will also experiment with YOU as the spankee and what YOU might say to your tormentor for all you switches and subs out there… but in this film, it is all about YOU – as the spanker – and it’s a delightful film which includes you telling Mandie how great she looks in her blue British Girl Guide cosplay costume, including masturbation instruction, and of course the spankings, first over your knee and then you introduce a carpet beater to her which she has never had on her bare bottom before! We know you will LOVE this new format and hope it helps you experience punishing the petite and very naughty Mandie as if you were actually there! Out now at

POV Spanking

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